Industry giant LoadRunner
April 30, 2016

Industry giant LoadRunner

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Overall Satisfaction with HP LoadRunner

Most of our leading clients use HP LoadRunner. They have their own COE in most cases and we as consultants help the client to develop their practice and take it to the next level with our innovative ideas and best practices. The COE supports the organization's performance testing requirements. LoadRunner in most cases has been able to support all performance testing requirements for the organization.
  • Multi protocol support. LoadRunner supports many protocols unlike any other tools while web/http being their strong suite.
  • User friendliness is key. Neat interface. I see the tool has evolved over the years and most custom written code now comes with LR commands built in. Also you do not need to use short keys anymore you have the options on the dashboard to to pick and choose like the steps toolbox. Now you do not need to be an expert to correlate a dynamic parameter. The user guided features enabled in the new versions makes everything simple while saving a lot of time
  • Reporting features. The LR Analyzer is the best reporting tool in the market - you have many options to cater client needs. Not every client wants to have the same report.
  • StormRunner is the cloud version of loadrunner which supports web/Ajax/Services etc. This is a great tool as this is less expensive compared to the whole LoadRunner suite. The clients who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on getting the LoadRunner commercial suite could spend a little money in getting HP StromRunner and still do most of the things that LoadRunner can perform.
  • Diagnostics side is something they could focus on. That is probably the only battle they could possibly lose when it comes to Performance Engineering. Tools like AppDynamics & Dynatrace is far better and most organizations now tend to have at least one of these two tools in their suite in addition to LoadRunner.
  • Protocol Ajax Truclient is a great find but it needs improvements. While this adds value it also has a few drawbacks. This protocol does not always work as intended. The Firefox version has evolved but the Chrome and IE version of Truclient needs improvement
  • Every tool has its own bugs and LoadRunner is not second to that. With every new version they release we have seen more and more bugs get added and also some of the key features get dropped as well. For example the checkbox "Add a comment in the script for correlations that gets created". This checkbox is no longer in the recording options hence by default all correlated values get commented out in the script thereby causing memory issues due to the size of the scripts. This is one thing that we came across and HP is working on getting this feature added back in a future release.
  • The scripts created with traditional web/http protocol are not robust thus re-scripting is required after most every code drop. Troubleshooting and fixing the issue takes more time therefore in most cases we do re-scripting to keep it simple and save time.
  • In ideal world you would rather spend more time doing testing than scripting in that case mostly you could use an Ajax TruClient protocol. This type of script will only fail when an object in the application is removed or changed completely. This way of scripting will save you more time and helps you maintain the scripts with less re-work effort on a release basis. On the long run you will have a better ROI when you use Ajax TruClient protocol for scripting.
Most of the above tools are pretty popular in the industry. These are tools that are way cheaper compared to the industry giant LoadRunner. Yet these tools have their own limitations and drawbacks. In BlazeMeter the user load cannot be modified during the test run. JMeter and BlazeMeter supports only web, web services and citrix. SLA configuration is not available with NeoLoad.
When you have challenges in scripting an application that has too many dynamic variables, using a protocol like Ajax Truclient will help in big way and save you a lot of time rather than creating that script in web/http and wasting a lot of time troubleshooting to fix the errors.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Feature Ratings

End to end performance management
Integrated performance data
Deployment model flexibility
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