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62 Ratings
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Zabbix is well suited in an environment where connectivity is possible between all hosts in the network. Zabbix agents need to be able to "phone home" to the Zabbix server or a proxy. If connectivity is not possible between the agent and the server (typically the server is going to live in the "trust" section of the network, rather than a DMZ), Zabbix may not be a good fit. Zabbix is also appropriate in a cross-platform environment.Zabbix is also highly appropriate in shops that are interested in building their own monitoring infrastructure, rather than using a service. These services are obviously not free, but the time that you invest in Zabbix may make up for that monthly spend.
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  • Alerting, while it can be difficult to initially learn, Zabbix's alerting system allows you fantastic control over how and when each of your team members receives alerts. This has caused a large decrease in "Friendly Fire" spam, preventing our staff members from getting complacent when they see a alert come through.
  • In a couple of clicks, you can turn any monitorable data into a graph, which can then be deployed to any number of systems. Its ease of use makes it a fantastic tool.
  • Zabbix makes adding new devices for monitoring very easy due to its template system.
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  • Zabbix has a steep learning curve and doesn't have a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Zabbix is resource hungry. It uses a DB to store all the stats and configuration and this can grow exponentially depending on the number of hosts you are monitoring.
  • Zabbix doesn't have a very thorough documentation, so you have to search for issues and ask the Zabbix community at times.
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Alternatives Considered


I have had feedback that Splunk is a more out-of-the-box solution. With some fine tuning, it is possible to get the same robust functionality from a Logstash and Zabbix integration. The setup is more taxing, but you avoid paying the costly Splunk fees. So it all really depends on the organizations goals and how they currently invest in monitoring.
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Return on Investment


  • Zabbix has helped our NOC team become the center for service configuration management. The mantra has become "if it is not monitored, it does not exist."
  • Zabbix has helped train our NOC team to be responsive, and understand the threat levels of varying alerts.
  • Zabbix is robust. Often times you might turn on the Zabbix agent and immediately get alerted to high disk usage when certain processes are running, or a low % of disk volume is available. Having this feedback in real time is crucial for maintaining dozens of servers per sysAdmin.
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