Data Center Virtualization Software

Best Data Center Virtualization Software include:

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform and Software-Defined Data Center.

Data Center Virtualization Software Overview

What is Data Center Virtualization?

Data center virtualization describes the design, development, and implementation of data centers using virtual hardware. The term data center virtualization covers a number of discrete virtualization categories: server virtualization, data virtualization, application virtualization, and network virtualization.

A traditional data center is composed of many different kinds of hardware, including switches, storage systems, routers, and servers. These components must all be properly connected and powered. As a result, a traditional data center may have significant space and power requirements.

Alternatively, each component and its connections can be virtually recreated on a small number of dedicated. Supervisory software creates virtual components as they are needed. A virtualized data center often requires less power and space than a traditional data center. It can also be simpler to automate and update than a traditional data center.

Data center virtualization vendors offer tools and software to create and host virtual data centers. They may also offer additional services and products that integrate with their data center virtualization solution.

Data Center Virtualization Features & Capabilities

Data center virtualization vendors offer the following features:

  • Replacement of data center hardware with virtual hardware

  • Cloud-based or onsite deployment

  • Integration with other products and services from the vendor

Pricing Information

Pricing for data center virtualization services vary depending on whether they are cloud-based or onsite.

For cloud-based services, vendors often offer a tiered per-month pricing plan. These plans vary based on the number of users and the capabilities of the hardware running the virtual data system. Pricing can range from under $3,000.00 per month to over $50,000.00 per month.

For onsite services, vendors offer license-based pricing plans. These plans vary based on usage requirements. Pricing may range from under $2,500.00 per license to over $10,000.00 per license.

Data Center Virtualization Products

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IBM InfoSphere Information Server

IBM InfoSphere is an enterprise grade master data management solution used by over 700 customers. It competes with Oracle's Siebel UCM product and Informatica.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, or Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform (JBoss EDSP) is that company's data / datacenter virtualization platform.

Software-Defined Data Center

CDW SDDC is a a software-defined data center (SDDC) that extends efficiency, flexibility and security beyond just servers to the entire data center, including storage, network and more.

NEC Nblock

NEC offers the Nblock integrated IT infrastructure, designed to provide the architecture to build a virtual data center.

Altvia Answers

Altvia Answers is purpose-built to private equity that provides an interactive business intelligence and analytics solution that allows you to view data from multiple sources all in one place. According to the vendor, Answers makes it easy to perform complex analyses at any time…

StorMagic SvSAN

StorMagic is a data backup and recovery solution from the UK company of the same name.