Data Fabric Software

Best Data Fabric Software include:

Cinchy and Talend Data Fabric.

Data Fabric Software Overview

What is Data Fabric Software?

Data fabrics are applications that connect application data to data from other applications with a network-based design. Businesses using data fabric software can access all data from the network and can combine data from different applications without having to worry about custom integrations between applications. For businesses with many sources of business data, data fabric software is easier to implement and performs data processes faster than other data management systems by eliminating data redundancy.

In addition to allowing for fast and efficient data processes, the flexibility of data fabric networks makes data silos less likely and allows for administrators to easily manage business data. The ability to connect, manage, and analyze large amounts of business data helps organizations to transform data and generate useful business insights.

Features & Capabilities

Specific features for each data fabric software can vary, but below are some of the most common features offered by many data fabric software options.
  • Data networking and connecting

  • Data collaboration

  • Data analytics

  • Persistent data management

  • No data redundancy

  • Data access management


Pricing for data fabric software varies largely depending on the product. While all data fabric software offers data networking, advanced analytics and privacy features can increase costs further. Additionally, most vendors do not provide detailed pricing information publicly, but interested buyers can reach out to vendors for a detailed quote.

Data Fabric Products

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Oracle Coherence
21 ratings
5 reviews
Oracle Coherence is database management and development software.
8 ratings
2 reviews
Denodo is the eponymous data integration platform from the global company headquartered in Silicon Valley.
Hitachi Lumada
Hitachi Vantara offers Hitachi Lumada, an Internet of Things management and analytics platform.
Cinchy is a Data Collaboration Platform built for the enterprise. Highly-regulated organizations like banks, telcos, and insurers use Cinchy's network-based architecture to eliminate Data Integration and get full control of their data for the first time ever. The result is the biggest shift in enter…
Talend Data Fabric
Talend data fabric is a tool for managing all of an enterprise's data with a network design. Talend allows users to connect data from many sources, whether they are on-prem or cloud-hosted.
IBM Cloud Pak for Data (formerly IBM Cloud Private for Data)
IBM Cloud Pak for Data (formerly IBM Cloud Private for Data) provides data management, data governance, and automated data discovery and classification.