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Software Profile & Review Summary

Company Status: Private
Customers: 400
Employees on LinkedIn: 3,816
Headquarters: Austin, TX
Founded: 1972

Like many of the big players in the HR technology space, Epicor is primarily an ERP vendor. Epicor Software provides industry-specific ERP, HCM, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Execution Systems software for companies in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries. Epicor HCM is a human resources management system (HRMS). It is available as an on-premise, hosted, or cloud solution, making it one of the few options for companies that may still require a private instance for their Core HR system. In addition to providing a system of record for administrators, self-service access to the HRMS is available to employees and managers.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, Epicor HCM is:

A good fit for: Mid-sized companies and enterprises that need a highly configurable database for tracking HR and talent-related records and have technical database skills in-house to handle reporting, and that have a sizable budget for product support

Most compared to: Workday HCM, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, Vista HRMS, UltiPro, and ADP Workforce Now

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Epicor HCM Customer Demographics*

Epicor HCM customer demographics - company size and industry size
*Customer demographics data is drawn from User profiles and User reviews of Epicor HCM on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of Epicor HCM Reviews

Source: (10) User reviews of Epicor HCM on TrustRadius, (6) updated or written in the last year.
Epicor HCM Pros Epicor HCM Cons
Configurable routing, alerts, and security
  • Users said that Epicor HCM allows them to configure various processes and automations to precisely match their business process, including complex routing of tasks and documents for approval, automated alerts and notifications, and user permissions by department/position.
  • However, several users said these configurations are tricky to set up initially.
Reporting & analytics
  • Standard reports did not meet most users' requirements, so they needed to either build custom reports (which was difficult) or use a 3rd party tool, such as Microsoft or Crystal Reports. Instead, users would like to see more robust embedded reporting included within the tool.
  • Users said SQL and other technical database skills are necessary to do reporting with Epicor HCM.
  • In general, users said they selected Epicor HCM because of its flexibility.
  • Conversely, they warned that Epicor HCM's flexibility can add an inordinate amount of complexity to maintenance and troubleshooting, which are costly due to very high rates for phone support and professional services.
Support is inconsistent and expensive
  • Support is inconsistent and Epicor charges a high hourly rate for support.
  • Users had a variety of complaints about support, including inefficient escalation processes, lack of knowledgeable support staff, slow bug resolution, and the feeling that support was intentionally opaque in order to invoice maximum fees.
  • A couple of users described positive experiences with support—these users tended to have strong, longstanding relationships with a particular representative that had worked on the product for many years.
All-in-one system of record
  • Users appreciate the single sign on to combined databases for applicant records, employee training/certification records, and other HRIS records.
  • Note that Epicor HCM is primarily a database, which is a more traditional approach to HR technology. Whereas in newer systems users take actions like pay employees, apply to jobs, conduct performance reviews, complete training courses, etc., with Epicor HCM, users integrate to 3rd party products for payroll, recruiting, learning management, etc. (and track it all in Epicor).
Buggy database = questionable data integrity
  • According to users, the database is buggy and requires frequent auditing, because data is sometimes deleted, incorrect, or dropped from reports erroneously. For example, users reported bugs with payroll, in the tax editor, and with multiple employee address entry.
  • Some users said they thought bugs in the underlying database were the result of personalizing the look and feel of their UI, which they found confusing.
  • System upgrades are slow to be developed and introduce new bugs when released.
Steep learning curve
  • Users cautioned that there is a steep learning curve.
  • A few more technical reviewers and consultants said the product is easy to use, however, they were in the minority.
Open enrollment
  • The open enrollment processes is outdated, confusing, and slow; all submissions require a full review by HR administrators.

Aggregate User Ratings of Epicor HCM on TrustRadius

Epicor HCM aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (10) User reviews of Epicor HCM on TrustRadius, (6) updated or written in the last year.

Epicor Response to Reviewer Feedback

Thank you for the feedback. We value your opinion as it's a critical part of our process to understand how to improve our products and services and deliver the highest quality customer service.

Epicor HCM is designed around the unique operational needs of human resource professionals. We're constantly investing in key areas to help you save time and deliver faster return on investment (ROI), including:

  • Enabling both employees and candidates through self-service to save time and improve communication.
  • Empowering customers by offering a choice of deployment options including on-premises, hosted or in the cloud.
  • Allowing customer flexibility for integrating to the payroll and benefit vendors of your choice.
  • Increasing productivity while maintaining data integrity through workflow routing and alerts.
  • Extending the value beyond feature-rich core functionality with expanded performance, training, and recruiting modules to support company growth.

In the latest release of Epicor HCM, users will experience:

  • Enhanced leave capabilities.
  • Strategic recruiting integrations to increase ROI.
  • Updated technology support and advanced security options for user system and data access.

Coming up, Epicor HCM will be providing:

  • Enhanced mobile capabilities for candidate, employee, and manager users.
  • Expanded international capabilities for the UK region.
  • Strategic integrations to ADP Workforce Now® payroll solutions.
  • An updated user experience with expanded configuration and personalization tool.

Please contact us for more information, or to learn more about our customers' experiences with Epicor HCM take a look at some of our video customer success stories.