Epicor HCM is a human resource management system (HRMS) and is available as on-demand software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premise license. Self-service access to the HRMS is available to employees and managers.Epicor HCM for mid-sized businessesUsed throughout our company to administrate and manage the HR processes. We do not use HCM for payroll, benefits, or recruiting candidates as we have other solutions for those areas. HCM is our core HR system but we have extended the use by interfacing to our ADP payroll, Concur Expense, BI, benefits, Windows Active Directory and any other system that needs personnel data.,Highly configurable to meet needs of nearly any company Easy to use interface, with alerts and approval routing for common tasks Comes with pre-built reporting model which facilitates generation of custom reports Ability to interface with 3rd party software, such as organization charting and payroll Web-based so no client side software to install Has pre-built Employee and Manager self-service features,I would like to see better quality of first line support staff. Many times they are not able to answer questions about the product and escallation is required to find a person with knowledge to resolve problems. Upgrades rarely go smoothly. Usually we find bugs and have to get patched versions before we can upgrade our live system. Standard reports do not cover most requirements so custom report development is usually needed.,9,We have been able to reduce our HR administration overhead by extending the software with interfaces and automated alerts/routing. Our employees are using the employee self service portal to update their personal information and answer questions without the need to contact HR. Managers are able to find information about their employees without HR involvement Custom reports have reduced the need to maintain information in off-line Excel files,,4,Implemented in-house Professional services company,9,9Epicor HCM reviewWe use HCM in all of our offices worldwide (we are in 25 countries). We use the core functionality plus Employee Self Service, Open Enrollment, and Link. Employees are able to request time off through the system, and employees in the US can also use Open Enrollment for benefit selections. Managers also have access to view their employees, and run various reports.,Epicor adds many enhancement requests made by its user base, and involves users in beta testing to ensure users get what they need The system is customizable by the Administrator, and those customizations carry forward to future versions without needing to be re-written, saving time and money The SQL database is easy to integrate with other internal systems The user interface is simple and easy to use Users can use an integrated ad-hoc query tool, which is very easy to use,I wish the system recognized holidays when employees enter time off requests I wish that Open Enrollment did not require a two step process to submit choices to HR,9,Using Request Time Off eliminates the need for paper or for emails when requesting time off and results in more accurate records Employee Self Service allows employees to update their own personal information (such as address, phone, personal email) which is then fed to payroll Link allows for feeds to various systems such as payroll and health carriers, resulting in more accurate records and less data entry,,1400,2,Can work in a global environment Easy for the end users to use Can do complex reporting,Using SQL, I have created over 1800 SQL scripts to audit for bad or missing data. I run this daily to look for data issues, and have the responsible person correct it At my last company, HCM fed data to over 30+ internal systems, and approx. 10 external vendors,As HCM adds Country Specific Functionality, we will certainly take advantage of that, since we have offices in 25 countries,10,No,Product Features Product Usability Vendor Reputation,I was not involved in the initial evaluation and selection process. The product was implemented in 1996 and I started working with it in 1997.,Don't know,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Adjusting management's expectation of what a reasonable timeframe for the project would be Determining how best to build custom reports. We first started building reports using the reporting model and quickly realized limitations and had to switch to stored proc based reports. This involved a lot of re-writing of reports, which added time to the project.,10,In-person training,10,7,Yes,When working on big projects, our rep has often worked nights and weekends to keep the project on deadline.,Hire a Person Complete a Hire Terminate an Employee Request Time Off Employee Self Service,Open Enrollment,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9,9,8,10,10,I was not there for the initial implementation but was able to negotiate a lower hourly rate for a major upgrade that we did.,As with anyone, you catch more flies with honey. They are all good people, many of whom have been there 15-20 years. Listen to their ideas and suggestions as they have been in the business for quite a long time.Not just Epicor, EpiHARDcor! Best ERP/HCM that i've used to dateEpicor is being used across the company to handle everything from manufacturing schedule to projects to time and expense tracking. It is a lot more detailed than anything that we've used before- allowing us to track very granular efficiency by employee, department, and company. Being able to identify weaknesses in the way that people and resources are scheduled helps to make the entire operation run smoother.,Timesheets show everything that time has been charged to in a quick glance. There is a lot of information displayed onscreen and is very easy to decipher. Employees charge their time on a well-designed front end program, and data is gleaned from that and dispersed into the various timekeeping and expense tracking modules. The abilities to charge time to direct, indirect and downtime are all valuable- see where time is being spent and use it as a coaching tool.,Graphical representations of data would be appreciated, as it would make analysis more streamlined Not sure that this would be a useful program for a company with all exempt employees Personalization of screen layouts should not cause issues with the database, but they have been seen to cause that,9,Epicor has definitely given me more visibility to what my employees are doing with their time, and will allow much more impactful coaching opportunities I like the ability to run reports on such a huge selection of data, including everything from time allocations to lead time quoting The learning curve is rather steep, and can cause issues as you and the company get up to speed with how the modules work (or don't work), especially the way that you expected them to.,,100,8,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Cutover and everything involved with that,7,6,At go-live, we had great support from the company who helped us get through some major obstacles that popped up at the absolute last minute, and allowed us to continue serving our customers and keeping our employees busy.,7
Epicor HCM
15 Ratings
Score 4.6 out of 101
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Epicor HCM Reviews

Epicor HCM
15 Ratings
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Score 4.6 out of 101

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April 29, 2015

Epicor HCM review

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The product is extremely scaleable. We never purged records, and did not have a performance hit. We also were able to make customizations ourselves when needed, and contract with Epicor for more complicated customizations.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Employee demographic data (7)
Employment history (7)
Job profiles and administration (6)
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc. (7)
Organizational charting (3)
Organization and location management (6)
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.) (3)
Pay calculation (3)
Support for external payroll vendors (6)
Benefit plan administration (6)
Direct deposit files (4)
Salary revision and increment management (5)
Reimbursement management (1)
Approval workflow (4)
Balance details (5)
Annual carry-forward and encashment (4)
View and generate pay and benefit information (5)
Update personal information (6)
View company policy documentation (4)
View job history (4)
Tracking of all physical assets (3)
Report builder (7)
Pre-built reports (7)
Ability to combine HR data with external data (6)
New hire portal (1)
Manager tracking tools (1)
Corporate goal setting (1)
Individual goal setting (2)
Line-of sight-visibility (1)
Performance tracking (2)
Performance plans (2)
Performance improvement plans (1)
Review status tracking (2)
Review reminders (2)
Multiple review frequency (1)
Candidate ranking (2)
Candidate search (2)
Job Requisition Management (2)
Company Website Posting (1)
Duplicate Candidate Prevention (1)
Applicant Tracking (2)
Notifications and Alerts (2)

About Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM is a human resource management system scaled towards mid to large-size enterprises. It is accessible as software as a service (Saas), hosted, or via an on-premise license, depending on the hosting preferences of the business. It provides most of the core HR functionality, with the vendor offering integrability with businesses’ payroll vendors of choice, as well as Employee and Manager Self-Service, time and talent management, and recruiting and onboarding support. Epicor also offers reporting and analytics on employee data and regulatory compliance.
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