The Best Digital Analytics Software for Small Businesses (<51 employees)

Digital Analytics TrustMap for Small Businesses
Most digital analytics software used by small businesses are positively rated by them. The median “Likelihood to Recommend” rating in this segment is 4.2 out of 5. Small businesses tend to use free or low cost tools, which are often easy to implement and use. Small businesses often lack the resources to utilize a comprehensive paid analytics tool, as well as the ability to produce a return on investment for the cost of the tool. Therefore, a free or low cost tool is usually sufficient for companies in this segment.

All of the digital analytics “Leaders” in the small business segment are either totally free (Google Analytics, Piwik) or offer a widely adopted free version (StatCounter says 90% of its customers are using the free version). The Strong Performers (GoSquared, Woopra) and near Strong Performers (KISSmetrics, Mixpanel) all score above 4 out of 5. KISSmetrics and Mixpanel have an average rating about 0.1 below the median.

Many of the products used in this segment have a unique positioning or focus on a specific capability. Because they are all so highly rated, selecting among these tools should involve a deeper look at one's own business needs as compared with each vendor's unique value proposition (listed in table below). Another potential factor to consider is the vendor's focus on this segment (i.e., percent of customers that are small businesses). Based on the mix of reviews on TrustRadius, StatCounter, Mixpanel and GoSquared are the companies most highly focused on the small business segment, closely followed by KISSmetrics and Woopra (see table).

*Percent of clients that are small businesses as indicated by the mix of reviews on TrustRadius
**The number of websites using a product across the entire Internet, minus the number of websites using the product among the top 100k websites, per Note: This method is intended to facilitate a rough comparison of market penetration by order of magnitude among the products, rather than present an exact number of customers or websites, as that data is unavailable to us.
***Based on 2 reviews only, in this segment
****This number is likely highly inflated, due to enterprise customers using the tool on a large number of websites with low traffic.
Product Avg. Small Business Rating Small Business Focus* Small Business Segment Adoption** Unique Value Proposition
StatCounter 4.8 86% 863k Very simple, easy to use
Piwik 4.7 42% 766k Open-source, self-hosted, data ownership
Google Analytics 4.6 42% 25 million Most widely used, comprehensive feature set
Woopra 4.3 67% 39k Individual-level tracking; real-time focus
GoSquared 4.2 75% 29k Ease of use, real-time focus
KISSmetrics 4.1 68% 21k Individual-level tracking, funnel analysis
Mixpanel 4.1 68% 21k Event-based tracking
Adobe Analytics 3.8*** 8% 293k**** Used mostly by enterprises