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Best M2M Application Development Platforms include:

AT&T M2M Application Platform, Qualcomm IoT Development Platform and Everyware Cloud.

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ThingWorx is an IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) development platform acquired by PTC in 2014 and merged with Axeda Machine Cloud in the same year, to expand PTC's development offerings.

Cisco Jasper

Cisco Jasper is a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The product helps companies launch, manage and monetize connected IoT services to drive business transformation and deliver innovative connected services.

Venafi Control Plane for Machine Identities

Venafi, headquartered in Salt Lake City, protects machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, code signing, mobile and SSH.

Everyware Cloud

Everyware Cloud from Italian company Eurotech is an M2M application integration and development platform.


DAKOTA Auto M2M from IDEMIA combines a secure automotive-grade hardware and an operating system (OS) that is able to host multiple mobile operator subscriptions. Integrated into the telematics control unit (TCU) of the vehicle, DAKOTA Auto M2M has been designed to enable carmakers…

Qualcomm IoT Development Platform

The Qualcomm IoT Development Platform is a machine-to-machine (M2M) application development platform.

Verizon M2M Platform

Verizon offers a machine-to-machine (M2M) application development and integration platform.

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OpenMTC is an open source M2M application development platform.

Thales Cinterion M2M Modules and Terminals (Gemalto M2M)

Replacing the Gemalto machine-to-machine (M2M) application development platform, the Thales's broad portfolio of Cinterion® IoT Modules, Gateways and Modem Cards enable always-on cellular communications for virtually any IoT or M2M application.


IDEMIA offers a ruggedized IoT SIM range called DIM (Device Identity Module). These IoT SIM cards are designed for commercial, automotive, and industrial IoT and M2M needs—with multi-form factors that support 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and a full range of 5G-enabling solutions for various…

AT&T M2M Application Platform

AT&T offers a machine-to-machine (M2M) Application Platform.

HCL DevOps Model RealTime

HCL Model RealTime helps users to generate consistent, readable, and efficient C++ code that prevents concurrency and performance problems. According to HCL, compared to coding directly in C++, Model RealTime provides better abstraction, automation and analysis. It provides tooling…

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A unified ingress platform for developers, a simplified API-first ingress-as-a-service designed to add connectivity, security, and observability to apps in one line. ngrok aims to reduce the complexity of application and API delivery by unifying multiple point tools, accelerating…

Liberica JDK
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BellSoft produces and supports the Liberica JDK, as well as a number of other professional products, that help solve business challenges in server, cloud, and IoT applications of Java™ technology. Liberica JDK boasts users on millions of servers and desktops around the world, and…

Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard is a solution for creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for embedded systems from TARA Systems, based in Munich, Germany. Embedded Wizard team aims to provide developers with convenient and efficient tools for programming GUIs for embedded systems. Developers…

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Losant's Enterprise IoT Platform aims to provide a complete edge and cloud software foundation to build and scale compelling IoT applications for customers. The solution boasts a unique, low-code approach to application development that offers a level of agility and speed to market…

BlackBerry QNX Software Development Platform

Blackberry QNX offers a software suite of IoT OS platforms and middleware for healthcare technology, automotive (e.g. digital cockpit), instrument clusters, and other devices.

6D Infinity
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6D Infinity is used to deploy an independent stack to implement an advanced framework for global enterprises in the IoT space. The solutions for telecom and enterprises like this make the most of the user's telecom and roaming infra, utilities, automotive, smart city and more, with…

Qt Framework
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QT is a cross-platform application and UI framework that can be used to develop applications once and deploy to desktop, embedded & mobile targets. The framework provides a visual 2D/3D UI editor with ready-made UI components supporting design from prototype to production. It is…

Learn More About M2M Application Development Platforms

What are M2M Application Development Platforms?

M2M, or machine-to-machine, communication refers to the computing technology that allows connected devices to communicate with one another. M2M application development platforms (ADP) manage data transferred between connected machines, and they help developers gain actionable insight from the collected information. They provide the user with application programming interface (API) tools as well as a standardized service layer. These platforms are commonly used by IoT software manufacturers/developers and cellular operators.

M2M application development platforms represent one type of M2M service delivery platform. The other two are connected device platforms (CDP) and application enablement platforms (AEP). CDP tools facilitate the deployment between the connected devices. AEP tools contain features that simplify data extraction and consume machine data. The functionalities of all three classifications of service delivery platforms are similar and may contain some crossover. Application development platforms are concerned with how devices are able to communicate with each other. CDP and AEP tools provide a solution for unifying and simplifying the management of the devices.

M2M application development platforms also create IoT applications, which describe a network of physical objects connected by embedded sensors and technologies. These applications exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. They are used throughout industrial, infrastructure, and military fields. M2M ADP tools are essential for managing M2M service delivery platforms and offering effective solutions for developers.

M2M Application Development Platform Features

M2M application development platforms share these useful features:

  • 2-way messaging
  • Chat
  • Data security
  • Electronic signature
  • Email distribution
  • Customizable invoices
  • Contact management
  • Dashboards
  • Real-time analytics

M2M Application Development Platform Comparison

When comparing M2M application development platforms, consider the following:

  • Use Case: M2M application development platforms are capable of assisting a broad range of IoT solutions, including public, private, industrial, and commercial.
  • Devices: When deciding on an M2M application development platform, you should evaluate the ease of coupling with add-on devices.
  • Security: M2M application development platforms are designed to ensure data security. Since these platforms rely on APIs to transfer data, they may include access control and encryption. Make sure that the product meets your security standards.

Pricing Information

Pricing for M2M application development platforms is based on the complexity of the models incorporating and analyzing data. Some vendors offer a free version with limited features. Monthly prices for paid products range from hundreds to thousands. Since pricing is so variable, you should contact the vendor for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do M2M applications development platforms do?

Machine-to-machine (M2M) application development platforms manage connected devices to gather actionable data from machines and machine processes. They can also be used to build Internet of Things (IoT) applications. These platforms are widely used by developers as an important component of M2M service delivery platforms.

What are the benefits of using M2M applications development platforms?

M2M applications development platforms monitor and manage communication between devices. They allow developers to gain clarity in their understanding of incoming data. These platforms offer transparency and consistency for the end developer.

What are the best M2M applications development platforms?

How much do M2M applications development platforms cost?

Pricing for M2M application development platforms depends on the complexity of the models used to incorporate and analyze data. Though some products offer a free version with limited features, monthly subscriptions may range from the hundreds to the thousands.