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GitLab DevSecOps platform enables software innovation by aiming to empower development, security, and operations teams to build better software, faster. With GitLab, teams can create, deliver, and manage code quickly and continuously instead of managing disparate tools and scripts.…

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GitLab DevSecOps platform enables software innovation by aiming to empower development, security, and operations teams to build better software, faster. With GitLab, teams can create, deliver, and manage code quickly and continuously instead of managing disparate tools and scripts.…

Rally Software

Rally Software headquartered in Boulder, Colorado developed the Rally agile software development / ALM platform which was acquired by CA Technologies and rebranded as CA Agile Central. After CA's acquisition by Broadcom the software was once again rebranded as Rally.


Hatica equips engineering teams with work visibility dashboards, actionable insights and workflows to drive team productivity and engagement in remote and in-office environments alike. The vendor offers a free forever plan to help get started. Features:Engineering metrics dashboards100+…


Allstacks uses machine learning models to analyze SDLC data for delivery risks and projected outcomes for engineering leaders. The value stream intelligence platform illuminates insights across projects and tools so users can build better processes, create a better culture, and…

Planview Viz

Tasktop Viz is a value stream analytics software from Tasktop.


Jellyfish is an Engineering Management Platform that enables engineering leaders to align engineering work with strategic business objectives. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish provides complete visibility into engineering organizations, the…

ReleaseIQ, headquartered in Santa Clara, aims to enable organizations to deliver traditional and cloud native applications, transforming and automating the software release process with their Enterprise DevOps Automation Platform. supports Enterprises with their goal…

Broadcom ValueOps

ValueOps from Broadcom is a Value Stream Management software solution that combines business-oriented investment planning and digital product management with Agile management and operations to create a unified platform for delivering digital transformation at scale.


ConnectALL is a value stream management company dedicated to helping customers achieve higher levels of agility, traceability, predictability and velocity. The vendor states they change this by connecting people, processes and technology across the software development and delivery…


LinearB is a tool for software development organizations that allows for improved productivity based on objective data driven insights. Founded in 2018, Los Angeles-based LinearB promises a fresh approach to software development project management and metrics, for example helping…

monday dev

monday dev is a collaboration tool for development teams from


Faros AI is an operational data platform that brings all engineering data in one place to give engineering leaders a single-pane view of their entire software development lifecycle. Faros integrates engineering data sources to give holistic visibility into the entire software development…

0 reviews

Waydev analyzes codebase from Github, Gitlab & Bitbucket, Azure DevOps to help users bring out the best in engineers' work. It aims to enable users to leverage insights from an engineering stack to accelerate velocity and align with business priorities with DORA Metrics, Executive,…

0 reviews

Propelo is an engineering excellence platform from the company of the same name in Sunnyvale, California, that helps increase developer productivity and improve security with data-led insights and workflow automation. Propelo connects DevOps tools to provide a single view of a…

Velocity by Code Climate

Velocity by Code Climate transforms data from Jira and DevOps tools into insights to drive engineering operations from standups to board meetings. Designed to keep delivery on track, Velocity helps users spot bottlenecks and stay ahead of at-risk work before it slows down a sprint.…

0 reviews

Plandek is a delivery metrics platform from the company of the same name headquartered in London.

OpenText ValueEdge

Formerly Micro Focus, OpenText ValueEdge pulls maximum value through a digital value stream. The solution is used to instrument, accelerate, and orchestrate digital value streams.

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Opsera is Continuous Orchestration for DevOps teams. Users can customize and automate any CI/CD toolchain, build declarative pipelines, and view unified analytics and logs across the software delivery process. Opsera’s platform allows users the freedom to choose their own DevOps…

Rocket Enterprise Orchestrator

Rocket Enterprise Orchestrator (formerly ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator) is a workload automation and DevOps orchestration platform that integrates business processes from mainframe to cloud. Enterprise Orchestrator provides IT teams with automation, central visibility, and orchestration…

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eVSM Software offers automated way to draw, analyze, and share value stream maps. It’s used to reduce waste, balance lines, save costs, increase capacity, and reduce lead times. eVSM provides separate vertical applications with analytics for production, supply network and transactional…

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Plutora is presented as a complete software delivery management solution engineered to improve time-to-value. Plutora provides a control tower overseeing the entirety of the software delivery people, processes, and tools independent of methodology, automation, or tool vendor.

CloudBees DevOptics

DevOptics™ is a dev team's DevOps radar. It allows organizations to measure, analyze, and manage DevOps. DevOptics provides a comprehensive view of the status of the CD platform as well as software value streams, correlated from data collected across software delivery pipelines. It…

Haystack Analytics

Haystack analyzes GitHub data and provides team level insights to help improve delivery. Visualize delivery pipeline from first commit to deploy and get real-time Slack alerts for burnout, PRs stuck in review, and more, while utilizing only the best "NorthStar" metrics backed by…

Learn More About Value Stream Management Software

What is Value Stream Management Software?

Value Stream Management (VSM) software provides tools to measure, analyze, and optimize the value of software development and delivery while promoting the efficient use of resources. VSM is used to align business objectives and customer needs with software development. Communication features foster collaboration amongst software developers, stakeholders, and customers. It monitors and helps manage the Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC) from ideation through development, production, testing, and delivery.

The software’s analytics allow teams to focus on the elements that offer the greatest return and help eliminate or improve processes that are unnecessary or ineffective. It identifies defects, delays, and constraints in the workflow. This enhanced visibility into lead and process times helps accelerate workflow improvements, customer product and service enhancements, and delivery timeframes. VSM supports continuous improvement by providing insights into productivity, developer contributions, operational efficiency, and security.

Value Stream Mapping is the first step in Value Stream Management. It creates a visual map, analyzing workflows along with their associated data, materials, and personnel; providing a context for data collection and analysis. These mapping features are used by DevOps, engineers, manufacturing, product development, and service providers. Value Stream Management software integrates with and captures data from various DevOps platforms, CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Delivery) tools, and project management software. Cloud-based Value Stream Management tools that analyze software do not retain copies of source code, mitigating security concerns.

Value Stream Management Software Features

Value Stream Management software includes many of the following features:

  • Workflow mapping
  • Value stream visualization
  • Monitoring and measuring software development and delivery
  • Identify delays, defects, and non-productive activities
  • Data capturing and modeling
  • Integrations with DevOps platforms, CI/CD tools, and project management software
  • Collaboration tools
  • AI driven real-time flow metrics, performance analytics, and reporting
  • Prediction forecasting and risk analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Governance and compliance
  • Enables App level security during App deployments
  • Cloud-based

Value Stream Management Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Value Stream Management software:

Integrations: Value Stream Management software supports a wide range of integrations with DevOps platforms and CI/CD tools. Ensure your selection integrates with the ones you currently have in place.

Scope: Advanced Value Stream Management software includes a variety of features and robust functionality. Depending on your business needs and budget, scaled-down standalone mapping software can be a less expensive alternative.

Ease of Implementation: Depending on the complexity of your environment, evaluate how much time and resources your selection will take to get up and running.

Pricing Information

Value Stream Management software pricing is driven by the number of users, features, and integrations. Basic software begins at $20 per user, reaching over $600 a month. Enterprise-level organizations will usually need to obtain a vendor price quote. Some software is available for free to individual users. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Value Stream Management software?

Value Stream Management software improves products and services, expedites production and delivery, and enhances customer satisfaction. It streamlines processes, reduces waste, and contributes to more productive use of resources. The software provides a competitive advantage, leads to better decision-making, and increases ROI.

What does Value Stream Management software do?

Value Stream Management (VSM) software optimizes software development and delivery enhancing the value of products and services. It helps ensure that deliverables meet customer expectations and business objectives. VSM software visualizes workflows. Its metrics and analytics measure performance to improve DevOps and CI/CD processes.

How much does Value Stream Management software cost?

Entry-level Value Stream Management software begins at around $20 a month per user and can range to over $600 and more depending on its features. Free trials are available.