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Best Mainframe Monitoring Tools include:

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS, IBM OMEGAMON, BMC AMI Ops Monitoring, Rocket Mainstar, Rocket TMON and CA SYSVIEW Performance Management.

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IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS

IntelliMagic Vision's AI-driven analytics enables z/OS experts to proactively monitor and manage their end-to-end z/OS environment, prevent disruptions, optimize performance, improve support for new applications, reduce software costs, eliminate unnecessary hardware purchases, and…


For mainframe developers, BMC AMI DevX (formerly BMC ompuware) is a DevOps tool-chain used to connect, transform, and modernize the mainframe.


IBM CICS (Customer Information Control System) presents a transaction processing option.

BMC AMI Ops Monitoring

BMC AMI Ops Monitoring (formerly MainView Monitoring) provides centralized control of z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments, with the goal of optimizing mainframe performance, as well as reduce monitoring costs, ensure system availability and performance, and minimize the risk of business…


The IBM OMEGAMON product family for IBM Z mainframe and middleware subsystems presents a mainframe monitoring solution.

CA SYSVIEW Performance Management

CA SYSVIEW performance management from CA Technologies (a Broadcom company) is a mainframe monitoring solution providing unified real-time visibility into mainframe application performance and transaction flows enable easier analysis between captures.

Rocket Performance Essential

Rocket Performance Essential cuts batch processing times and resource consumption without manual performance tuning to help the user's mainframe environment operate more efficiently, with batch I/O that is optimized automatically. Performance Essential helps lower a mainframe system'…

One Identity Mainframe Access Tools (NC-Access, MultSess)

One Identity offers a suite of tools that provide secure access to mainframes. NC-Access is a mainframe session manager used to simplify network management for system/390, OS/390 and z/OS networks. NC-Access interfaces with NC-Syncom (a mainframe password sync tool) and NC-Pass (a…

XStream cStream

cStream collects real-time performance and consumption statistics of transactional workloads.It is thus able to show information relating to what is really happening at the moment, without having to wait for extractions and re-elaborations that will take place the following day.…

Tone Mainframe Management

Tone Mainframe Management software are a set of utilities for managing and improving the performance of mainframe computers.

CA Chorus Software Manager

CA Chorus Software Manager provides tools to obtain and apply corrective or recommended maintenance for CA Technologies (a Broadcom company) mainframe software using a web-based UI.

Rocket C\Prof
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Rocket C\Prof offers transaction profiling for IBM® CICS® trace data. IBM® Customer Information Control System (CICS®) Transaction Server for z/OS is a critical part of the mainframe environment. Ensuring that applications are running well and the ability to quickly find and fix…

Precisely Ironstream

Precisely (formerly Syncsort) offers Ironstream, designed to integrate mainframe data (e.g. IBM i and IBM mainframe) into SIEM or ITOA applications to provide additional information about the performance of core systems.

Rocket Mainstar

Rocket® Mainstar® systems optimization and data management solutions let users operate IBM® zSystems/OS®, Db2®, and IMS™ systems more efficiently, with the goal of maximizing the processing power of users mainframes in support of corporate web, mobile, and cloud initiatives.

Rocket TMON
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Rocket TMON (formerly from ASG) is a highly integrated set of mainframe performance monitors that enable I&O teams to optimize the health, availability, and performance of IBM Z mainframe operating systems, middleware, databases, and network components.

Learn More About Mainframe Monitoring Tools

What are Mainframe Monitoring Tools?

Mainframe Monitoring Tools monitor availability and performance indicators of hardware systems and subsystem resources across the enterprise.

Beyond this, a monitoring platform may also track operating systems, middleware, databases, and other network components for fault and failure, or for deviation from optimal performance.

While many businesses have begun moving away from mainframes in favor of virtualized or condensed infrastructure, most business applications still need a mainframe and a majority of business data is stored on one. With that in mind visibility into a business's mainframe can help the organization optimize mainframe performance, and keep track of factors like memory usage. Most mainframe tools integrate with other monitoring tools so that businesses can create a single source of visibility into their infrastructure.

Mainframe Monitoring Tools Features & Capabilities

The following features are commonly included in mainframe monitoring solutions:

  • Increased mainframe visibility

  • IT system integrations

  • Mainframe reports and analysis

  • Mainframe data extraction

Mainframe Monitoring Tools Comparison

As with all monitoring tools, the biggest consideration for most businesses when selecting a mainframe monitoring tool is how compatible it is with their mainframe, and how it integrates with their other monitoring and analysis tools. These integrations are key because they allow businesses to store and analyze all their monitoring data in a single application. Most mainframe monitoring tools offer a variety of integrations, some prebuilt, and some that require development work. Be sure to pick a tool that works well with the other tools your business is using.

Mainframe Monitoring Tools Pricing Information

Mainframe monitoring tools are priced on a monthly basis depending on what features they offer. Businesses should expect to pay at least $100.00 per month depending on their feature needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from mainframe monitoring tools?

Mainframe monitoring tools are most beneficial for businesses that haven’t virtualized most of their infrastructure. The more core business functions running on the mainframe, the more important mainframe monitoring is.

If I have virtualized infrastructure, do I need a mainframe monitoring tool?

Whether or not you need a mainframe monitoring tool depends on just how much you have virtualized. Most businesses still perform some business activities on the mainframe even when virtualized. If you are almost entirely virtualized, mainframe monitoring may not be necessary, but if you aren’t you may need a mainframe monitoring solution.

Do mainframe monitoring tools integrate with other monitoring systems?

Mainframe monitoring tools are designed to integrate with other monitoring systems and analytics tools. Not every monitoring tool integrates with every other monitoring tool, though, so you should be sure that any monitoring tool you choose works with the other systems you have.