Data Center Networking Equipment

Data Center Networking Equipment Overview

What is Data Center Networking Equipment?

Data Center Networking Equipment include managed switches and routers for creating and controlling networks, ensuring that devices can communicate and share resources effectively.

Data Center Networking Products

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Cisco Nexus

Cisco Nexus

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Cisco Nexus is a series of network switches.

Dell PowerConnect Switches

Dell PowerConnect is a series of networking switches.

Cradlepoint Routers

Cradlepoint in Boise offers a range of routers supporting cellular or wireless failover, branch and IoT networks, and related needs, available through a variety of appliances, and via the Cradlepoint virtual edition router.

Cisco NCS Optical Series

The vendor states users can improve a network’s flexibility and cut costs with the Cisco NCS Optical Series. With its Circuit Emulation technology, the NCS Optical Series offers any-to-any connectivity, along with savings over traditional TDM transport architectures. Network operators…

Arista 7000 series

The Arista 7000 series is a line of networking switches, from Arista in Santa Clara, California.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch

Alcatel-Lucent provides the OmniSwitch family of switches, providing data center switching, Ethernet & LAN switches, support for IoT and edge solutions, SDN, ruggedization and industrial-grade solutions, and WebSmart switches.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z Series (formerly Force10 ZettaScale)

Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z Series Switches are 100GbE and 400GbE core/aggregation switches designed for building optimized data center leaf/spine fabrics of virtually any size. They replace the Force10 ZettaScale, acquired with Force10 by Dell in 2011.

H3C Comware Switches

The HP A-Series was a brand of switches developed by Comware, acquired by Hewlett-Packard and divested. The technology is now supported by Chinese company New HC3.

Dell Networking E Series (formerly Force10 Terascale + Exascale), discontinued

The Dell Networking E-Series switches including the E600i Virtualized Core Switching and Routing are no longer available. They were based on the The Force10 TeraScale and Exascale series of networking equipment acquired by Dell in 2011.


RackSwitch is a brand of network switches, from IBM.

Extreme VDX (formerly Brocade VDX)

The Extreme VDX series of switches (formerly Brocade VDX) was acquired by Extreme Networks in 2017 during the Broadcom acquisition of Brocade and the selling off of some of the company's assets.

Extreme BlackDiamond

BlackDiamond from Extreme Networks in San Jose is a brand and series of networking switches.

CenturyLink Wavelength Services

CenturyLink® Wavelength service delivers dedicated bandwidth and the full network transparency your enterprise requires. Available in 1 GigE, 10 GigE or 100 GigE speeds — protected and unprotected — CenturyLink Wavelength service is the ideal choice for network backbones between…

CenturyLink Ethernet Services

CenturyLink® Ethernet services power secure, high-availability network solutions that enable high-performance voice, video and data applications. CenturyLink Ethernet’s private connectivity, scalable bandwidth and configuration options make it ideal for high-speed connections among…

Lenovo ThinkSystem Rackswitches

Lenovo ThinkSystem Rackswitches support SMB and larger enterprises with data center networking.

CenturyLink SD-WAN Solutions

CenturyLink® SD-WAN with hybrid connectivity is a complete WAN solution supporting scalable networks across a range of connectivity types. They integrate disparate connectivity types into seamless hybrid software-defined WAN.Gain complete visibility through a centralized customer…

INAP Performance IP

INAP Performance IP® service is a data center networking solution. It aims to maximize the user's network’s potential by leveraging INAP's robust global network and proprietary route optimization engine. It enhances Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) by assessing the best-performing routes…

INAP Connectivity Solutions

The INAP Connectivity Solutions product suite provides high availability and scalable connectivity services across INAP's global network and into the customer's data centers. Combined with INAP's route-optimized IP service, the vendor promises to deliver a high-performance network…

Huawei CloudEngine Data Center Switches

The Huawei NetEngine series of DC switches is, the vendor states, a diversified product portfolio that supports flexible networking ranging from 500 to over 50,000 servers, with a unified open architecture that supports seamless evolution from the traditional data center network…

Raritan Dominion KX Switches

Raritan offers a data center networking solution via its KVM-OVER-IP Switches, the Dominion KX series of switches for data centers, labs, and server rooms. Raritan is a Legrand company (acquired 2015).

Infinera XTM & XTC, of the DTN-X Family

The Infinera DTN-X Family is a family of next-generation multi-terabit transport network platforms, comprising the DTN-X XTC Series, the DTN-X XT Series and the DTN-X XTS Series. The XTM and XTC are packet optical transports.

Infinera Cloud Xpress

Optimized for density, efficiency, and ease of deployment, Infinera states the Cloud Xpress is designed to meet the varying needs of cloud service providers, internet content providers, internet exchange service providers, enterprises, and other large-scale data center operators.

Juniper 7000 (formerly the BTI Series)

Juniper 7000 or the BTI Series, now from Juniper Networks since they acquired BTI Systems in late 2016, consists of a number of platforms that address the packet optical transport and Ethernet access requirements of metro and cloud-based networks. Many of the BTI series products…

Infinera mTera Universal Transport Platform, formerly from Coriant

The Infinera mTera Universal Transport Platform is described by the vendor as an extremely flexible and efficient network transport solution supporting scalable grooming and an innovative protocol-agnostic switch fabric in which each and every port on virtually every card can be…

Ciena Waveserver

Ciena states the Waveserver family of stackable interconnect platforms delivers more capacity and lower power for high-growth, bandwidth-intensive applications. The Waveserver family provides scale to meet surging capacity needs of demanding cloud applications and data services. With…