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Packet Analyzer Tools Overview

What are Packet Analyzers?

Packet analyzers, sometimes called packet sniffers, are software or hardware that captures traffic data on part of a network, and logs it for analysis. Each packet of data collected can then be decoded to reveal more information about the where traffic is coming from and what kind of traffic one has.

Businesses use packet analyzers to detect network issues, and monitor existing traffic. Some packet analyzers can generate traffic on their own, so businesses can use them to test networks under different traffic parameters.

Features & Capabilities

Below are some of the most common features offered by packet analyzers:

  • Traffic Data Collection

  • Packet Analysis

  • Header Recording

  • Network Testing

Pricing Information

Pricing for packet analyzers depends on the features offered by the tool, and whether the tool is hardware or software based. Software based options that only collect packet headers tend to be the cheapest, while tools offering deeper analysis are more expensive. Hardware packet analyzers are typically often packaged with a disk array, so pricing can depend on many factors. Many packet analysis tools are available for free, and most proprietary options include a trial one can use before making a purchasing decision.

Packet Analyzer Products

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PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is the flagship offering from German software company Paessler, for monitoring local and wide area networks (LANs & WANs), servers, websites, apps, and more.


Wireshark is an open source network troubleshooting tool.

Colasoft Capsa

Colasoft Capsa is a network performance monitoring and protocol analyzing tool. Capsa provides core monitoring features, as well as automated diagnostics and packet decoding. Colasoft offers a limited free version of the software.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a complete bandwidth monitoring tool that utilizes flow technology to monitor and analyze network bandwidth usage. It helps users identify and avoid bandwidth delays and bottlenecks with customized reports, and set threshold-based email and SMS alerts to help…

LiveAction Omnipeek

Omnipeek, developed by Savvius but acquired and now offered by LiveAction, headquartered in Palo Alto, is network and application performance monitoring technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from a packet analysis tool?

Packet analysis tools are valuable for any business that wants to analyze their web traffic in more detail. As many tools can break traffic down by application, packet analysis is particularly valuable to businesses with multiple applications, or highly data driven applications.

What businesses should use a proprietary packet analysis tool instead of a free one?

The biggest advantage to a proprietary packet analysis tool is that they are often offered alongside a suite of other analysis tools. Purchasing a packet analysis tool among other analytics tools ensures that it will integrate well.

What are the advantages of hardware vs software packet analysis?

Hardware-based packet analysis tends to be more expensive than a software-based alternative, but they also offer higher performance, making them a good choice for businesses that want to analyze high-speed connections. In general, a hardware-based solution will collect more data, and collect that data more quickly than a software alternative.