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Azuga Fleet Pricing Overview

Azuga Fleet


What is Azuga Fleet?

Azuga in San Jose offers their fleet management software, Azuga Fleet, to government or insurance agencies requiring telematics or road usage charging, GPS capabilities, fleet tracking and analytics for optimization.


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Azuga Fleet Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Fleet Management Software

Verizon Connect

What is Verizon Connect?

Verizon offers a fleet management platform in Verizon Connect, emphasizing asset tracking and GPS, clear maps and route optimization, and fleet KPI tracking.


What is Onfleet?

Onfleet in San Francisco offers a fleet management platform containing route optimization and planning, GPS, in-app driver communication (e.g. messaging), task sequencing and linking, and other features.

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speeding significantly Our idle time is down due to the idle time report--cost saving Location and breadcrumb reporting are crucial in many parts of the