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Motive builds technology to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered applications to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance,…

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Motive builds technology to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered applications to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance,…

Verizon Connect

Verizon offers a fleet management platform in Verizon Connect, emphasizing asset tracking and GPS, clear maps and route optimization, and fleet KPI tracking.


Onfleet in San Francisco offers a fleet management platform containing route optimization and planning, GPS, in-app driver communication (e.g. messaging), task sequencing and linking, and other features.

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Azuga Fleet

Azuga in San Jose offers their fleet management software, Azuga Fleet, to government or insurance agencies requiring telematics or road usage charging, GPS capabilities, fleet tracking and analytics for optimization.


Onro offers cloud delivery management software, a solution for Last-Mile Delivery businesses. The software helps dispatchers to control orders, drivers, and maintain a smooth running business. A driver's app (Android/iOS) is used to track orders, manage them, upload POD, and other…

Samsara Vehicle Telematics

Samsara, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their product suite for fleet management, enterprise asset, and GPS tracking. The suite includes cameras (e.g. dash cam), sensors, a mobile app, Wi-FI hotspot and cellular gateway, and other products and features designed to support…

WorkWave Route Manager

WorkWave Route Manager is a route optimization software for delivery businesses from IFS company WorkWave (since the 2017 acquisition) emphasizing route optimization, integration with GPS, and shipping tracking status, among other capabilities.


Fullbay is cloud-based shop management software built specifically for heavy duty repair shops, from the company of the same name in Phoenix, that supports invoicing, electronic work authorization, parts management, and includes a customer portal.


Motus provides solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces. The Motus platform is designed to simplify mileage, mobile device and remote work reimbursement with proprietary software that calculates personalized and compliant reimbursements for each employee, while improving…

GPS Insight

GPS Insight in Scottsdale, Arizona offers their suite of fleet management applications focusing primarily on GPS tracking of assets as well as fueling management. The software includes the capabilities of the former Rhino Fleet Tracking solution, now part of GPS Insight.

Prophesy Dispatch

Prophesy Trucking Dispatch Software supports Fleet Management and is the central solution for managing every part of a growing trucking or truck brokerage operation. Users will never have to enter data twice, as all critical information flows in real time throughout every part of…


The Quartix vehicle tracking system, from Quartix with offices in Newtown, Wales and Chicago, Illinois, provides users with a fast, efficient, 'point-and-click'​ source of real-time information, together with tailored e-mail reports. The service has scope to meet the needs of large…

CloudApper Fleet

CloudApper's Fleet Manager is a cloud-based solution that utilizes biometrics, machine learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to make vehicle management operations smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

B2W Maintain

B2W Maintain is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that aims to reduce downtime and fleet maintenance costs by automating preventive maintenance and connecting the field, shop, and office in real-time. The vendor states the software streamlines repair requests and…


Detrack is a global delivery management solution that serves users from more than 45 countries (including United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE (Dubai), India, South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand). The app is currently translated into 21 languages, with…


Navotar in Ontario offers their flagship cloud-based car rental software emphasizing comprehensive operational automation with damage and repair management features and maintenance reminders.


TrackoBit is a Telematics software company based out of India, offering GPS Tracking technology. TrackoBit has been in business since 2018 and boasts covering more than 1100 cities with around 1,00,000 vehicles running on its portal. The software aims to ensure impeccable accuracy…


Fleetwire.io supports vehicle rental management with a reservation system tailored for both direct rentals and car-sharing services. It can integrate ID verification, e-sign agreements, automated messaging, and synchronized calendars with platforms like Getaround, to transform the…

McLeod LoadMaster

McLeod Software in Birmingham, Alabama offers LoadMaster, a fleet management tailored to the needs of trucking companies covering dispatch, vehicle fuel and maintenance management, mobile driver communication, driver safety and efficiency management, and other features.


MileageWise is a Web Dashboard and Mobile App solution for creating IRS-Proof Mileage logs. By entering trips to the Web Dashboard or automatically logging miles with the Mobile App users can create IRS-Proof mileage logs even Retrospectively in, according to the vendor, 7 minutes…


BigChange in Leeds offers a paperless software solution to plan, manage, schedule and track a mobile workforce. All plans include real–time tracking via mobile phone or plug-in OBD, timesheets, driver behavior tracking, messaging as well as health and safety alerts, and on higher…


Fleetio's suite of cloud- and mobile-based fleet management solutions enables fleets of all sizes to automate fleet operations and manage asset lifecycles. Fleets can automate in-house and outsourced maintenance management, receive recall alerts, track fuel, vehicle inspections, parts,…


OptimoRoute promises to help delivery and field service businesses plan optimal routes and schedules. The vendor aims to drive dramatic efficiency improvements: increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, cutting operating costs and overtime, increasing earnings by getting…

Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete in Toronto offers a suite of fleet management and telematics applications, covering GPS tracking, dispatching decisions, asset tracking for heavy duty equipment, Electronic Logging Device (ELD), a mobile inspection app, and a Task Tracker application for managing workforce…

GFI Systems

GFI Systems in Edmonton offers their suite of fleet management applications comprising GPS tracking of assets, dispatch and fleet maintenance controls, as well as ELD hardware and applications.

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Everything You Should Know About Fleet Management Software
If you're not quite sure what's involved in fleet management software, it is the organization and administration necessary for coordinating and monitoring commercial vehicles. The aim of fleet management as a whole is to control the complete lifecycle of a fleet of vehicles so...
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Learn More About Fleet Management Software

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software manages the use and maintenance life cycles of corporate vehicles and their related assets. Fleet Management Software provides tools to track vehicles, schedule maintenance, monitor driver performance, maintain parts inventories, track vehicle idle time, optimize driving routes, and measure fuel usage. Fleet Management Software also allows users to generate inspection checklists, and manage warranties and insurance. Fleet Management Software is typically used to monitor company cars, vans, and trucks, but it can also be used to track equipment such as forklifts, golf carts, and construction vehicles.

Fleet management software provides valuable real-time insight into the performance of their drivers and their vehicles. This allows users to deliver better customer service through regular maintenance intervals and route management, ensuring that vehicles arrive safely and on time. Fleet Management Software also allows users to communicate directly with drivers and customers so tasks can be updated in real time. Finally, Fleet Management Software allows users to set custom alerts, including compliance and stolen vehicle alerts, helping you respond to these concerns quickly.

Fleet management software shares many characteristics with Transportation & Logistics Software, such as route optimization, live shipment tracking, and driver scheduling. However, Fleet Management Software provides tools to more effectively manage the technical aspects of the fleet. This includes maintenance scheduling, fuel usage track, and inspection form generation.

Fleet Management Software Features

The most common fleet management software features are:

  • Scalable support for multiple vehicles
  • Asset acquisition and disposal support
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • VIN Management
  • Service history access
  • Contract rate generation
  • Receipt and record management
  • Driver license management
  • Geofence alerts
  • GPS route tracking and optimization
  • Custom mapping features
  • Weather condition analysis and reporting
  • Inspection checklists
  • Work order management
  • Purchase management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Dispatch, schedule, and vehicle assignment management
  • Fuel, miles, and hours tracking
  • Tax expense tracking
  • Parts inventory counts
  • Equipment tracking and management
  • Custom service and safety alerts
  • Integrated driver communication
  • Insurance and warranty management
  • Report generation
  • API and third-party integration
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Cloud and on-premises deployment

Fleet Management Software Comparison

When choosing the best Fleet Management Software for you, consider the following:

Number of vehicles. The number of vehicles is most likely to be the largest factor in choosing a Fleet Management Software. Some vendors require a minimum number of vehicles in order to use their services. Other vendors price their plans to scale with the number of vehicles and drivers monitored by the software, making some options more economical for smaller businesses.

Driver performance features. Most Fleet Management Software offers tools to directly communicate with drivers through text or voice chat, but some products offer advanced features to monitor and improve driver performance. Some products allows you to create custom alerts for speeding, extended idling, or mobile device usage. Likewise others can provide real-time traffic and weather updates to drivers and clients, ensuring consistent task updates.

Documentation features. The ability for a Fleet Management Software to keep activity records is important, so you’ll need to determine which products have the archiving support you need. For example, Samsara has support for dashcam recording, making it a useful tool for legal or insurance disputes, job completion verification, or other tasks. Some products allow for route activity playback up to 90 days.

Fuel card integration. If you use a fleet fuel card, you’ll want to make sure the Fleet Management Software can accommodate it. Fuel card integration will allow you to track expenditure and fuel costs in real-time, but the degree of integration may be limited based on the region(s) your fleet covers, crediting agencies, or other factors. Vendors should be contacted directly about this concern.

Mobile access. The ability to access the Fleet Management Software from a mobile platform can be a powerful tool for facilitating communication between businesses and their drivers. Some vendors offer a mobile app that allows drivers to access, capture, store, and edit documents from anywhere, which streamlines record-keeping, insurance management, and hours tracking.

Pricing Information

Fleet Management Software starting prices range between $9 and $60 per vehicle per month. Many vendors offer custom pricing plans for large fleets. Most vendors offer free trials and demos. Some vendors have contract periods ranging between 3 and 5 years of use. For smaller businesses, AUTOsist offers a free plan that tracks one vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using fleet management software?

Fleet management software allows businesses to maximize the efficiency of their corporate vehicles. It can lower fuel costs, improve fleet safety, and automate maintenance tasks.

How much does fleet management software cost?

The price of fleet management software depends on the number of vehicles. Vendors charge a monthly fee that ranges from $5/vehicle/month to over $80/vehicle/month.

How is GPS tracking used in fleet management software?

GPS tracking provides real-time updates on vehicle location and improves routing planning. It can also monitor driver behavior and ensure safety compliance.

What is the best fleet management software?

The fleet management software with the most reviews on TrustRadius is Verizon Connect. KeepTruckin is another fleet management software that received positive reviews from mid-sized companies.