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Fleet Management Software Overview

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Management Software provides control over the deployment of corporate vehicles, as well as providing tools for their maintenance, and also can include GPS tracking of vehicles, route optimization, driver management supporting communication with dispatch or management, and other ancillary features.

Fleet Management Products

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Verizon Connect
2 ratings
8 reviews
Verizon offers a fleet management platform in Verizon Connect, emphasizing asset tracking and GPS, clear maps and route optimization, and fleet KPI tracking.
Fleet Complete
0 ratings
1 review
Fleet Complete in Toronto offers a suite of fleet management and telematics applications, covering GPS tracking, dispatching decisions, asset tracking for heavy duty equipment, Electronic Logging Device (ELD), a mobile inspection app, and a Task Tracker application for managing workforce resources i…
0 ratings
1 review
Motus provides solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces. The Motus platform is designed to simplify mileage, mobile device and remote work reimbursement with proprietary software that calculates personalized and compliant reimbursements for each employee, while improving employee prod…
GPS Insight
1 rating
1 review
GPS Insight in Scottsdale, Arizona offers their suite of fleet management applications focusing primarily on GPS tracking of assets as well as fueling management.
1 rating
1 review
Onfleet in San Francisco offers a fleet management platform containing route optimization and planning, GPS, in-app driver communication (e.g. messaging), task sequencing and linking, and other features.
GFI Systems
2 ratings
1 review
GFI Systems in Edmonton offers their suite of fleet management applications comprising GPS tracking of assets, dispatch and fleet maintenance controls, as well as ELD hardware and applications.
Samsara for Fleets
1 rating
1 review
Samsara, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their product suite for fleet management, enterprise asset, and GPS tracking. The suite includes cameras (e.g. dash cam), sensors, a mobile app, Wi-FI hotspot and cellular gateway, and other products and features designed to support an enteprise fleet.
Azuga Fleet
0 ratings
1 review
Azuga in San Jose offers their fleet management software, Azuga Fleet, to government or insurance agencies requiring telematics or road usage charging, GPS capabilities, fleet tracking and analytics for optimization.
Cetaris Fleet Assistant
Fleet Assistant is a fleet management application from Cetaris in Toronto, Ontario.
Navotar in Ontario offers their flagship cloud-based car rental software emphasizing comprehensive operational automation with damage and repair management features and maintenance reminders.
Geotab in Ontario offers their fleet management system, consisting of MyGeotab cloud platform for managing driver and vehicle information, driver tracking and route optimization, as well as driver and vehicle efficiency (e.g. fueling, maintenance, MPG benchmarking) analysis capabilities for cost-con…
Agilis Systems
Agilis Systems in Chesterfield, Missouri offers their fleet management system, built around GPS asset tracking and including refueling and maintenance capabilities, as well as messaging and driver safety alerts.
Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR
Teletrac Navman headquartered in Garden Grove offers the DIRECTOR fleet management software suite, designed to provide fleet visibility through GPS tracking, provide mapping and advanced telematics, and track driver performance against KPIs.
Omnitracs ELD Solutions
Omnitracs in Dallas offers a suite of applications and appliances for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance including the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVD) telematics solution, Omnitracs XRS vehicle tracking, and Omnitracs Routing, Dispatching and Compliance (RDC) designed to improve …
McLeod LoadMaster
McLeod Software in Birmingham, Alabama offers LoadMaster, a fleet management tailored to the needs of trucking companies covering dispatch, vehicle fuel and maintenance management, mobile driver communication, driver safety and efficiency management, and other features.
ALK CoPilot
ALK Technologies, a Trimble company, offers the CoPilot product line to support the routing and fleet management needs of logistics companies. CoPilot Truck, CoPilot Professional, and CoPilot Mobile Navigation provide routing assistance and GPS tracking, and integrate with PC*Miler, ALK Technologies…
WorkWave Route Manager
WorkWave Route Manager is a route optimization software for delivery businesses from IFS company WorkWave (since the 2017 acquisition) emphasizing route optimization, integration with GPS, and shipping tracking status, among other capabilities.
Runzheimer Equo
Runzheimer in Wisconsin offers the Equo suite of fleet management applications, including Equo Intel for tracking vehicle data (e.g. miles driven, real-time mapping, etc.), Equo Fuel specifically for fuel usage tracking and Equo Mileage Tracking, Equo Payment for employee expanse management and reim…
UltraShipTMS in New Jersey offers a supply chain solution in its transportation management software platform, providing zoomed out supply chain optimization analytics, routing management, and fleet management features via associated module which provides GPS tracking, dispatching driver payroll and …
Oracle Fleet Management
To learn more, see the Oracle Fleet Management page.
Omnitracs Roadnet
Omnitracs in Dallas offers the Roadnet suite of fleet management applications oriented around route optimization and scheduling, telematics, territory planning and dispatch, scaling to provide a total transportation management system if desired.
Gurtam in Minsk offers Wialon, the company's fleet management software emphasizing GPS vehicle tracking with travel data (e.g. speed, fuel usage, etc), tachography and travel / shipping regulations (as they might interfere with shipping), and mobile app with triggered notifications.
Spring Global headquartered in Denver offers their mobileDelivery application to optimize direct store delivery with invoicing and other document management, provide route optimization, handle vehicle and field inventory management, as well as GPS tracking and fleet control.
Spring Global headquartered in Denver offers mobileVanSales, an application supporting direct to store delivery with vehicle and inventory management, GPS tracking and route optimization, driver management and motivation tools, and other features.