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February 13, 2021
AMBER SCHOENHERR | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use ConnectWise Sell for quoting purposes - to quote all of our IT and Managed Services Solutions. We utilize etilize and order porter.
  • Order Porter
  • Etilize
  • Customized Templates
  • Ability to add more notes on a quote
  • Ability to have more sales reps listed
  • Approval workflows
We formerly used QuoteWerks and Connectwise Sell has been a better fit for our growing organization.
ConnectWise Sell has been an upgrade from our former quoting tool QuoteWerks.
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October 02, 2019
Garry Adams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use ConnectWise Sell to build, track, and deliver quotes to our clients. It also helps with confirming real-time product pricing and availability from our distributors. We can know when a customer has viewed quote, and get notified upon acceptance. It is used by both our inside and outside sales teams.
  • Online quoting.
  • Real-time product availability and pricing.
  • Visibility into customer activity.
  • Although it is integrated with managed, oftentimes the integration fails with API errors.
  • Error logging is not always helpful. Oftentimes the errors are two generic to make troubleshooting worthwhile.
The most powerful features are the fact that you can see when your clients have viewed your quote, and that it can pull in real-time information about the products you are selling. It is all online-based, so you can use it from anywhere which is a big advantage over other quoting tools that I have used. We don't use the procurement capabilities, but for quoting pricing and customer visibility it works fantastically.
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January 20, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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ConnectWise Sell is currently being used by my entire company. It ties together each department and gives everyone visibility and information at their fingertips. The reports come in handy as well. I use the procurement report almost daily. The service boards and tickets also help to keep everything organized and allow for communication on a particular project all in one place.
  • Reports
  • Ticketing System
  • It goes down sometimes and it makes work difficult
  • Mass font update feature would be nice
Any situation where a quote is required.. .It's great for standard hardware quotes. The Etilize search could definitely use some work though as it doesn't always have the most current prices or inventory from vendors and the filter feature is difficult to use.

Quosal Sell errors out whenever I have a quote to do with monthly charges on it. I often have to turn around and edit quotes with monthly charges in a PDF editor because it shows "tablecell63" randomly on quotes with monthly charges. Other than that it works fine.
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May 17, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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We are using CW Sell with Dynamics 365 in our organization. The integration with Dynamics 365 has been awful. When we had our first demo with the account rep and their engineers, we were promised the world and that everything was going to work. They answered yes to every question we had. We are about 9 months into using the products and every week we discover a new issue. Their support is not helpful and it takes a very long time to get things answered. Our main issue is that CW Sell DOES NOT work with Dynamics 365 nicely. There are so many bugs in Sell that we thought we were their first customer to have this integration. Some products from Sell don't transfer to Dynamics 365. Sell will corrupt your SharePoint environment if you use SharePoint as a document location. It is very difficult to make CW take issues seriously; it seems we are often ignored.
  • Proposal template looks professional.
  • The system is reasonably easy to learn and use.
  • It does not sufficiently integrate with Dynamics 365.
  • The system has had a huge number of bugs.
  • Most of the employees we work with do not take issues seriously, and it takes a very long time to obtain assistance.
  • The company seems to lack employees with sufficient technical knowledge to address issues.
ConnectWise Sell is probably well suited for a company with very basic proposal needs and plans on using ConnectWise Manage for CRM needs. If a company has anything beyond basic proposal needs and uses a CRM system other than ConnectWise Manage, that company should proceed with caution.
The support is awful.
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March 28, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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We are using CW Sell with Dynamics 365 in our organization. The integration with Dynamics 365 has been a nightmare. When we had our first demo with the account rep and their engineers, we were promised the world and that everything was going to work. They answered yes to every question we had. We are about 8 months into using the products and every week we discover a new issue. Their support is not helpful and it takes a very long time to get things answered. Our main issue is that CW Sell DOES NOT work with Dynamics 365 nicely. There are so many bugs in Sell that we thought we were their first customer to have this integration. Some products from Sell don't transfer to Dynamics 365. Sell will corrupt your SharePoint environment if you use SharePoint as a document location. There are more issues that words or this message box can handle.
  • API connecting to Dynamics 365 were easy.
  • Proposal template looks modern
  • Integrating with Dynamics is not easy.
  • The entire system has bugs.
  • Think about the customers that are not using CW Managed. Like Dynamics.
  • Have employees that know the system and not blame issues on another system. Be accountable and admit that your system doesn't really work like promised.
If you use SharePoint as your document location in Dynamics, Sell will corrupt that location. It will come up with an "unexpected error" when you click on the documents in dynamics.
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March 01, 2019
Brian Hall | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use ConnectWise Sell to create managed services proposals, project proposals as well as simple hardware and software quotes for all our clients. It allows us to quickly and efficiently create quotes and get updated pricing from all our vendors. This allows for accurate profit margins and we know exactly how much we're making on all our deals.
  • The ability to create custom templates for different types of quotes/projects to quickly create quotes for clients.
  • The ability to get all the updated pricing from all our vendors without having to search the vendors website
  • The ability to sync Opportunities with ConnectWise Manage and automatically create sales orders.
  • I would like to be able to see more Canadian vendors in the list of vendors.
  • The ability to change the order porter template should be easier.
  • It's difficult to search for older quotes created.
ConnectWise Sell is a must if you're using ConnectWise Manage, it allows you to easily create opportunity and sales orders directly from your customer list. The order porter function is great for tracking when a quote has been opened and the digital signature function works really well for proof of orders and for documentation.
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March 01, 2019
Trent Kenelly, DTM | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Sell as part of our sales process, specifically for generation of quotes. It is critical to the order generation process. Sell is utilized throughout the entire sales process, from scoping of proposals, review of items, edits to documentation, MSAs, SOW and SOFs, and generation of electronic signable documentation. The API to manage is utilized for generation of the sales orders and conversion to additions to sales agreements.
  • Tab based templated, useful for a variety of Sales order types and solutions
  • Various order types and processes, used for MSA, COLO, Cloud and project based engagements
  • Professional looking documentation, including electronicly signable documentation
  • Handling of MSAs, SOF and SOW
  • Azure integration. In 2018, we have experiences several multi tennant outages
  • Connectwise integration, the REST API does not handle monthly recurring revenue
  • Handling of recurring items, as stated previously
  • API, rest vs legacy. Treatment of recurring items as non recurring
Well suited: Signable quoting documents, including master services agreements, Statements of Work and Service order forms. The ability to have various and specific documentation and templates with a very good form based utility.

Less well suited: recurring revenue, non transactional processes (Install and MRRs). Less well suited for environments that do not use manage for costing of items (Discounts will not work Anything divided by zero is zero.
Several issues have been outstanding for a long time, either not resolved, or resolved without due process and testing procedures being done throughout the Connectwise ecosystem.
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February 05, 2019
John Trevino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use it to provide quotes to our clients and keep track of the orders. It gives us the ability to make our quotes look very clean and professional. It also comes with the ability to tie it into our IT vendor and automatically add items based on their catalog.
  • Integrated email response feature.
  • Easy addition of items and images.
  • The ability to easily track customer responses and approvals.
  • Could use easier integration in the other consoles of Connectwise.
  • Add more vendors to the integrated catalog.
  • Automatically add item images to Sell.
It is definitely well suited in scenarios where items or services are needed to be quoted for customers.

It's really not suitable for RMS scenarios like restaurants.
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January 23, 2019
Nick Newbould | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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ConnectWise is being used as our only quoting platform. ConnectWise Sell is being used by our sales department and Purchasing department. It is addressing our need to quote new and existing projects for prospective and current clients. We use its automation with ConnectWise Manage to product scan all SKUs and automate the ordering process for purchasing.
  • The first thing ConnectWise Sell does extremely well is integrate with our CRM (ConnectWise Manage).
  • Secondly, allowing us to import Dell quotes is a huge time Saver.
  • Lastly, the ability to copy quotes with a click of the button speeds up quotes that are commonly used.
  • ConnectWise Sell does struggle to keep up with Dell and their quote scripts, and often the import function doesn't work
  • I wish there was a way to see when you sent the quote to the client. There is only a view to see when it was created.
ConnectWise is honestly well suited for anything. This is the best software I have ever used for quoting. It is easy to search quotes by clients, to easily manage what has been sold in the past. I love the functionality of searching by active quotes so that I can see what quotes I have outstanding and stay in touch to close them.
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January 16, 2019
Mike Markham | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ConnectWise Sell is being used by my sales team to manage all quotes and proposals that go to existing and prospective customers. Much of our business is a "buy-sell" transaction model so to have access to the latest pricing and availability from our distributors is very important. ConnectWise Sell queries all of our distributors to find the information our sales team needs to associate items to a quote at a price that works for Commenco and our customers. Additionally, all quotes that go out are accurate and have our desired branding.
  • Access to pricing and availability via ConnectWise Sell's integration with Etilize (product content network).
  • Consistency of company branding with every proposal.
  • Ability to deliver the quote/proposals electronically and know when it has been viewed, how many times, and the ability for the customer to approve it electronically. We are much more engaged than that makes us sound, however, when all that's left is the approval of the latest revision it's a very handy option.
  • Sometimes the system is slow. However, this may be due to our network access.
  • I really don't have any other issues with the system, it performs as expected/desired.
ConnectWise Sell is particularly suited for companies that are resellers. Access to the latest product information is critical for resellers in a buy-sell environment. Salespeople need access to the latest information and the ability to compare pricing across multiple distributors. ConnectWise Sell also looks at resources like Amazon so you can see what your buyer is comparing your pricing against.
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January 16, 2019
David McCoy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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ConnectWise Sell is a great program built into ConnectWise itself. It is very easy to navigate and keep up with new sales that have been made recently. You can search very specific parts of the order which allows you to keep up-to-date on all of the orders and what process they are being implemented. It is being used mainly by sales but since it is integrated with the ConnectWise itself, anyone can use it that has the permissions.
  • Very easy to maintain the steps of the order (pending signature, install date, installed, etc)
  • Very easy for new beginners of the sales team
  • Easy to navigate with pending orders
  • It does load slow from time to time
The best setup for this system is the way you can create new customers and orders very easily. It is very easy to maintain projects and keep everyone updated (communication is the key to a successful business) It also allows you to see what other sales person has something pending so that you can work as a team to make sure it get done, correctly.
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September 28, 2018
Mike Herrington | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Our organization uses ConnectWise Sell to enable sales. This tool allows us to quickly quote our clients for hardware, software, and services. I currently have 5 reps that spend a good chuck of their time working in it with great success. It integrates with ConnectWise Manage to improve workflow efficiency and eliminate duplicate entry. It also has handy templates that allow us to create standard quotes in record time.
  • Integration with ConnectWise Manage is great and allows you to easily convert a quote into an opportunity and a work order to save time.
  • Templates make quoting routine items a snap.
  • The system has good flexibility for quoting services that happen on a recurring basis.
  • Sometimes moving from page to page within the application can be slow.
  • Changing the ascetics on your quote templates is so complicated you have to hire an expert. Changing the content is straightforward.
  • Setup can be a challenge, and I would recommend paying for help to make sure it's set up correctly and communicates with other applications.
If you run a service selling IT support or managed services ConnectWise Sell will be a good fit for your organization. If you're trying to make this app work outside that space it's probably a misstep.
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September 28, 2018
Alissa Levanway | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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As a purchasing agent, I need to be able to review quotes for items I'm purchasing. I work closely with the sales team that uses it a lot. Templates are difficult to make and importing the quote into a ConnectWise opportunity has its own set of troubles. It is not very user-friendly and you need to be taught how to use it by an expert. How to edit columns or any content in the tabs tends to also be difficult. I usually have to spend quite a bit of time researching or asking for help on how to access or edit something.
  • Once a template is made, it does decently well with creating good quotes for our customers.
  • It integrates with a payment software making down payments easier to collect but this came with its own challenges too.
  • If you do know what you're doing, Sell is pretty good with getting the proper information transferred over to Connectwise.
  • Making it easier to make templates for quotes to customers.
  • Better transferring into opportunities in the ConnectWise system.
Maybe it would be better for companies of the small sales staff range. We have a handfull of people that use it so too many people in the program touching the same quote can sometimes cause it to be slow or someone going into edit something and it says someone else is editing the quote when they aren't.
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September 25, 2018
Chris Michalec | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use ConnectWise Sell to send proposals to prospects and clients. The primary reason that we selected ConnectWise Sell is that it allows us to quickly send out complex, standard proposals to clients. Our sales team uses it to close deals more quickly, beat our competition in getting proposals out, and have a verifiable paper trail of approvals.
  • The quote/proposal templates make it incredibly easy to always include the important information a client is looking for.
  • The approval process, and the ability to accept payment right from the approval page, makes it easy to ensure that a client is ready to move forward.
  • The ability to include videos and other media in the proposal helps set us apart from a standard proposal or quote.
  • Customizing the templates can be cumbersome, especially for the more complex templates.
  • Providing multiple term options can be a little confusing for the client and for ourselves when we are attempting to make sure those work.
  • ConnectWise Sell is a bit inconsistent when pulling pricing and availability information from distributors.
It has transformed our quoting process, and its integration with ConnectWise Manage makes it seamless to go from quoting to fulfillment. Clients and prospects have commented at how easy it is to understand the quote.
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September 21, 2017
Jared Connell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quosal is used by our sales, account management, purchasing, and accounting department. Since our transition to Quosal back in 2012, we have realized significant improvements in several key areas of our business. Our sales pipeline average has decreased by 50% while our hardware/software revenue has increased 200% without adding any additional resources. Quosal's API has given us the ability to completely automate our sales process; we are able to produce very impressive sales proposals in a fraction of the time. The manually data entry that previously consumed our sales and accounting resources is now achieved with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Quosal has integration with several accounting packages and CRMs. This is key if you want to automate your business processes.
  • Quosal's 'Order Porter' (e-quote system) is very end-user friendly. It can be setup to allow your customers to pick and remove products, change quantities, and electronically approve the quote. It can also be configured to capture payment via credit card, paypal, or leasing terms.
  • Etilize Live, a module within Quosal, integrates with most major vendor catalogs to provide real-time pricing simply by entering the product sku. It also allows us to place orders with our vendors from within Quosal. We can guarantee that we are getting the best pricing available without the need to shop each vendor website.
  • The first year we were using Quosal, they were consistently posting new 'How to' videos and live training sessions to help users become familiar with the software features and best practices. While those videos are still available, they are becoming less relevant with each software version patch. The help manual documentation should be updated with the software versions as well.
If you are producing sales quotes, this software is for you. It will help you create professional quotes with ease, automates your process, and reduces the errors associated with manually data entry.
Quosal has very good support.
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September 20, 2017
Abraham Ford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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ConnectWise Sell is our primary quoting and proposal tool. We use it for everything from basic hardware software quotes for our current customers to recurring services and managed services proposals. We use it in just the sales department to support our salespeople and "C" level personnel. We originally switched to ConnectWise Sell because the built-in quoting tool that our PSA was not robust or "pretty" enough to function well for our quotes and proposals.
  • ConnectWise Sell does an excellent job of neatly presenting quotes and proposals to the end user. There are multiple different options for the look and function of the quotes. There are also options for custom quote templates that are designed directly for your organization.
  • ConnectWise Sell does a reasonably good job of connecting to and working with Autotask. It took our organization about 6 months to figure out the correct way to flow from quote to invoice with our systems. Sell will easily pull in your customer information from Autotask into a quote and allow you to send the quote direct from your email.
  • ConnectWise Sell often becomes disconnected from the server. I have often had my other salespeople report that they were adding a product to a quote and it errored out on them saying the server could not be reached. They then have to close the quote completely and reopen it which interrupts their workflow.
  • ConnectWise Sell does not always connect very well with Autotask. ConnectWise Sell is admittedly owned by ConnectWise which is a competitor to Autotask. Nevertheless, Sell does not give the ability of making an item set as recurring in the quote transfer to Autotask as a recurring item. All items come up as one-time purchases which may not be true.
ConnectWise Sell is great for Managed Service Providers and smaller IT shops who primarily do computer repairs and maintenance. The tool is generally good at everything it does, but I would not recommend using it for a company that sells IT equipment as its primary business. Quotes take a relatively large amount of time to build in order to get them looking good for the end user.
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July 20, 2017
Bill McCord | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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As a hardware centric Value Added Reseller involved in the Hardware, Software and Services game. We needed an intelligent, Integrated quoting tool that was both sales friendly and rich in features. Quosal allows our sales team to create beautiful quotes and proposals that have the flair and style our marketing team wants, with the back end data that our management and procurement teams needs while still being easy to use.
  • Custom made templates for Quotes, Proposals and profit sheets make document delivery easy.
  • Live data feeds from our vendors simplify the shopping experience for our sales staff and historical pricing alerts make the pricing experience for our customers smooth and intelligent.
  • The ability to mass import data directly from vendor spreadsheets helps to make complex quotes simple and quick.
  • We have found that removing the eye candy helps performance on older, less capable workstations.
  • We are currently looking to move our Quosal database to Micorsoft Azure cloud database to make our infrastructure more secure.
  • Adoption to any tool is tough, it's important to stay on the sales team to insure they understand the real business value of a unified quoting tool.
Quosal will really hit it's stride when management makes it a requirement from the sales staff and the sales staff sees the true business value of having all quotes and proposals come from a unified tool. With just a little bit of training, a champion can propagate the adoption rates up and unify the delivery and presentation of the companies offering in a mater of months. Quosal (through the IT Nation and it's usergroups) can provide training materials and best practice information needed to accomplish this goal. I highly recommend getting involved in the usergroups and attending when possible.
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June 29, 2017
David Landry | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

We are using ConnectWise Sell to streamline and standardize our quoting process. This system provides us with professional looking quotes, and the ability to deliver them to our clients in a variety of ways. Before we began using it our quotes were done in Word and Excel formats, and combined into a PDF for presentation to our clients. ConnectWise Sell allows us to spend 80% less time building a quote with the use of templates, and getting the information our clients requested quickly.

ConnectWise Sell provides us the metrics and reporting we didn't have using a manual quoting process. Our close rate has increased 80%, and our sales team sees the results in real time. The integration into ConnectWise Manage has made it easy for our sales opportunities to be generated into orders, and move effortlessly thru the purchasing and service processes.

  • It provides our company with a standardized quoting process. Everyone works the same way, uses the same templates, and generates a professional quote. Nothing gets left out or missed.
  • Portal provides your sales staff and management with a complete view of their efforts. They see in real time what opportunities are in the pipeline, and how successful their efforts are when these opportunities are won.
  • Provides a collaborative platform for our sales team to work on customer quotes. We can now have 2 or 3 members working in the same quote whereas before we had to wait for someone to free up the document before others could access it.
  • It allows us to provide much more information in our quotes by attaching documents to the quote. Things like manufacturer specifications or brochures can now be easily attached into the quotes making it a presentation instead of a bunch of line items with numbers.
  • ConnectWise Sell is customizable to meet the needs of my company. This is so important to us because similar products only allow you to do what they design it for. Our business changes regularly and we need our software systems to be agile and adaptive to it.
  • I'd like to see ConnectWise Sell develop a more user-friendly environment for advanced form and template design that doesn't require developer skills or consulting engagements. in order for us to develop these forms makes us reliant on consultants. These engagements are worth the cost, but sometimes we just don't have time to wait for them to be delivered.
  • I'd like to see ConnectWise Sell automatically generate a quote for items such as warranties or services that are expiring in ConnectWise Manage. This would save us a tremendous amount of time preparing quotes.
  • I'd like to see a new version automatically created when changes are made to a quote with the ability to reverse or revert back to a particular version. Sometimes people make mistakes and delete or change something they shouldn't have. Or customers want a change to version 1 only to change their minds when you send them the updated one, and want to go back to the original one.

We made the decision to streamline and standardize the sales process in our organization. To accomplish this we needed a software that integrated with our CRM and operations software. It also needed to be customizable internally to work the way we worked. We began customization by making sure every template we created had all the legal and financial fine print included. We then company branded the templates with a look and feel that was ours.

We haven't found an area that it isn't well suited for, but we found areas that challenged us to the point we have to consider advanced development engagements with ConnectWise Sell to deliver. Internally we just don' t have the necessary skill sets to convert some our managed service contracts into the desired templates. To do this requires developers from ConnectWise Sell to design them and deliver them into the portal. It just takes time to perfect the process, but that is a hurdle we encountered in the early adoption of it.

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October 13, 2017
Ronald Deeds | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We were former users of Quosal. ConnectWise purchased Quosal and has since rebranded it ConnectWise Sell. Our company used ConnectWise Sell to create sales quotes and then integrate them into ConnectWise Manage for tracking and processing.

ConnectWise Sell is primarily used in relation to our sales department. ConnectWise as a whole is used across the entire company. The business problem addressed is that we are able to create standard and customized end user quotes using both PDF style quotes as well as ORDER PORTER electronic signature style quotes. This allows us to win the quote, create sales orders, create purchase orders and order the right products. It also allows us to view historical quotes for reference in future quotations.
  • We can retrieve a WON quote, copy it, modify it as necessary and send it to a customer. This insures that we used identical mfg part numbers and that the discount offered is the same as a discount previously offered.
  • If we create quotes under various Connectwise Sell TABS, we are able to copy that specific tab to a new quote.. saves us a lot of time and insures accuracy.
  • Connectwise Sell is modifiable to suit our specific needs... but we sometimes need support assistance in making those modifications particularly in layout areas.
  • We have a large client with a vast number of sites. We can label each quote according to site which makes it easy to track in the future.
  • Even though I have repeatedly and continue to have an issue with the KOALA being non functional.. and I have both verbally and thru the support ticketing system tried to resolve it.. and I have send step by step screen captures along .. the problem remains. It appears that CW Support seems to be more interested in their internal step by step processes, wanted ratings on their customer satisfaction and this major issue continues to not be resolved.. its been going on exactly since the last quarterly update was rolled out.
  • on the RECENT QUOTES screen, 1/3 of the right side of the screen remains blank. I requested the ability to fill the remaining 1/3 of the screen by expanding my RECENT QUOTES to view more. Presently I can view 16 which I am told is the limit. Not good.
  • It seems like the First Tier of Support is clueless when it comes to providing support. Every question seems to require escalation.. and this has the effect of not receiving support when it's most needed which is during the problem.. not 2 days later.
It's less appropriate in an RFQ or RFP situation where an enormous amount of detail and input is required. We have to provide the primary RFP documentation as a document in an opportunity... which is not totally bad... but seems there could be a WORD type interface to make it part of the overall quote.

Sell is well suited for day to day quotes.
Because I have a 2-month-old on going issue that ConnectWise is totally aware of and have received false unfulfilled promises of when the issue will be resolved. Seems to me they just don't know how to fix the issue. The issue was NOT present in any previous version but only arose after their quarterly rollout. The koala icon does not work.
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September 13, 2017
Kevin Rountree | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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ConnectWise Sell has been tremendous in the efficiency of providing complicated WIFI solutions for our WIFI customers. "CWS" has addressed our need to simplify, shorten turn-times, and ease of reference for quotes sent. We also love if we forgot a detail, item, etc., just after emailing the customer, we can fix before the customer sees it. All you have to do is make the fix in the quote, and quickly republish, all without resending again to the customer.
  • The feature of making master templates and template TABS is a very nice feature for making quotes faster, even when the scenario isn't a perfect match for the template. That is what the template TABS are used in our organization to quickly get the match we need, adjust, and the quote is sent.
  • If you will take the time to make your templates, you will save a lot of time. We went from quotes taking 30-1hr, to 15 mins.
  • Because "CWS" stores all your quotes it is easy to pull up anything sent to your customer, who made it, and when it was sent, and all the details of the noted project.
  • The republish feature is nice for when you forgot an detail, item, etc. Simply, go back to your quote add it and republish all without having to resend the quote to the customer.
  • "CWS" is buggy! For us we had to make everyone an admin, since the approved by manager feature doesn't always work. In our department, we have done our own work-around for now, while we wait for "CWS" to fix this bug.
  • When making a template, you cannot copy items from another template. You will need to make a fake quote and pull items from it if you have a well made tab of organized items. This is far better and faster than adding one by one items from ConnnectWise's Product List you created there.
  • Errors do not tell you the cause. For example, if an item is discontinued by your ConnectWise Admin in the Product List, your "CWS" quote will not publish.
Of all the quoting systems I have used, ConnectWise Sell is my favorite. It is a powerful tool for saving time and organization, but you have to put in the time to learn the basic admin features, and then invest your time in well made templates you will later thank yourself for making.
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September 05, 2017
Tabby Stoeppel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ConnectWise Sell for all quoting purchasing and now, electronic orders. ConnectWise Sell is a very intricate part of our opportunity management process. We are soon to be implementing Success List to encourage AND hold our sales team accountable.
  • Easy Flow
  • Templates
  • Status updates in the Opportunity from ConnectWise Sell
  • Integration with Ingram
  • Form builder.. it's great but I dont have time to sit and go through all of that, so we usually have to pay for an updated form.
  • Carrying the pictures of hardware, not having to re-add every time.
  • Bundles with electronic orders would really help us out.
I think it is great when the process is followed - (opportunity management) when products are added correctly to the opp, the info carries - it works great. Trying to back track is a pain.
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August 31, 2017
Chris Drynan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Quosal as our primary quoting and request for proposal (RFP) tool. We have a deep integration with Salesforce so our uses have a single view into quoting, metrics, and pipeline. This also allows for our engineers and project managers a simple way to view project details, BOM's and overall management. Quosal replaced QuoteWerks due to their lack of a web solution and ability to integrate with other products in our stack. This has been a huge benefit to sales, engineering, project managers and executive management. The new BI reporting is going to fill a critical gap in our review process. Additional key requirements in our selection process was to find a solution that would continue to evolve, improve, and provide flexibility in the event our environment changed. Since we have joined Quosal we have seen nothing but excellent support, product enhancements and a great supporting community. I could not be happier with our selection.
  • We needed a web based solution that allowed for integration with vendors. This has provided an easy option for our users to quickly and accurately select products and create professional looking quotes.
  • Quosal was the only web based product that allowed for ingesting quotes from our suppliers. This is a key factor in our process and Quosal does this seemlessly.
  • Flexibility is key to our reps. Every rep has a different type of quoting template. Quosal allows our team members to quickly shift between these and create multiple versions with minimal efforts.
  • We would like to see greater integration and features with Salesforce and QuickBooks. These are two of the leading products in the market and I believe there is room for improvement with these products.
  • One of the benefits of technology platforms today are the communities and third party applications created within these communities. I would like to see Quosal start pushing their boundaries either vertically or horizontally in these markets quicker than they have. I like all of their advancements in training, but additional product offerings and solutions is critical to companies today. People expect more of a solution than a product today and this is the path.
I have not found any environment where this is not appropriate. As a solution provider, we are moving into the managed services business so we have an incredible platform to begin quoting these solutions. We also have strong sales opinions of quoting philosophies and Quosal provides an incredibly easy to use platform that all of our reps utilize.
Read Chris Drynan's full review
July 25, 2017
Dawn Swagger | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Connectwise Sell is currently being utilized to provide proposals for network upgrade projects, equipment purchases, managed services and more. On the whole, we were using an unpolished quoting system prior to purchasing ConnectWise Sell. That system did not provide tracking or statistics for quotes, it did not have a nice look or use our logo. ConnectWise Sell has significantly upped our sophistication and appearance to our clients and prospective clients. Our clients love the ability to approve quotes via their smart phones and repeatedly report how much they love the integration or ConnectWise Manage and Sell.
  • Connectwise Sell integrated with our CRM Connectwise Manage perfectly. Updating is simple and quick.
  • Implementation and customer service/support is amazing.
  • ConnectWise allows the addition of PDFs to the proposals to make a complete package for prospective clients.
  • Overall we have had a great experience with ConnectWise Sell. I would like the PO system to be more integrated with actual electronic ordering and not with the sales reps.
ConnectWise Sell is best suited for companies that need to track quotes/proposals, wins, and losses.
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March 16, 2017
Nadia Varallo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Quosal as our primary quoting service, used by the purchasing, marketing and executive management teams for all services related to reselling technology requested by our clients for hardware/software sales and services, generating new contracts for prospective partners or customers in addition to all forms of contract renewals, as well as quoting new technology to upgrade services, hardware, software or to propose the implementation of various projects.
  • Seamless integration with ConnectWise
  • Simplistic way in which to build a professional, clean quote that can be made as extensive or as concise as you choose
  • Auto populating fields for thumbnails when adding products to quotes
  • Live, up-to-date pricing for a list of vendors that populates for a selection of your choice simply by inputting the product ID
  • Detailed reporting and analytics functions that tracks quoting progress and displays success rates
  • Has integrated within the system a clever sales team/individual recognition program that can be utilized to create internal contests that promote healthy competition and camaraderie
  • Would prefer to have the option to archive and organize accumulated (past) quotes in customized groups/folders
  • Would prefer to have a less complicated setup process to customize the templates and set up the administrators/users upon upgrading to Quosal Sell
It is appropriate for any company in any industry that needs to present information using a professional, modern resource/tool to quote products/services on a regular basis. It would not be appropriate for companies who do not need a quoting service, such as if their business model is not set up to present the information of services/products to customers.
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June 29, 2017
Jim Hartz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ConnectWise Sell as our primary quoting tool for customers. We used it back when it was referred to as Quosal and stuck with it as it transitioned to its new branding. It fully integrates with our CRM application and allows us to easily create, customize and get quotes out the door. Its integration with all our major distributors and product information catalog makes it a winner.
  • Hosted on Azure and we have had minimal down time.
  • Integrates with many other systems for a seamless experience.
  • Support is excellent and they listen when you make suggestions and requests!
  • Since the servers are on shared systems, sometime things slow down when usage is high. Not to a point where it is unusable though.
  • A little grace period when adding licenses would be nice. When you hit your limit you cannot have any new users log on unless you disable an existing user. It takes a day or two for new users to activate.
It is well suited for resellers in the IT industry. It integrates with all the big boys and the interface is simple and intuitive. If you use ConnectWise Manage as your CRM, the integration makes it a knock out punch.
Read Jim Hartz's full review

Feature Scorecard Summary

Quote sharing/sending (41)
Product configuration (40)
Configuration options (39)
Pricing rules (40)
Price adjustment (41)
Purchase history and open contracts (37)
Guided selling/Sales portal (36)
CPQ reporting & analytics (34)
CPQ-CRM integration (38)
Attachments to quotes (38)

What is ConnectWise Sell?

ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal) is the quote and proposal solution of the ConnectWise Suite. With ConnectWise Sell, users can create professional technology quotes and proposals that include rich product information, cover letters, and statements of work in minutes and automatically update their sales pipelines accordingly.

The vendor says key benefits include:

  • Save time creating IT quotes and proposals through automation
  • Create visually appealing and presentable quotes that promote your brand
  • Build and unify a consistent sales structure
  • Easily import bill of material and deal registration documents
  • Access real-time pricing and availability from major distributors
  • Keep your sales information in sync with integrations to CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Autotask, and of course, ConnectWise Manage!

Additionally, with ConnectWise Sell's online, interactive quote delivery system, clients can customize their order and accept their quote with built-in e-signature capabilities.

ConnectWise was named a Niche Player in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price, Quote Application Suites. Ninety percent of reference customers for ConnectWise said they would recommend its product without qualification. ConnectWise achieved the highest rating for technical support of any of the vendors in this report. The full report can be accessed here.

Categories:  Contract Management,  Proposal,  CPQ

ConnectWise Sell Features

CPQ Features

Has featureQuote sharing/sending
Has featureCredit approvals
Has featureE-signature
Has featureProduct configuration
Has featureConfiguration options
Has featurePricing rules
Has featurePrice adjustment
Has featurePurchase history and open contracts
Has featureGuided selling/Sales portal
Has featureSelf-service CPQ
Has featureCPQ reporting & analytics
Has featureProposals
Has featureExcel integration
Has featureCPQ-CRM integration
Has featureAttachments to quotes
Has featureRenewal management

ConnectWise Sell Screenshots

ConnectWise Sell Video

CW Sell Interactive Demo 1.0 Introduction

ConnectWise Sell Integrations

ConnectWise Manage, NetSuite ERP,, Datto Autotask PSA, Avalara, Ingram Micro, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Dell, etilize, QuickBooks, HP iQuote, Tech Data, Synnx, D&H, Great America

ConnectWise Sell Competitors

Apttus CPQ, QuoteWerks, ChannelOnline, Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick), Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick), Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick), Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick)

ConnectWise Sell Pricing

  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

ConnectWise Sell Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:United States, Europe, Australia
Supported Languages: English