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What is Entelo?

Entelo, headquartered in San Francisco, California, provides source-to-hire automation technology alongside managed services for a platform that actually focuses on results, not just AI. Focus areas include talent insights and engagement, diversity hiring, and talent pool automations (e.g. personalized communications,...
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What is Entelo?

Entelo, headquartered in San Francisco, California, provides source-to-hire automation technology alongside managed services for a platform that actually focuses on results, not just AI. Focus areas include talent insights and engagement, diversity hiring, and talent pool automations (e.g.…

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What is Entelo?

Entelo is a recruitment offering. It provides core recruitment features, including performance reporting and automated job posting, with a number of two-way ATS integrations. Entelo also includes a candidate database and search engine for proactive candidate-seeking. It also offers a set of candidate insights, including company fit, flight risk, and estimated market value. Entelo also enables companies to develop greater diversity within their talent pools via diversity filters.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Entelo for recruiting purposes. I am a Technical Sourcer which means I find all passive talent for any open roles I am working on. Entelo helps find and filter talent based on the exact keywords I am looking for to help narrow down my search to the perfect candidate(s).
  • Ease of use
  • Filters
  • Diversity
  • Accuracy
  • More filters
  • Extension not always working
Entelo is well suited for trying to find candidates in a search. I also use it for obtaining candidate information such as phone numbers or emails, which are imperative for contacting and engaging new talent. It would be less appropriate perhaps if you already had an internal candidate in mind for the role.
Avni Shah | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Entelo in our Recruiting/Talent Acquisition department. Entelo's platforms helps with sourcing efforts in finding qualified candidates with the use of multiple filters. In addition, Entelo provides contact info i.e Email addresses for profiles you view. I have found really good success when contacting a candidate through their personal email address. If contact info is not available, you can request info and Entelo's algorithm will try to obtain an email address. In addition, you have the ability to send a candidate an email via the platform. Any email you sent is recorded in the candidate profile, and you can actually see when a candidate opens the email and clicks on any link in that particular email. As a recruiter, you feel like your email isn't just lost into a black hole. I really love the tracking mechanism of Entelo and wish Linkedin would incorporate something similar.
  • Entelo provides accurate candidate contact info. Many of the profiles I have sourced via the platform have had the correct email address and my emails were able to reach the prospective candidate. This really helps recruiting efforts. Most candidates in this day and age constantly check their personal email. Engineers in particular are a hard group to reach and just sending an InMail isn't always the best route. Entelo really helps in recruiting for engineers by helping to provide their personal contact details.
  • Entelo's tracking feature is a great strength. Any email you send to candidates on the platform, you can track accordingly. I get a notification when the candidate opens my email, clicks on link in the email, and when they reply. The notifications don't just come through the Entelo platform but you get an email as well so you're up to date.
  • Entelo search is another great feature. You can search for candidates by entering skill, position, company name etc. There's even a diversity filter! Really great search criteria that helps you hone in on your ideal candidates. This is really useful for hard to fill technical positions.
  • Although, Entelo does a great job in providing contact info, the room for improvement is if they can find more contact info for global candidates. For US candidates, the platform does a great job in finding email addresses. For candidates based in EMEA, sometimes the platform has a hard time obtaining email addresses.
  • Entelo's envoy feature didn't work the best for me. The feature uses AI and predictive analytics to find the best candidates for your open positions and then reaches out automatically to them with the template you create. My issue was the profiles that it reached out to weren't the best fits for my technical positions. I think this feature needs some fine tuning.
  • I think the reporting feature of Entelo could improve. Right now you can't create customizable reports and sometimes the reports you want to export can take awhile to download.
Entelo is well suited for those in recruiting who want to improve their sourcing efforts. If you are trying to recruit for engineers or highly technical positions, Entelo's platform will help you find good candidates that you can contact directly through their personal email addresses. If you are a recruiting coordinator, Entelo is an easy to use platform and would be a good starting point into the world of recruiting. If you are recruiting heavily on positions outside of the US, Entelo might not be able to help you obtain candidate info and in that case you would want to perhaps send an InMail.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have been using Entelo as a sourcing tool for some time and have had some good success, as well as others within my organization. We are able to send mass e-mails which is great for events, but also able to drill down for hard to fill roles, diversity candidates, etc.
  • Search specifically for diverse candidates.
  • Good Reporting
  • Pulls in many candidates, profiles and tons that are not on LinkedIn.
  • Improve industry specificity
  • Parse H1 type candidates if/when needed (for Defense Specifically)
  • Better Reporting
Entelo is a solid offering for something more than LinkedIn. One of the best tools that aggregate all profiles/info for candidates on the web.
December 18, 2018

Entelo to Hello

Brianna Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Entelo is being used by our Recruiting team. We use this tool to help us source and reach out to passive candidates to get a dialog going. I currently have multiple templates saved based on the role as well as specific follow up emails scheduled based on the candidate and role.
  • Locating Email Addresses. This is a great tool because sending an email to a passive candidate instead of a LinkedIn message is so much more powerful and has a better response rate.
  • Helping with verbiage to get a higher response rate. I liked when they made this update to templates because it really opened my eyes to how my templates previously favored language to me and not to the candidate.
  • Giving snapshot into candidate background and their chance of moving. I like that you can see the tenure and information about their current company while on the profile page. I like being able to see the turnover rate of companies as well.
  • Once an email is found, send out the email. I wish that once entelo locates the email, it would just automatically send the template I requested. This would streamline my communication.
  • Letting me see the responses in the system. Right now it just says "Candidate replied" but if I was not the original one to receive the email I have no clue if the candidate said to reach back out or to fully leave them alone. A little insight would allow me to more knowledgeably reach out to candidates I have talked to in the past.
  • Templates easier to find. It took me weeks and a call with my account manager to figure out where to edit my templates. They are hidden within another section that doesnt seem logical.
Great for reaching out to passive candidates and standing out instead of using LI. Candidates are used to receiving the same messages in the same format and by using this tool we have the chance to mix it up and try and stand out from our competition. Entelo has been an awesome addition to my toolbox.
November 06, 2018

Entelo gets the job done

James Parker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Entelo is being used by our recruiting team as a sourcing tool to engage with candidates for open positions. We use it instead of LinkedIn's recruiter seat.
  • It pulls resumes from multiple platforms
  • It finds email addresses quickly when requested
  • Integrates well with LinkedIn
  • The messages send and received aren't housed in the system. Difficult to keep track of what has been said without having to go back to your email inbox.
  • Sometimes the full sequence is sent, even when somebody replies stating they aren't interested.
  • Well suited if you can't have access to LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Well suited for sourcing talent that is less engaged on Linkedin.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've been using Entelo for the past year and it has been very helpful when it comes to reaching my sourcing goals. I primarily recruit for technical roles in engineering and computing as well as some bioinformatics roles. These roles include software engineers, system administrators, UX designers, and project managers. What Entelo does is aggregate all relevant web information for a candidate into a profile that you can view. These aggregated profiles can include their LinkedIn, job board profiles, personal websites or social media accounts. There is also the Entelo browser extension that when viewing LinkedIn, help you find the email addresses of your sourced candidates. My main usage comes from the tool Envoy which allows you to choose a role and what skillset this candidate should have. Envoy will help source different profiles based on your input and contact them for you in batch emails. You can also view the Reports tab to see what your reply/open rates look like and their Track tab to schedule emails to candidates. Overall, I'd recommend it to other recruiters.
  • Finding candidate email addresses as well as alternative email addresses
  • Aggregating candidate profiles such as their LinkedIn, personal website and social media accounts
  • Automating the sourcing portion by using selected skillset and experience parameters
  • Ability to edit profiles - some profiles will for example list First Name Last Initial, if we know the candidate's full name, we can edit this portion for them
  • Duplicate profiles for the same candidate, there should be a way to merge duplicates to create one consistent profile
  • Sometimes Envoy will populate your batches with candidates you've reached out to before for other roles so maybe a way to turn that off would be useful
Most suited: When sourcing for multiple roles and need some extra help finding candidates.

Least suited: If you already have a controlled pipeline and don't need more candidates.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The idea of Entelo was exciting for us as we were looking at an alternative to Linkedin. They told us that it would have candidates that weren't on Linkedin and this was exciting because we felt it would expand our talent pool. It was disappointing that we never found a candidate on Entelo that wasn't on Linkedin and many of the candidates on Linkedin weren't found by Entelo.
  • Source candidates from many different sites
  • Be able to focus on candidates to help diversity recruiting
  • Ability to see the skills or competencies engineers had
  • Ability to bulk email candidates using templated forms. They wanted to have each reach out be individual but found it wasn't effective.
  • Build a more comprehensive database of candidates
Well suited:
If you are looking for a sourcing solution outside of Linkedin.
If you are looking to focus your sourcing team on diversity recruiting.
If you are looking to automate parts of your outreach process.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Entelo at our company to help source for hard to reach candidates, mainly in the software engineering organization. Currently we only have one recruiter seat and I am the primary user. We do the majority of our sourcing through LinkedIn and then use Entelo to find direct emails for applicants and also report on how effective those email reach outs are.
  • Great for finding emails for software engineering candidates.
  • Great sourcing tool for finding diversity candidates.
  • The reports provided about how emails are doing are useful.
  • It's also a great way to automate reach outs (it sends a follow up if candidate does not respond).
  • Sourcing through Entelo's candidate database is more limited than looking for candidates on LinkedIn.
  • Sometimes profiles are stale on Entelo's database so I would have to look elsewhere to find the updated information.
  • The database is not a great source for non engineering profiles.
I really like using Entelo. I think it is a great tool for reaching out to candidates directly compared to other types of tools. I think it is a great place to source for diversity candidates.

Their database is primarily focused on engineering type candidates so it is not as useful for non tech candidates.
September 21, 2018

Entelo "Souring with ease"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I currently use Entelo to source and reach out to passive candidates. I'm using this mostly for our technical/engineering hires but I do also leverage the email reach outs for business roles as well. We're using this currently in recruiting but I do leverage this platform to create review lists for our hiring managers. This is a great way to message and track emails, which is great in regards to the fact that LinkedIn messages are less effective as they were a few years back.
  • Sourcing passive candidate
  • Emailing candidates directly and setting up drip email campaigns
  • Provide data and analytics on response rates for outbound candidate communication
  • Ease of use when it comes to navagating candidate profiles, inclusing parsing profiles directly in Applicant Tracking systems (ATS)
  • It's a little expensive
  • You have a limited number of outbound emails and profile downloads
  • Sometimes it can take a bit of time for Entelo to give you additional information requests.
Entelo is a great tool for both large and small recruiting teams. I use this with Linkedin Recruiter Light which is nice because I do most of my sourcing through the platform but can toggle between Entelo and LinkedIn. I like to leverage the Entelo Chrome extension so I can go straight to Entelo via a tab on the Linkedin UI. Entelo is less effective if you are not going to be actively souring candidates.
February 05, 2018

Telling on Entelo

Christine Alling | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Entelo to find the email address and contact candidates who seem viable for my open jobs. Unlike LInkedIn Recruiter, Entelo lets you contact people directly, not through a platform and they find current e-mail addresses. They enable me to create templates with attachments to send to candidates and also recommend when the best time to send the e-mail would be.
  • Finding e-mail addresses of candidates quickly.
  • Determines the best time for me to send my e-mail.
  • Making it easy to send e-mails by letting me save templates.
  • Letting me see who I've already contacted.
  • I think that Entelo needs a stronger "reach" when it comes to Indeed resumes. I find it very hard to contact Indeed candidates.
  • If I've scheduled a future e-mail to be sent, I would like Entelo to indicate that they're contacted, even if the contact is pending.
  • Letting me take back an e-mail that will be sent would be nice.
  • Letting me know if I'm sending multiple emails.
Very well suited for sourcing for candidates who get a lot of contacts through LInkedIn and who are professional, like developers and more seasoned professionals. Not as suitable for junior candidates who don't have a huge social media presence because they don't have a lot of e-mails out there to be found.
Andy Lutz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
About half of our recruiting team of 15 people uses Entelo for our sourcing and prospecting needs. It helps us uncover talent for specific roles that we may not be able to find otherwise. It is particularly helpful for more technical roles, especially engineering and dev roles. It's another repository of information in terms of who has reached out, and when. The data isn't always updated, but we can usually work around that.
  • Great search functionality and lots of different criteria to filter with
  • The Sonar feature is helpful for passive sourcing and always starting your day with 5 (ideally) qualified candidates
  • It's great when the specific filters work well (e.g. More Likely to Move, Diversity, etc.)
  • The reporting functionalities and charts are helpful to know which kind of messaging is working
  • Lots of old data and outdated profiles
  • Not a very intuitive UI - the product's peripheries and its overall design could use a lot of work
  • Not easy to track who's been reached out to from each list
Entelo is a great place to start for someone in a sourcing role on a recruiting team. It would be helpful for anyone diving into a new role where they need to build a candidate pipeline, AND they have very specific parameters to filter down to, in order to seek the ideal candidate. It's not as good as LinkedIn for business-focused roles, we've found. This is because a lot of engineers don't tend to be as receptive in InMail as they are to receiving an email right to their inbox.
Ed Zetusky | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently, Entelo is only being used by me. Until recently I was the only recruiter on the team, but our coordinator was recently promoted to recruiter. Entelo allows you to source, find contact information, email candidates, one-click integration with your ATS, and measure email campaigns all from one platform. This allows me to me much more efficient and effective since I'm able to manage the pipeline and engage with candidates while tracking the effectiveness of my messaging from one source.
  • Email Tracking. You are able to track your open rates, click-thru rates, and reply rates of your email campaigns. This allows you to a/b test different subject lines and bodies of emails to see what really works.
  • Find personal email addresses. Of all the tools that I use Entelo has the highest success rate of finding personal email addresses of candidates. I would say they hit on about 70-80% of the candidates I want to contact and that number increases for tech talent.
  • Entelo pulls from many different data sources across the web to create an Entelo profile of the candidate. You are able to source all these different sources from one platform.
  • You can filter out candidates that are already on one of your Lists (think Projects on LInkedIn Recruiter), previously contacted, previously viewed, founders, and recruiters which is great so you aren't running through the same candidates over and over again. They also have many of the other normal filters likes company, education, company size, etc.
  • They recently launched a new product, Envoy. Entelo Envoy uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically find, nurture and deliver interested job candidates directly to the email inboxes of recruiters.
  • All the profile information isn't up to date and you always need to click through to their profile links (LinkedIn, GitHub, Angel List, etc.)
  • It doesn't do a great job of pulling profiles from Facebook as you are better off sourcing directly from Facebook.
  • If would be great if they could provide email reporting for the time of day to test the best time of day to email candidates so you can a/b test. Also, it would be great if you could provide response rate by List so you can see out of the 'x' number of candidates on a list, 'y' number of candidates responded. If a candidate doesn't respond to my initial outreach I send multiple follow-up emails so it would good to see how many candidates on my List respond to me. If I were to do that now it would be a very manual process and take too much time.
  • They don't have drip/automated email campaign capabilities. It would be great when I send that initial email to a candidate to have the ability to scheudle follow-up emails based. For example, if the candidate doesn't respond to my initial email within 2 days send follow up email 1, if they don't respond to that email within 2 days send follow-up 2, etc.
If you are focused on sourcing any type of talent but especially digital and tech talent then I would recommend using Entelo. If you are more high volume recruiting and you leverage career fairs, job boards, etc. then I wouldn't recommend Entelo.
Tosh Giles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Entelo to search for, contact, and track interactions with candidates. The ability to directly email candidates using templates and auto followups has been very useful. I use this as my primary search tool, and verify data against LinkedIn as a secondary source.
  • Entelo has emails on file for most technical candidates, and can quickly find new or alternative emails for candidates. Sometimes this takes a few days, but it usually only takes a matter of minutes or seconds.
  • The ability to track my searches and emails send it very helpful, but more so is the ability to see who's read and clicked through on my emails. The new tracking dashboard are even easier to use and read.
  • Customer support is extremely responsive. Usually within seconds, I can reach someone if I have a question or concern.
  • Candidate profile information (job titles, current company, etc) can be a bit dated and require a verification with LinkedIn.
  • The new Reports page is still needing some work. The stats are very clear and can't be fully interacted with, in that some stats, such as Emails Sent, do not explain whether that's a complete number or a mix of first and follow up.
  • From a candidate's profile, I cannot click on an email in the Activity field to see which address I sent their last reach out to. If I want to know which email I already used that they did not open, I have to go through several additional steps to find which email I already used so that I can try an alternative one.
If only for the ability to have automatic followup messages sent, this tool is very helpful. Add in the ability to find correct email addresses, send and track emails... this tool is very useful. My Entelo response rate is almost double my LinkedIn message response rate.
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