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Beamery and Fuel50.

Talent Intelligence Tools Overview

What Are Talent Intelligence Tools?

Talent Intelligence tools centralize and analyze talent data to inform HR decisions, particularly recruiting and hiring decisions. Talent intelligence tools heavily emphasize artificial intelligence mechanisms to proactively surface talent insights. These AI-based platforms quickly “learn” how to personalize and optimize intelligence to fit the business’s specific talent and recruiting needs. These tools are most often utilized by large or global organizations, where where cultural differences, language barriers, and other factors make talent data challenging to manually handle. Talent intelligence enables micro-level talent insights at scale for these enterprises.

Talent intelligence solutions leverage centralized talent data to automate many insights, pattern recognition, and reporting that is necessary to inform talent decisions. Internally, talent intelligence helps identify gaps in talent pools and candidate pipelines to help organizations preemptively fill gaps. TI tools can also automatically filter and shortlist candidates based on objective criteria. This level of automation can also operationalize DEI standards in early-stage recruitment processes.

Improved access to talent intelligence has a range of impacts on recruiting, talent management, and HR. For instance, a more informed hiring process can save costs from more efficient recruiting and improved long term retention. Talent intelligence can also give insights into the organization’s existing talent pool, and individual’s satisfaction, flight risk, and other talent metrics. These tools can also help mitigate recruitment bias by automatically filtering out biasing information early in the process. They can also track internal inclusion sentiment to inform internal DEI efforts.

Talent Intelligence vs. Talent Management

Talent intelligence tools integrate heavily with talent management systems. However, there are key distinctions between the two technologies. Talent intelligence focuses on analyzing talent data and serving actionable insights to HR specialists, recruiters, and managers. These personnel then perform talent management processes within talent management solutions based on those insights. Talent management systems support actual activities and planning structures, while talent intelligence is just an analytics function.

Talent management also handles some amount of data analysis and reporting, but the scope varies dramatically. Talent intelligence tools focus on micro-level, individual talent data. In contrast, talent management products utilize aggregate or macro-level data to make multi-person or organization decisions. Talent Intelligence is more focused on informing decisions around specific individuals, roles, or needs.

Talent Intelligence Tools Comparison

When comparing different talent intelligence tools, consider these factors:

  • Recruiting Intelligence vs. Internal Talent Intelligence: Many talent intelligence solutions focus heavily on recruiting intelligence. However, some also provide more robust intelligence around internal talent, such as employee sentiment, inclusion data, and other talent metrics. Consider whether the organization also has a heavy need for internal talent intelligence in addition to recruiting intel.

  • Competitive Intelligence: Some vendors also pull in industry benchmarks, competitor employee data, and other external datapoints. This data can provide additional insights for talent managers, but are not yet universally supported by TI tools.

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Talent Intelligence Products

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Hiretual is a recruiting platform that aims to help you find and engage the right people 10x faster. According to the vendor, customers use Hiretual to source across 30+ platforms and 700M professional profiles, quickly gather contact information and hire efficiently with team…


Lattice is employee performance management software for mid-sized companies, offered by a San Fransisco-based startup of the same name. It includes four modules: Reviews, Goals (objectives and key results, or OKR), Feedback, and Check-ins (weekly one-to-one meetings). Early customers…

Eightfold AI

eightfold.ai's talent intelligence platform is powered by the largest global talent data set to unleash the full potential of the total workforce – employees, candidates, contractors, and citizens. According to the vendor, Talent Intelligence Platform (TIP) is the first AI-powered…


SeekOut headquartered in Bellevue offers their AI-powered recruitment analytics and talent search software to help with candidate search and sourcing, candidate engagement, public source talent pool management, and diversity hiring.


Beamery headquartered in London offers the Beamery Talent Operating System, an applicant / candidate tracking and recruiting CRM with a range of features designed to support action to recruit desired level of talent.

Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) Platform

The Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) Platform, from Phenom People in Ambler is a cloud-deployed applicant tracking and recruiting platform with built-in talent analytics, manager tools, and employee retention features as well. Phenom’s TXM platform provides companies with…

WonScore Pre-Employment Testing (formerly Wonderlic Employee & Customer Surveys)

Wonderlic headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois offers their WonScore Pre-Employment Testing platform to predict on-the-job success of a job candidate, before the interview takes place. WonScore is used to assess cognitive ability, personality, and motivation to determine the…


Fuel50 is an AI-powered opportunity marketplace that aims to deliver internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling.With personalized AI and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Fuel50 is designed to mobilize talent. Fuel50’s ethical AI matches people to opportunities in real-…


RippleMatch is a campus recruiting solution for full-time positions and internships that allows college student applicants to upload their resumes, and then uses algorithms to match candidates to roles, based on employer requirements. For employers, the vendor's value proposition…


Ascendify, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their talent recruitment system, featuring ATS, referral system, onboarding guidance and pulse surveys, talent matching, career website, and other features.


Humantelligence headquartered in Miami Beach is a culture analytics platform providing tools for determining the right fit between applicants and corporate culture, and for measuring the current workforce culture as it exists.


Jumpstart is a recruiting platform that helps talent acquisition teams hire diverse or early-career talent.


365Talents is an AI talent intelligence tool for human resource management and recommendations.


Aptology is a talent intelligence platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Behavior Psychology to help companies build successful organizations through data-driven decisions that drive predictable performance. The company's mission is to change the way…


Brilent is a talent intelligence platform to help recruiters automatically identify the right candidates for their organization.


Censia is a talent intelligence applicant tracking system that helps people make data-driven hiring decisions. Its features includ:Ideal Candidate Model: AI models talent based on deep similarity scoring across multiple aspects of a candidate's profile, allowing you to replicate…

Economic Modeling Specialists Intl: emsi

Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) provides high-quality employment data and economic analysis via web tools and custom reports. We also produce comprehensive impact analyses for colleges and universities in the US and internationally. EMSI started conducting economic impact…


Fetcher is an AI-powered talent intelligence platform designed to automate the sourcing and recruitment process.


Headway is a talent intelligence platform blending AI & Behavioral Science to help with the enterprise talent acquisition, talent management, and development.

Hello Astra

Hello Astra

Starting Price $19

Hello Astra is a talent intelligence and management platform that helps companies with acquisition of a qualified workforce.


HiredScore is a talent intelligence platform that integrates data science and machine learning to help organizations with the acquisition of qualified hires. Based in New York, United States, HiredScore was launched in 2012 by Athena Karp.


HiringSolved is a talent intelligence platform that uses describes itself as the “Google for talent”. The software helps businesses find the right people to hire by combining data from many sources, including resumes, web sites, social profiles, forum posts, and contact information,…

HORSEFLY Analytics

HORSEFLY analytics software is a talent intelligence, talent mapping & talent planning software tool providing real-time candidate insights using big data and artificial intelligence. Source candidate data and intelligence on supply & demand, gender and experience levels, graduation,…


Ideal is a talent intelligence system that enhances HR software to help teams make more accurate, efficient, and fair talent decisions. By leveraging propriety artificial intelligence technology, Ideal analyzes data across the entire employee lifecycle. With this technology, Ideal…

LaborIQ by ThinkWhy

LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy is a talent intelligence platform that provides talent acquisition professionals with data-driven solutions to grow their teams. LaborIQ’s employment reporting and forecasts, talent supply and demand, compensation benchmarking, and custom reporting tools deliver…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is talent intelligence?

Talent intelligence takes internal and external talent data and uses AI to surface actionable insights for HR personnel and managers.

Who uses talent intelligence tools?

Talent intelligence tools are most commonly used by large organizations with complex workforces and talent pipelines.

What are the benefits of talent intelligence tools?

Talent intelligence tools improve the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting and internal talent management for large organizations, reducing turnover and saving costs.