QuickBooks Desktop Premier is an installed version of QuickBooks for general business, contractors, manufacturing and warehouse accounting, as well as nonprofits, professional services, and retail. NOT for attorney client escrow account managementI am a solo self-employed attorney running my own law practice. My accountant recommended I switch from Quicken to QuickBooks. I had been using Quicken since 1993. I also need my accounting software to organize the accounts for 4 nonprofits that I run, and all my various personal & business accounts.,Invoicing Accounts receivable Tax prep,Law practice escrow account management Bank account mangement Bank account reconciliation,3,Cost/lost me time to configure, learn, and manage. Cost/lost me money.,,WordPerfect Office, Google Voice, Google Drive, MailChimp,1,1,Tax preparation,None,None,1,Yes,Price Product Features Third-party Reviews,Discuss use with other similar practitioners.QuickBooks Premier 2018 is the wave of the future in accounting!We use Quickbooks Premier (2018 version) primarily for A/P, A/R, and payroll functions within our small marketing company. This program solves invoicing and vendor payment issues as well as making payroll simple and nearly seamless. We do also file state and federal tax forms within B for ease of reporting and data collection. The many reports available make financial statement analysis simple.,Data entry and compilation are seamless and easy with QB Premier 2018. Invoicing is smooth and statements can now be sent including a "PAST DUE" stamp. Financial statements are easy to combine and draw information directly out to provide for company owners, banks, and investors. The ability to move screens over and out to more monitors is amazing!,I would like to see the multi window controls improved to include icons rather than the left sidebar menu. Inventory control could be improved some although I do not use it much in this position I have had opportunities in the past that would have been a bit more simple had the function been more user-friendly. I am still learning some of the new functions in this version but overall I think QB does a great job of minimizing the stress in my job as an accounting manager.,10,QB Premier has streamlined many previously manual entry accounting processes within our company effectively saving time and money! QB Premier has saved my company several thousand dollars each year in man hours it would take for manual entry and adjustment of our books.,,Microsoft Office 365, Norton Internet Security, McAfee,3,1,Payroll - my employees appreciate the accuracy and speed with which I am able to get their payroll completed each payperiod. Invoicing - my customers appreciate the clarity and accuracy with which i am able to provide them detailed information regarding their purchase. Payables - My vendors appreciate the detail they are given in receiving their payments for products or services provided.,We use QuickBooks premier to closely manage employee pay and raises. New functionality in 2018 includes payroll wage change reporting.,In the future we plan to incorporate a fully functional virtual inventory using QB,10Good value for the money. You get what you pay for !We use QuickBooks as a writeup software for our business tax practice as well as for our business management practice.,Easy to use Ability to Import Bank and Vendor Information Run Payroll Easily,Speed of software opening Pricing Structure/Discounts for accountants should be increased as we refer clients,9,Increased profits due to speed of book keeping via imports from banks Better reporting to clients Ability of staff to move between clients quickly and have mulitple clients open at once,,,25% to 50% of my clients,8,3,Music Clients Entertainers Athletes,10,Vendor implemented,1,1,7,1If you want the best for your BPO business, you need QuickBooks!This software is used by the entire organization and it helps us a lot in the overall bookkeeping process for our clients. It makes financial generation easy and quick which make work more efficient.,Remote Access Capability- This feature of QB is essential for us since we target the markets of Hawaii and Australia and our Operations Team is in the Philippines. Easier reconciliation of bank type accounts - The interface provides us, bookkeepers, with a list of transactions which we can modify (if recorded wrong) on the spot. It also makes it easier to track unrecorded bank transactions for the given period. Import of IIF and Excel files - It makes recording numerous transactions faster and more accurate than recording each entry one at a time. It improves our effectiveness and efficiency as bookkeepers.,Recognition of duplicate vendor and customer name.,10,Increased Employee Efficiency Better Client Service Increased Global Market Coverage and Competitiveness,Sage 50 Accounting,Xero,10,All my clients,45,,Internal accounting of the company. Accounting/Bookkeeping Service operations Help in management decisions,None so far,Liquidating expenses for political candidates during election. Given that we get hired by a political candidate.,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I might refer to third party reviews and analyst reports and select the accounting system with the most positive feedback.,Implemented in-house,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,User's lack of knowledge and experience of the accounting system.,9,8,Yes,None so far,Bank Reconiliation Creating Invoices and Applying Payments Generating Financial Reports,None,10Quickbooks, easy for small business to use..We used QuickBooks to create invoices and to track sales for our small business. Since we were a smal business we didn't have a lot of money to spend on hiring accountants and it was important to keep track of everything.,Easy to learn Easy to use Creates professional looking invoices,Would like to see easier functionality for invoice templates.,8,Made it easier to create and send invoices to customers Easy to track sales Easy to keep everything in one location and backed up,,8Non-profits will benefit, subject to a few workaroundsI use this product to do the accounting for five different non-profit entities and one for profit entity.,Intuitive interface. The many add-on products available (from Intuit and third parties) allows for customization and flexibility. Price provides functionality at a good value.,I would like to see the ability to record more than one account receivable account and/or account payable account in the same transaction. I would like to see more non-profit specific functionality, such as the ability to account for housing allowances within payroll. Another piece of non-profit functionality I would like to see would be the ability to create and e-mail donor statements with my organization's comments and the necessary IRS disclosures.,8,This is the only product I have used.,1,1,Well known platform Accepted within the industry Cost effective,More integration with third party payment systems and donor management systems.,10,7Quickbooks Supporter for Small BusinessWe use QuickBooks for most of our offsite client accounting. When a client wants to process in house, we recommend the QuickBooks Premier program. In house, we use QuickBooks Premier for our own company data. Monthly accounting in house for clients are done on Intuit EasyAcct for multiple general ledger and payroll processing.The ease of use and understanding by all firm personnel make QuickBooks a preferred choice for clients.,Ease of use and understanding. Drop down tabs for various functions. Reports tab, Employee tab for payroll processing, Banking tab for check writing or register, etc. Ability to make changes on the go without much difficulty. Can go back indefinitely for comparison reports, etc.,Check voiding from previous periods. Should be able to tell the system what period to void the check in. This is a function available in Peachtree. When making changes to prior periods, a warning should popup to ask Are you sure? This could avoid random changes made by mistake. More explanation to the user as to the cash vs accrual function of the program.,10,Mainly used for overall firm management and discussions between partners. Program ease of use and ability for detail reports improve response time.,,10,25% to 50% of my clients,4,3,Payroll Processing Tax basis accounting with monthly bank reconciliations to ensure accuracy of data by the client. Regulatory filings such as payroll reports and sales tax .,cash flow analysis for seasonal business comparison reports of financial data for growth expectations,expanded client growth in house payroll processing for small clients, etc.,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,would probably not change anything,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,none really,10,No,9,No,I am a QuickBooks pro-advisor member so have a quicker access to help when needed,check writing payroll processing report generation bank reconciliations,advanced payroll setup - i.e.401k, sick days, vacation accrual, etc.,No,9,9,9QB Premier Manufacturing EditionManaged all financial transactions, except payroll, but including inventory, for a small manufacturer with multiple, global distribution channels. We used QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing edition from 2007 through November 2013, before upgrading to the Enterprise edition.,Although there are reporting limitations, producing basic reports from QuickBooks is very simple and fast. Fairly easy to use and to learn for entering basic transactions. Integrates with many software offerings (CRM,, etc.).,File stability suffers with increased size and complexity of data file. Best for very small companies with limited inventory. Add-ons (such as payroll or credit card processing) would be convenient, but are over-priced compared to outside offerings. Limitation: Works well only as an accounting system. Does not work well as a CRM, ERP, asset manager, supply chain manager, etc.,5,None: There are several choices in accounting systems at this price point. We chose a popular one with online support and integration options.,MYOB,1,Change management was minimalQuickBooks FriendlyIt is used to manage client accounts firm wide.,Double entry Adjusting entries Financial Statements,Payroll items Online improvement Training,8,Meet goals Set goals Manage cost centers,Crystal Reports,8,50% to 75% of my clients,10,5,Payroll Bank reconciliations Financial statements Planning Benchmarking,Comparative financials Budgets Goal setting Employee evaluations,Inventory management Conversion from other programs Employee reviews and evaluations Cost accounting,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor,Research reviews of other products available online, use a trial period and ask other practitioners which programs they are using and would recommend.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Conversion from other product Training Old school partners,8,No,7,Yes,When I forgot the password to a data file and support walked me through the resetting password process.Quickbooks 2015QuickBooks is being used for all accounting functions.,Keeping receipts and disbursement a organized Accounts payable Tracking receivables,Better handling of nsf checks Inventory,9,Better service,,8,76% to 99% of clients,1,1,Tracking receivables Tracking expenses,It is also used as a customer contact data base.,Quickbooks can also be used to track employee time. You can then bill the time without leaving the program,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would not change anything.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,We needed to conform our receivables management to Quickbooks flow. Vendor information needed to entered customer information needed to entered,8,Self-taught,Accounting professionals should have no trouble using and understanding the software. There are many courses and books out there for those who do have problems with the software.,9,The configuration is a key element of the software. I would recommend customizing the report basis, year end closing date, accounting preference prior to using the program. The chart of accounts can be easily edited along with the item list. This also should be done prior to using the program and continuously monitored after you begin use age.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,The configuration is a key element of the software. I would recommend customizing the report basis, year end closing date, accounting preference prior to using the program. The chart of accounts can be easily edited along with the item list. This also should be done prior to using the program and continuously monitored after you begin use age.,Yes,8,No,My installation was corrupted the agent stayed on the phone with me for 4 hours to fix it.,Recording checks and deposits are simple and can be used by someone without an accounting background. Accountant's copy makes data integration between practitioners and clients easy. Printing checks easier than ever Comprehensive reports are great management tools,Inventory functions are not the best. It is very difficult to trace errors or to correct them once found in the reports. Many reports are not flexible. Too many steps to customize a report.,Yes, but I don't use it,8,8,9,8,File import/export,7,7,Yes,Better handling of nsf checks,No,NoQuickBooks does not do monthly closingsI use the Accountants edition to work with QuickBooks files sent to me by my clients.,Mostly easy for non accountants to enter the raw data,Printing of reports can become confusing for non accountants. I prefer a monthly closing. Frequently a client will enter something for a previous month, a closed month, or sometimes the date is just entered incorrectly and the item goes to that date and is difficult to find.,5,Necessary expense,,1,Don't do it at all,1,1,To review and process client files sent to me by the client.,na,na,9,No,Product Usability,Implemented in-house,No,Lack of monthly closings,2,No,2,No,no,Entering checks,Lack of monthly closings,3Simlpest way to get a new business up and running.Quickbooks is the easiest and most simple way to get a new business up and running. We have grown the company to 50+ employees and approximately 200 active contractors a year and have found the package to grow nicely with us.,Eventually, Quickbooks won't scale, but we will likely reach at least 100 employees and multiple business locations in different countries before we switch to a more enterprise wide system.,Compared to managed services, which can often run $100K+ per year, we are receiving exceptional value for less than $5K a year in managing and administering Quickbooks,10,10,2,1,All accounting and finance functions, including payroll, fixed assets, and other accounting areas.,No,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,It was a snap to learn - extremely intuitive.,Yes,8,10,Quickbase (also from Intuit),No,,No special termsUnspecified
QuickBooks Desktop Premier
255 Ratings
Score 8.1 out of 101
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QuickBooks Desktop Premier Reviews

QuickBooks Desktop Premier
255 Ratings
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Score 8.1 out of 101

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Because we have been extremely happy with the product and our organization tends to be creatures of habit. We rarely leave a product that works this well for the latest and greatest. Typically we follow the "if it's not broken, don't fix it rule". While QB does make changes we typically just roll with it. If we do find something we don't like we work through it until we fully understand its functionality.
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April 29, 2015

QuickBooks Friendly

Score 8 out of 10
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QuickBooks Premier is the best product for our needs and is user friendly for our clients.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Pay calculation (40)
Benefit plan administration (20)
Direct deposit files (31)
Salary revision and increment management (27)
Reimbursement management (25)
API for custom integration (14)
Plug-ins (19)
Single sign-on capability (38)
Role-based user permissions (38)
Dashboards (41)
Standard reports (48)
Custom reports (47)
Accounts payable (50)
Accounts receivable (51)
Cash management (48)
Bank reconciliation (51)
Expense management (49)
Time tracking (25)
Fixed asset management (34)
Multi-currency support (17)
Multi-division support (30)
Regulations compliance (16)
Electronic tax filing (24)
Self-service portal (14)
Global Financial Support (2)
Primary and Secondary Ledgers (4)
Intercompany Accounting (6)
Localizations (1)
Journals and Reconciliations (10)
Enterprise Accounting (4)
Configurable Accounting (6)
Centralized Rules Framework (3)
Standardized Processes (4)
Inventory tracking (31)
Automatic reordering (13)
Location management (19)
Manufacturing module (15)
Pricing (27)
Order entry (28)
Credit card processing (25)
Cost of goods sold (30)
Order Orchestration (1)
End-to-end order visibility (2)

About QuickBooks Desktop Premier

Quickbooks Desktop Premier is the on-premise version of Quickbooks designed for various industries. It features core accounting capabilities, including general ledger, double-bookkeeping, and reporting. It also includes invoice status tracking, contractor management, and time and inventory tracking. Premier in particular is designed to enable industry-specific tasks for general contractors and organizations in manufacturing and wholesale, nonprofits, service, and retail sectors, as well as servicing general business needs.

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