Unifyed Student - Verify Pricing Overview


What is Unifyed Student - Verify?

Unifyed Verify identity management helps institutions provide their students, faculty and staff with secure, single-sign-on to the key applications that they need to learn and work. It also enables the campus community to self-sufficiently reset their passwords. Single Sign…


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For the latest information on pricing, visit https://www.unifyed.com/highered-identity-access-management#pricing

Users - Up to 100 Single Sign-On Unlimited Applications Unlimited ApplicationsUnlimited Applications Federated Authentication (3rd Party IDP) Smart Insights Self-Service Password Reset using Challenge Questions, Email and Google Authenticator Self-Service Password Reset using YubiKey and SMS Self-Service Password Reset using FaceID and TouchID Password Manager Smart Insights Password Expiration Notifications Passwordless Authentication Adaptive Authentication using Challenge Questions, Email and Google Authenticator Adaptive Authentication Smart Insights First Time Users Self Registration/Onboarding First Time Users Welcome Letter using Email and SMS First Time Users Reporting Account Provisioning (Source of Truth to Target Applications) iPaaS Smart Insights Mobile App for Single Sign-On Mobile App for Password Reset using TouchID and FaceID

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