Abobe Connect - Simple, yet powerful!
February 01, 2014

Abobe Connect - Simple, yet powerful!

Michael Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
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7.3, 8.2, 9.0

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Overall Satisfaction

Adobe Connect has been a main focus of our organization, and a main business offering for the last 5 years. It has been used in many aspects of our business from simple internal meetings to the main focus for clients in general sessions at major events. For us, the main business problem it addressed was our need for a platform to offer our clients that offered an easy to use software that could be used to host collaborative meetings around the world.
  • Collaboration - It doesn't portray itself as a high-definition video platform. Most times it is accessed with webcams. But a strong focus has always been on its collaborative nature. Allowing for a wide range of materials to be shared with other viewers, it can be used for information collection as well as distribution with input coming from any user.
  • Communication - With a large portion of businesses looking to hold larger meetings allowing a greater portion of their employee base to take part in a meeting that might have once been local, or required people to be flown in, it provides a simpler means to gather information from many locations all at once - globally.
  • Cost - Many businesses are looking to cut costs from their events, and Adobe Connect is an ideal platform to help the bottom line. With one installation, you have now a perfect place for meetings to be held around the world without the costs of hotel rooms, conference areas, food and travel. Your users don't even have to get dressed if they don't want to. information is passed on with only a click into a meeting room.
  • High Definition - It seems that no matter where you look, modern cameras are capable of capturing high definition video footage. Adobe needs to think about finding a way to upgrade the video quality and consistency that is viewable by the audience. There is the "least common denominator" factor to consider, but that is quickly rising, allowing better video opportunities.
  • HTML5 - As technology advances, so should Adobe. HTML5 offers the potential to hold meetings on any device despite its platform.
  • Flash - Quickly on its way out. It was one of the most proliferative installations on everyone's computer and in its time was stupendous. But it is quickly becoming dated. With the advent of HTML5, flash is quickly not becoming needed in order to have cross-platform content happen. With a strong push by Adobe, this could quickly become a reality for Connect.
  • Flexibility - Every client's needs are different. When you are faced with a meeting that is as simple as slide sharing with audio, or as complex as a major general session with breakout rooms and the ability to view and interact on a wide range of devices, Connect has you covered.
  • Ease-Of-Use - With a simple interface that is easy to learn as well as easy to teach, it offers anyone with a wide variety of technological experience the ability to hold a meeting any time or anywhere.
  • Bottom Line - The gear required to actually host Adobe Connect can be as simple as a laptop or an iPad. You most likely already have everything you need to host a meeting at your home with very little setup required.
  • GoToMeeting,WebEx Meetings
Features and ease-of-use. Once you have used Adobe's platform with its ability to put any type of content in to the platform and have it be reflected exactly to any viewer, you know you have a winner.
We loved the product so much, we have purchased several licenses of our own to host on our own. This offered up the ability to let OUR clients enjoy the benefits of this platform and to continue to offer this service to them. The technology is easy to set up and I wouldn't go any other way.
If you are looking for a High-Definition platform to have multiple locations connect with video as a sole focus of your meeting, then perhaps Adobe Connect is not for you. Video, at the moment, is still low resolution. But that is not its strength - collaboration is. Sharing slides, pictures, audio files, video files, PDF documents, even flash files with the ability to notate on them, take polls, have Q&A, this is what Adobe Connect offers as its focus.