AT Internet: more than a simple web analytics tool
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April 11, 2019

AT Internet: more than a simple web analytics tool

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Overall Satisfaction with AT Internet

AT Internet is our web analytics tool. We use it on a daily basis in order to monitor digital KPIs. Every data-oriented department is using it. To be more specific 4 departments (Marketing, PR, Finance, and Data science) are gathering data in different ways. We are using a large panel of the tools: dashboard, analyzer/explorer, and data query.
  • Funnel analysis in Analyzer NX
  • Data query
  • Reporting & Dashboard
  • Main dimensions in the Analyzer NX: Trafic, Pages, Sources, Ad, Technique, and Ergonomy
  • The mobile device is something natural nowadays. As well as desktop users. Reports need to be up to date and automatically include those dimensions, without having to segment the data.
  • Even though funnel analysis is one of its strengths, I think that adding more steps can be more comfortable.
  • Adding more dimensions like the mobile internet connection (3G or 4G) is something I'm looking forward to.
  • Having the ability the create dashboards or reports & compare it with a flexible period is crucial. Eg. YTD vs. Y-1, MTD vs. M-1, MoM vs. Y-1/M-1, any given period that I choose vs. any other given period that I choose.
  • Better heatmap & clickmap analysis.
  • Video/session recording.
  • Label completion: in a funnel, there can be several steps & in those steps there can be labels. We already have a completion rate by steps, it will be useful to have a completion rate by labels within a step.
  • Strong increases in the completion rate of our online forms.
  • Bridge with 3rd party tools that enables us to push deeper in our analysis & make the right data-driven decisions. Eg. A/B testing tool.
  • Building data-driven reports thanks to an easy to use API.
Google Analytics: a good alternative. It's free to use, but consistently sampling the data was not a long run option. Plus, funnels are important in our business, AT Internet simply outran Google Analytics. Finally, Google Analytics Premium is out of range due to its pricing. GDPR compliance has also ruled out GA. Hotjar: interesting option by the diversity of the functionalities available. But diversity means less expertise. Crazy Egg is a tool that is used alongside AT Internet. Heatmap/Click map/Session recording, mouse movement, eye tracking or even mouse inactivity have room for improvement for AT. We have no choice other than subscribing to other tools to satisfy our needs. AB Tasty & Kameleoon: they are testing tools. If I have to compare the stat functionalities, AB Testing tools provide insights that are not in AT & vice versa. Google Search Console: due to Google not providing keywords anymore, we have to use GSC for everything related to SEO. I think that building a bridge or developing an API will be useful. We don't check anything related to SEO granular KPIs in AT.
Well suited for medium-size companies. In my opinion, companies that are looking for a tool without sampling problems, that can deliver fast reports and doesn't cost 100k€ per year, then AT Internet is appropriate. The support answers quickly and human customer success managers can take over. Another strong point for AT Internet is there GDPR compliance. It is less appropriate for small businesses that are not digitally mature, have no budget, or have other strong options in the market. At the moment (2019), AT Internet doesn't provide a strong heat/click map. So if you are looking for that kind of insight, you'll be disappointed by the result.