Avira protects
May 14, 2019

Avira protects

Aura Munguia Cepeda | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Avira Antivirus

For many years, I have used Avira antivirus, both on my personal laptop and on my mobile phone. I started to use it because before I was not careful with the websites I visited and despite having another antivirus (AVG), from time to time I had to ask my boyfriend or a friend to help me clean my laptop, and even in several times I had to reinstall everything from 0, since I lost data or I got infected with viruses that did not allow me to enter files and folders. One day, browsing a forum and looking for an antivirus that was good and free (at that time I thought that paying for an antivirus was not a good idea) I found AVIRA. It had very good references, was light and did not take much RAM. The truth is that since I started it I have never used another antivirus and never again lost files due to a virus, even now I have a paid version that is much better than the free version and I also recommend it to my colleagues. I work every time someone arrives with a new laptop.


  • It is lightweight and does not occupy so many elements of the system, so it can be installed on almost any computer, even I have it on my old desktop and it works very smoothly.
  • It has protection against dialer, rootkit, phishing, spyware, viruses, Trojans and all the threats that there are.
  • It is very simple to use, since it is almost all configured and when it detects some suspicious or malicious element it asks you what you want to do with it.
  • Your updates are constant, so you are always protected against the latest dangers that appear.


  • For the use that I currently give to my laptop it works very well, but it can fail if your way of surfing the web is careful and you dedicate yourself to visit infected forums, download files from any part, or use bad programs.
  • the main thing is that for some time now my PC has not been infected with any virus, and I have not lost any more information, so I have all the documents and presentations ready to do my classes.
AVG (not this version) I tried it before arriving at Avira, but I had the problems of constant infections and that while analyzing the hard disk my laptop was getting slow, something that never happened to m before. I even used Avira on an older PC and it has worked well and runs very well, that's why I stayed with Avira and set aside all other antivirus.
Avira works great if you're an average user (videos on YouTube, check FB, watch some forums, watch some movies online, play online). For more demanding users, who are dedicated to using more dangerous forums, download files from any side and do not analyze them before opening them, spend hours looking for crack programs, or connect any device to your PC (pendrive, HD) without reviewing them, it may work most of the time, but in the end it will have a flaw and allow some viruses to enter, since its protection system seems not to be as robust as other antivirus products.


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