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"Brandwatch. A first-rate enterprise monitoring application"
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Updated April 29, 2015

"Brandwatch. A first-rate enterprise monitoring application"

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Overall Satisfaction with Brandwatch

We implement monitoring solutions for leading consumer brands. We provide managed solutions providing data at a top management level, but making sure that important indications filter down. Brandwatch monitoring provides us with critical marketing intelligence including performance indicators, threats, concerns, opportunities and competitor benchmarks. Monitoring allows clients to intercept and evaluate the conversations regarding their brand. It provides key information for improving brand sentiment, share of voice, customer service and a host of other issues.
  • Groups similar mentions to assist in competitive / marketing intelligence.
  • Social media management. Extend the network of content management.
  • Customer service. Allows teamwork on outstanding issues. Mentions can be assigned to individual users.
  • Facilitates calculation of ROI from marketing campaigns.
  • Sector wide listening. Provides a company with key industry benchmarks.
  • A Mobile version would be exceptional.
  • Brandwatch has consistently provided me with high level strategic intelligence than can make a critical difference in marketing ROI of my business and that of my clients. Just knowing which campaigns work best is an example.
  • topsy,tweetonomy,trackur,radian6,socialbakers
Of the software we evaluated Brandwatch gave us the best quality results and freedom of configuration. Better job of recovering past mentions. It has a more comprehensive choice of Boolean operators, giving complete control over search criteria. R6 is limited to basic operators. Brandwatch comes with the ability to set up own categories, rules, free out of the box. The others have it as an add on or don't do it. Socialbakers is not really a good comparison as it has a different usage set. They could be complimentary.
3 - - Strategic analyst: Project lead, strategic analysis. Guides the implementation of the project. Provides marketing indications.
-Junior analyst: Creation of queries, day to day management, fine tuning, reporting.
- Social media expert: channel management. Takes action on the results of the mentions. Intervenes in conversations where necessary. Liaisons with clients if they are managing the conversations.
This is where Brandwatch excels: Full language coverage, easily configurable, comprehensive choice of Boolean operators, realtime and historic results, categories and rules.
Brandwatch has an elevated capacity for workflow and content management. It offers a wide range of channel monitoring. Data graphs and charts can be easily exported. Data is easily aggregated, filtered and segmented.
Results in non English may require more attentive control.
Brandwatch is appropriate in any context where there is a relatively high volume of open conversations. Important to ask information about the (advanced) query settings that can make all the difference to the quality of your results.

Brandwatch Implementation

Brandwatch Support

Friendly helpful customer service. They have been helpful in resolving my issues, and following up on my progress. They are good listeners combined with strong development capacity capable of implementing suggestions and improvements.

Using Brandwatch

Great clean user interface. Uncluttered Intuitive and simple. It guides you through the set up of all of the elements that you need to successfully monitor your brand.
It's easy to customise. You can make multiple personalised dashboards.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
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  • Query tool
  • Alerts
  • Report scheduler