A dream for data geeks but lacking functionality for social customer care and publishing.
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July 01, 2015

A dream for data geeks but lacking functionality for social customer care and publishing.

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Overall Satisfaction with Crimson Hexagon ForSight

As we're an outsourcing company we've been using Crimson Hexagon to provide market intelligence allowing us to open doors with potential new clients. We currently use it for a client to help them expand their reach to individuals who are victims of fraud and may need advice. We find people to contact on Twitter and then signpost them to the client's service. Currently it's only being used by sales and marketing, as well as the customer service teams in our contact centres.
  • Crimson is really good at performing complex boolean searches to bring back conversations about a particular topic.
  • Its reports are quick and easy to understand as well as being visually appealing.
  • Its ability to train examples into categories by giving it best match examples allows you to analyse a lot of data quite quickly.
  • I've noticed that when running off reports to PowerPoint presentations, the software sometimes glitches and doesn't include every element that you initially included.
  • Its quite complicated to get to grips with the advanced features such as training opinion monitors.
  • It would be great if Crimson could geolocate by IP rather than location setting on Twitter.
  • It has helped us to open doors with potential clients by offering them insightful data about their brand, social strategy or social customer service.
  • Whilst I'm happy with the product I do believe it to be very costly in comparison to other social monitoring tools.
  • We've found it difficult to resell due to our client base being primarily made up of charities and smaller organisations with a small budget.
2 - I am a digital marketer and the other individual using it is a team leader for one of our contact centres.
Crimson Hexagon excels at source coverage, social platforms and data accuracy. It does however fall down on it's ability to monitor real time data. Whilst it is possible to set up a live stream it's real time monitoring is lacking. As a market research tool this doesn't matter but if you are hoping to use it to enhance your real time social media coverage, you'll be disappointed.
Crimson doesn't offer response or engagement within Crimson. They have created a widget for Hootsuite but it's a shame that you have to use another tool to be able to respond. Obviously you can click straight through from each post to Twitter but it would be good if it offered all in one functionality.
When it comes to data Crimson excels. It's easy to dive in deep and the dashboard is fairly intuitive. It can be a little comlicated to get your head around the topic training but the buzz monitor is very good at giving a quick snapshot at sentiment and topic analysic. I really like the topic waves tool which automatically categorises conversation into topic groups as it gives you a good idea of what the conversation is about.
The questions I would ask is how big is your brand or client? If you have high volumes of conversation around your brand or sector then this could well be the product for you.

If you are a smaller entity I'd suggest looking elsewhere as it's not very good at dealing with low volume conversation.