My TrustRadius rating and review of Control-M
June 09, 2016

My TrustRadius rating and review of Control-M

Theo Reynolds | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Control-M

Control-M is used by the production control department to run many department's batch jobs. I can and will only address how I use Control-M. What business problems does it address? Addresses no business problems, but supports business needs.
  • Easy to set up basic batch schedule needs.
  • Production Control has integrated x-Matters with Control-M so when a job fails x-Matters now sends out a notification, which is quite timely, versus Production Control manually calling on-call staff.
  • From my usage Control-M is quite stable; that is, up and running.
  • Control-M documentation needs to include examples with screen snapshots when describing a particular scenario. What is the saying? "A picture is worth a thousand words." Also these snapshots are very useful for users (like myself) that only have view authorization for production Control-M job definitions and that do not create job definitions in development environment. Thus, unable to see all possible setting options and BMC documentation may describe these options but may not have a screen snapshot. For example, ON-Do Conditions.
  • For a Control-M Enterprise Manager need to provide a better way to Load Folders and Jobs. Currently click on 'Planning', 'Load Folders and Jobs', scroll down to find parent folder, click on parent folder, select which job definitions you want to see, and then (look all the way to the bottom right corner) to click on 'Open'. Now if I decide I want to see a job definition I did not include I have to open another tab by clicking on '+' and scroll down to find parent folder, etc. Of course, one can click on the check box to the left of parent folder to see "all" the job definitions, but what if I do not want to see "all" the job definitions?
  • Need better search capabilities. For instance search for all 'cyclic' job definitions in this parent folder. Find job whose Order Id is xxxxx.
  • Need a better way for scheduling a job instead of having a job definition for each scheduling occurrence. Why can there not be one job definition that shows for Mon.-Fri. The In-Conditions are this and for Sat. and Sun. The In-Conditions are this? Thus, the 'Prerequisites' and 'Actions' tabs may need to be subset of 'Scheduling' tab.
  • Positive impact: Processes our batch jobs.
  • The integration with x-Matters has tremendously reduced the notification time when a job fails. Very helpful when multiple application batches are running at same time.
Since I have only used Control-M for the last 19 years I have not used any other similar products during this time.

Control-M Feature Ratings

Multi-platform scheduling
Central monitoring
Alerts and notifications
Analysis and visualization
Application integration