Will save you a lot of headache for migrating records, even for Professional Edition companies.
March 04, 2014

Will save you a lot of headache for migrating records, even for Professional Edition companies.

Jerel Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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December 2013

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  • Import - Insert/Upsert/Update

Overall Satisfaction

I prefer using Dataloader.io than the dataloader that Salesforce provides. It is much more intuitive and is functional for Professional Edition. As the Salesforce administrator, I am the only one who uses Dataloader.io. Importing into non-standard fields and custom fields are easier with Dataloader.io. I find it amusing that I am importing into a cloud solution using another cloud solution.
  • I had compatibility issues with Salesforce's dataloader and it just wouldn't execute for our Professional Edition. I believe this was a API access issue. Dataloader.io worked.
  • I requested access to non-standard fields, and I was able to identify those fields and update records very easily with Dataloader.io.
  • I wasn't able to import batches due to not having API access, but I was still able to import less than 200 records.
  • When I imported a file and it failed for any reason, Dataloader.io notified me and kept the file in a history for me to re-execute anytime. I could fix the problem on our production side and run the import again without having to remap.
  • I actually really enjoy the features Dataloader.io offers as a sole user with limited needs. I see a lot of bells and whistles, like the getting files from an FTP site or Dropbox, so I can't really expect or recommend any improvements.
  • Faster migration and updating of records.
  • Excel Connector,Salesforce dataloader
I was researching for primary tools to update and migrate records. It came down to Excel Connector, Salesforce's dataloader, Salesforce's core functionality itself, or Dataloader.io. Dataloader.io ended up being my last option to test, and it would have been nice if it was my first, but I need to understand the limitations of the other options. During the time I really needed to do a massive migration, Dataloader.io was the only real comfortable options I saw from my search results and had very positive reviews. Other products may end up being too risky.
If my organization was larger and required a Salesforce admin to work around the clock for updating/inserting/updating/migrating data, Dataloader.io would be my pick in a heart beat.
If a company has Professional Edition, Dataloader.io is really the only way to go. I would still recommended it for Enterprise and Unlimited users because Sales platform's import/export functionality is lackluster and sometimes you needs to update a large set of records instead. Most importantly, Dataloader.io was my lifesaver when I needed to migrate between Leads and Contacts. I wasn't able to use Salesforce's dataloader or the Excel Connector, which was absurd.