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Egnyte Review: "Cloud Storage the Easy Way"
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December 06, 2017

Egnyte Review: "Cloud Storage the Easy Way"

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Overall Satisfaction with Egnyte

We use Egnyte as a company-wide storage solution. Since we also use Salesforce as our CRM platform, Egnyte's seamless integration with our sales pipeline was a major selling point. With Egnyte we are able to add, delete, move, or reference files that are related to specific cases on the fly without having to visit a separate URL or standalone software. Currently, every new user gets an Egnyte license when they sign on.
  • Salesforce integration is seamless and extremely beginner friendly.
  • Egnyte goes through all of the proper measures to be fully compliant in an extremely tight regulatory industry.
  • Affordability is a major factor when you are buying licenses for a ton of employees, Egnyte checks this box.
  • Egnyte occasionally desyncs with Salesforce without warning, when it does it requires a convoluted series of steps to troubleshoot. It's easy after the first time, but it can be a major issue when your pipeline is built around the integration.
  • Egnyte support is all offshore in my experience, they rarely match up with you time wise and typically skip straight to screen sharing to troubleshoot. Many users aren't comfortable screen sharing as a first resort.
  • The browser-based Egnyte solution is sluggish and has some UI quirks that turn most of the users off in the office.
  • Egnyte simplifies our sales pipeline which has had a marked effect on efficiency.
  • Egnyte made the process of getting HIPPA certified easy since they are buttoned up extremely well.
Egnyte has significantly more structure out of the box than Google Drive or Dropbox. While Google Drive is much cheaper, and Dropbox has more potential in the right hands; Egnyte just works immediately in an enterprise situation. There are other enterprise level solutions, like Box, that serve a similar goal, but Egnyte was the one we found to be the easiest to use.
Egnyte is great if you want a simple solution for Salesforce integration, it also works well as a general cloud storage service; but not spectacularly. Very little sets Egnyte aside as "Special" but it is extremely affordable and it gets the job done. I wouldn't recommend Egnyte to anyone if they are looking for solid customer support. But if you are a mostly autonomous user, it's a solid investment.

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