Easy to configure and use 2 Step Verification
February 07, 2019

Easy to configure and use 2 Step Verification

Ravinder Gupta | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Google Authenticator

We are using Google Authenticator for 2SV (Two Step Verification) for internal application login pages. This way, we are preventing any hacker throttling our applications and overloading it, thereby making it hard to use for real users. This is being used for our current client only for a particular system transformation project we are working on.

Google Authenticator uses TOTP (time-based OTP) and HOTP (HMAC based OTP) algorithms. The product is very reliable and easy to implement.
  • Easy implementation: The product is very easy to implement both from embedding it into the application and from end users using it via their smartphones.
  • You can use Google Authenticator to manage multiple two-factor authentication keys.
  • Easy to add keys options: You can scan a QR code to set up 2FA in Google Authenticator. You can also do a manual entry using the unique key provided by the application you are setting up 2FA for.
  • I once performed a factory reset of my smartphone which had Google Authenticator. I didn't have a backup for the device. When I restored my phone with the same google account, I was not able to restore the authenticator app settings. I had to add all the keys back into the app to use it. This is cumbersome, but I understand it is set up this way for security reasons.
  • I don't like the ease with which it lets you delete a key. If I accidentally delete a key, I am doomed to get my 2FA key reset, unless I still have the QR code saved somewhere.
  • It was easy and quick to implement, this reduced our overall expected time to go live.
  • It prevents our applications from non-authenticated user hogging on the network traffic and prevents other security attacks.
Authy multi-factor authentication app that uses similar TOTP and HOTP algorithms. The reason we chose Google Authenticator over Authy was product reputation and ease of implementation.
Google Authenticator is cost effective and easy to configure. It is a reliable two-factor authentication device. It also lets you chose between TOTP and HOTP by turning on/off the time-based feature.

Evaluating Google Authenticator and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
Vendor reputation was one of the key reason besides product features and usability why we chose Google Authenticator over other products we evaluated.
I would like to work with the vendor and set up some KT sessions on embedding support for the app in our applications. Our development team faced some challenges while setting it up.

Using Google Authenticator

I have not faced any technical challenge personally using this application. It's very lightweight and doesn't require many system resources on your mobile device.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Adding a 2FA using QR Code or manual key.
  • I also loved the ease with which we were able to implement it across our applications. There are plenty of helpful materials available online to get you started and help you debug any issues.
  • I don't find the UI very impressive. It's black and white :)
Yes - Google Authenticator works both on Android and Apple devices. It's super easy to install and start using.