HRSmart -yes, it really is a smart solution
February 24, 2014

HRSmart -yes, it really is a smart solution

Scott Olsen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We deployed HRSmart primarily for use by the recruiting team staff members as our core ATS. When a manager from another department was comfortable with utilizing the technology in the hiring process, we would process that recruit using the HRSmart solution as our conduit for communications through the selection process. HRSmart was the companies first introduction to managing recruiting through an ATS solution.


  • HRSmart offered a streamlined and clean user interface. I truly appreciated the fact that the application offered the functionality that I needed and I never felt like I was only using 10% of it's capability - that's an annoyance of mine.
  • HRSmart offered a very efficient manner in which to manage my candidate pool for any position I was trying to fill. Changing the applicants status was easy.
  • I appreciated how HRSmart placed candidates into distinct "buckets" based on my actions. At any time it was easy to see how many candidates I had in various stages of the pipeline.
  • Being able to forward resumes directly from the interface to the hiring manager (along with my notes and comments) was efficient. Managers appreciated how the resumes were formatted and the fact that there was a consistent manner in how candidate information was presented to them.


  • I typically have at least one or two items about any given thing that I can say, "Gee, I wish this were different, this is really frustrating...", but honestly speaking, with regards to my use of HRSmart, I've got nothing. It really did perform exactly the way I needed it to. I don't want to pretend that it was perfect, but nothing really stands out in terms of recommendations for improvement.
  • Absolutely improved our candidate managemenr capability. Before we simply had three piles of resumes on our desk for each position (yes, no, and not yet reviewed). HRSmart changed all of that.
  • Our cost per hire was positively affected. We were hiring at a high volume and this soltion facilitated us doing that very efficiently.
  • Our ability to share candidates across open positions turned out to be a huge plus.
  • Not having to copy or scan resumes and send them via interoffice mail was HUGE in terms of efficiency gain.
  • HRSmart made it easier for candidates to apply for openings and that increased our applicant flow for open/posted positions. This translates into better hires in the end.
Bottom line is thIs: HR Smart offered a solution that did exactly what I needed. No other vendor even came close. The others thought, wrongly, that more=better.
I tend to stick with what works.
I felt like HRSmart was particulalry well-suited for the single location (or regional location) business needing an ATS. That would describe our business at the time I was shopping for an ATS and chose HRSmart. ALL of the other solutions were proud about the multi-location, multi-state, international capability, but that did not fit our need whatsoever. We demo'd 4 different ATS solutions, with 4 of us playing in the sandbox of each one. At the conclusion of that exercise, we each independently came back with HRSmart as our first choice. It made our selection decision pretty easy. Never regretted it later.


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