Indeed Increases our DE&I at a low cost
December 02, 2021

Indeed Increases our DE&I at a low cost

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Overall Satisfaction with Indeed Hiring Platform

Indeed assists our company with recruitment efforts, particularly for our more entry-level positions or positions that don't require a specialized degree, rather a good set of skills and maybe some career experience. We typically use Indeed to recruit and hire about 3 positions at a time on average. I enjoy that we can see analytics of our hiring and recruitment patterns. It assists us in making sure our posts are targeting the correct people and helps us figure out who we hired that was a good fit and what their skills were so we can tailor our hiring efforts to people who will perform the best in the role.
  • Analytics
  • Reaching a Broad audience
  • Hiring timeline and process outlined for us clearly
  • User friendly
  • Indeed flags some postings as jobs that need to be sponsored for reasons that don't seem to make sense to us.
  • Location-based candidates are not flagged by Indeed, so sometimes I get flooded with candidates who are looking for remote work or work outside of our operating capacity when the posting clearly says local only-I think Indeed should work to improve which candidates see our posts. If we are in New England and say we want a local person, a person living in California shouldn't be seeing the posting unless they are willing to relocate quickly.
  • I wish Indeed was working on its internal branding so that it comes across as a place for professionals to seek jobs, not just entry-level or medium skills-based workers. Would love to also be able to use it for our engineering jobs, but those candidates don't use Indeed as they have the impressions that [are] not where you find those types of professional, highly-skilled, job opportunities.
  • Helped us increase time to hire by using analytics to assist in our hiring process
  • cost per hire can decrease especially if your job posting is one that can be in the free category. Even if not, Indeed usually allows us to hire within 2 weeks as the traffic is large.
  • Hard to integrate with our overall HR system. I do have to manually add each candidate who applies through Indeed to our internal HR system for applications and tracking candidates as there is not an easy way to integrate. Currently, we use another tracking system for all candidates, we find when applying from our company website it helps to get a link to our HR system for an application instead of Indeed. It helps us maintain a professional and trustworthy presence. We even have Indeed redirect candidates to this system, but if they [quickly] apply on Indeed they don't get the redirect and we have to manually add in the resume from Indeed into our system.
Indeed is the best for finding entry-level candidates or candidates for jobs that don't require advanced degrees. The amount of candidates that use Indeed to look for these types of jobs is overwhelmingly amazing. Indeed is the most user-friendly platform for recruitment and hiring, and cost-effective if you are a small business, the HR department of 1, or just starting with using this kind of software.

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We have been able to improve our hiring process because we can now see the analytics of our hiring process. We can see when candidates have been in limbo because there is a clear view of the [number] of days the job has been open but also the last date the candidate was moved into a different stage in the process. We also enjoy the fact that we can see our traffic on job postings. If we have traffic but not many applications we know we need to change the meat of the posting to better get candidates to apply. We also know if we see low traffic that maybe we need to broaden our location, salary, or minimum requirements. These adjustments help us to turn around [slowly] to fill roles and get people hired quicker.
Indeed has shown us a larger candidate pool of non-traditional talent which has been great for our overall diversity. We see candidates who have switched careers, taken breaks from working, or have different educational and skills backgrounds than what we typically see. Overall, this helps our company DE&I as we see and hire more candidates from backgrounds other than the three colleges we typically recruit from. Indeed also has a reputation for being the best place for candidates to search for jobs if they have non-traditional backgrounds in experience or education which means that we tap into a market we don't see on other hiring platforms. With this increased candidate pool we still see high-quality candidates come through our hiring process as many people are skilled workers and fit for our roles but might not have the traditional background on paper, which can make those candidates hesitant to use other hiring platforms for their job search, due to just the external image those platforms put out into the world.
Indeed is wonderful for HR professionals who are recruiting for jobs that require medium to little skill level and jobs where entry-level candidates are a good fit for the role. When looking to hire for more advanced roles Indeed will function properly but I have found that candidates at that level don't use Indeed for job searching so we miss a large pool of candidates and typically turn to other recruiting software for those positions. Indeed is relatively cost-effective and user-friendly and can get a large audience of candidates to see your job posting. Indeed also allows for some tracking of the hiring process and has analytics that can be helpful for spotting flaws in our hiring or recruitment process. Indeed truly works great, and would be an asset for small businesses and jobs that most of the general public would qualify for. If searching for candidates with advanced degrees or skills I would potentially look elsewhere as the brand doesn't attract those types of candidates, they just don't think job postings of that sort will be found on Indeed and they are typically correct.

Using Indeed Hiring Platform

2 - Human Resources/Recruiting and Talent Management departments are the users of Indeed Hiring. We also have logins for one of our Finance co-workers who uses the platform just to download invoices. One thing I would like to see on Indeed is the ability for HR to give out "recruiter" logins to the hiring manager of the respective departments. I would like those managers to be able to see candidates for their applicable job postings or edit the posting description, but they shouldn't have the functionality to edit postings for other departments or add a new posting/change the budget for a posting.
1 - We have one recruiter who uses Indeed Hiring on an on-going basis. Indeed hiring is super user friendly, so while they are a skilled recruiter, there are no special skills needed to use Indeed hiring and get a lot out of the platform. As long as you can write a job posting, you can use Indeed easily.
  • Hiring
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Analytics
  • Analyze job postings and descriptions
  • Review our salary expectations to other postings to see if they are aligned with the market
  • Review our time to hire and timeline of the hiring process to see where there is room for improvement
  • Add managers of departments to share the recruitment load
  • Automate rejections and requests for interviews
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews
I see no platform out there that provides what Indeed does in terms of the sheer number of candidates and visibility our job postings get. We see our time to hire improve because we get quality candidates quickly. Our DE&I has improved overall from using Indeed hiring, due to the platforms external image of being suited for those types of candidates. Those candidates use Indeed more than other platforms and we want to keep tapping into underutilized talent pools.