Card Management System

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Marqeta, Card@Once, and Datacard CardWizard.

Card Management System Overview

What are Card Management Systems?

Card management systems are financial systems that create and manage physical and digital credit cards. Features include issuing payment cards as well as managing the data associated with them.

Businesses can use card management systems to issue virtual cards or physical cards, replacing the need for reimbursement reports. By connecting these to expense management software, accounting teams can track work-related expenses, reimburse employees, and generate reports necessary for tax season. This means less time spent on gathering receipts and managing paperwork. Business owners can also restrict the type of purchases made.

Card management systems are great financial tools that simplify payment processing, and they can be used as part of an employee benefits package or award program. One of the most useful features to businesses is the ability to offer employees virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit cards (VCCs) give businesses a faster, more secure way to pay for things online. VCCs have a unique number and employers can set spending limits. Employees often need to make company related purchases. They're quick and safe, allowing employees to pay for things right from their desktop or mobile devices. They're also easier for finance teams to manage, helping them to reduce financial risk and avoid reimbursements and expense claims. Access to company funds is simple with no need for plastic cards and making it easy to track expenses and get work done.

Card management services can also extend into Banking as a Service (BaaS) features. Issuing lines of credit requires specific licensing by law. However, businesses can outsource BaaS services to banking institutions and offer their customers lines of credit. Embedding financial services into their product line can allow companies to offer convenience and speed to customers. Businesses can enhance the customer journey by offering membership perks to their customers for their credit usage. An example of this might be a bookstore that offers a branded credit card that earns points on every book purchase. Options like these help businesses leverage customer buying power and extend profits.

This financial technology should not be confused with programs for creating membership cards, access cards, or gift cards. For instance, visitor management software can offer options for issuing cards. In this case, the software is used to create passcards, “backstage” passes, or ID cards for visitors entering secure locations and events. However, this is not the same technology that businesses use to issue credit or debit cards.

Card Management System Features

System features are heavily dependent on the card issuer’s requirements, but many include:

  • Generate debit, credit, or prepaid cards

  • Issue virtual credit cards (VCCs)

  • Financial reports and analytics

  • Set spending limits and disable lost cards

  • Card information database

  • Card management number

  • Mobile commerce

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Templates, custom card design and personalization options

  • Card ordering, inventory, and duplication

  • Integration with accounting systems

  • Compliance with security regulations and privacy standards

  • Banking as a Service (BaaS)

  • Data encryption via HSM

  • EMV chip card issuing

  • Chip data personalization

  • Card detail maintenance customer service

  • Lost and stolen card processing

Card Management System Comparison

When comparing systems, consider these factors:

  1. Security: Any system should comply with security standards as well as privacy regulations. Check for features that will allow you to limit spending and disable lost or stolen cards. Will you need to issue physical plastic cards with EMV smart chips, or virtual credit cards (VCCs) that can be issued quickly and used online?
  2. Banking as a Service (BaaS): Do you need Banking as a Service (BaaS) features to extend sales reach and meet customer demand? If so, be sure that critical banking services are included so customers can efficiently manage their funds.
  3. Expense Management: If you need to manage employee travel expenses and streamline expense reports, check which solutions integrate with your current accounting system.

You’ll also want to evaluate the ease of setup and access to training, consultative services, and technical support. Make sure the ease of integration and deployment options are a good fit for your business.

Pricing Information

Card management systems are usually priced per card per month in blocks. Most card issuance systems start at $29-149/month, depending on the level of service and the number of cards (virtual or physical) issued. Some companies offer free trials. Other solutions are add-ons to financial management programs. While vendors don’t typically disclose pricing information, custom pricing is available for larger organizations and enterprises.

Card Management Products

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Stripe is a payment gateway software solution which supports a range of payment related needs such as subscription management and recurrent billing via Stripe Billing, integration with third party payment services via the Stripe Connect API, assistance starting an Internet business…


CPI Card Group headquartered in Littleton offers Card@Once, a card issuance application.


Marqeta headquartered in Oakland offers a wide range of card issuance and payment card solutions for enterprise. Marqeta provides the infrastructure and tools for building configurable payment cards, and with its open API platform Marqeta is designed to allow developers to manage…

Datacard Adaptive Issuance

Entrust Datacard offers the Datacard Adaptive Issuance card issuance software suite.

PayStorm Issuing

TAS Group delivers advanced software solutions for digital payments, cards and financial markets. Their offices span 8 countries, and manage financial transactions worldwide. They strive to simplify the way private enterprise, public sector, commercial and central banks interact…

ACI Issuing

ACI Issuing is an issuing platform for all payment types, from ACI Worldwide. From physical and virtual cards to emerging alternative payments and tokens, the solution helps deliver a customer experience boasting security, flexible cloud-ready technology and multi-language, multi-…

Entrust Instant Financial Card Issuance Software

Entrust Instant Financial Card Issuance Software is a solution designed to enable financial institutions to instantly issue beautiful and secure debit and credit cards with the enhanced design, management, and efficiency, through a trusted software solutions.

FSS Card Management Suite

FSS (Financial Software & Services) headquartered in Chennai offers the FSS Card Management Suite, providing financial card lifecycle management from pre- to post- card issuance.

Fiserv Chip Card Advantage

Fiserv's Chip Card Advantage offers a what is designed as a fully integrated, compliant, cost-effective path to EMV debit and credit card issuance, EMV processing and ATM EMV acceptance.

NBS SmartSys

NBS Technologies supports instant card issuance with SmartSys, a machine control application supporting instant generation of personalized credit cards.

NBS Xpressi

NBS Technologies offers Xpressi instant card issuance software application.

CR2 BankWorld Cards

CR2 provide banks with Digital, Self-Service and Payments solutions to grow their business, optimise their customer service cost and deliver an enhanced customer experience. Headquartered in Ireland, they state they support over 100 banks in 60 countries in connecting and engage…


CLAI PAYMENTS Technologies has supported the supply of payment solutions for more than 28 years. They offer solutions in payment platforms for financial and retail companies, taking care of the entire transactional process, cryptographic security, back-office administration, retail…


Expensemate is presented as a hassle-free way to manage business expenses, from the Rix Group. The service includes smart expense cards and expense management software helps businesses revolutionise how they think about and handle finance in the workplace.


Pleo, headquartered in Copenhagen, offers smart company cards that enable employees to buy the things they need for work, all while keeping a company's finance director in control of spending.

Nium Global Financial Services Platform

Nium is a financial services platform from the company of the same name in Singapore, that aims to enable companies around the world to unlock new revenue opportunities and improve cash flow economics. Nium's modular platform allows banks, payment providers, travel companies, and…

Advapay Macrobank Digital Core Banking

Macrobank - is a Digital Core Banking platform that enables fintech companies, digital banks and e-money institutions to launch their businesses. The platform delivers banking functionalities, including: A multi-functional back-office, consisting of 10 modules (IBAN generation…

HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) Software

HID Global offers the HID TRISM Financial Instant Issuance (Fii) card issuance software application.

Fiserv Instant Issue Advantage

Fiserv's Instant Issue Advantage and Instant Issue Advantage: Equipment allows financial institutions to offer fast, in-branch personalization and issuance of permanent debit, credit, ATM, EMV chip, gift and photo cards.

Matica Instant Issuance

Matica, headquartered in Zug develops, manufactures and markets mid-range & desktop solutions for ID card personalization & mailing systems. Matica Instant Issuance is a card issuance solution for on-demand financial cards.

Datacard CardWizard

Entrust Datacard offers the CardWizard card issuance application for credit card generation.

MagTek headquartered in Seal Beach offers, a cloud-based card issuance software platform for financial institutions.

SAP Card Management

SAP Card Management is a solution that enables users to manage credit, debit, loyalty, and all other kind of cards and related processes – including authorization, clearing and settling, and integration – as a card management application from SAP. The vendor states the user can accomplish…

HPS PowerCARD-Issuer

HPS, headquartered in Casablanca, is a payment software company providing electronic payment solutions for financial institutions, processors and national switches around the world. Their platform boasts usage by more than 400 issuers, acquirers and national switches, to process…

Galileo Instant

Galileo Instant, from Galileo Financial Technologies headquartered in Salt Lake City, offers what they present as a fast and simple way for businesses–including non-fintechs and startups–to create branded debit card and digital banking experiences for customers and employees. The…

Frequently Asked Questions

What do card management systems do?

Businesses and financial institutions use card management systems to manage payment card orders, inventory, and card replacement. They can issue, personalize, and customize cards as needed, including virtual, debit, credit, or prepaid. This kind of system should comply with security standards and privacy regulations while providing options for deactivating stolen cards or setting spending limits.

What are the benefits of using card management systems?

Card management systems simplify card payment processing, track expenses, control spending, and generate reports. Companies can issue virtual or physical payment cards to award employee bonuses and track business expenses. Banks can automatically issue ready-to-use debit and credit cards, reducing delivery costs and fraud risks.

How much do card management systems cost?

Card management systems are usually priced per card per month, depending on the level of service you need. Most small-business packages begin at $29-$149/month. Most vendors do not provide pricing information, but custom pricing is available for enterprises.