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Trimble Agriculture ag suite, Farmbrite, Agrivi, AgriWebb, Leaf Agriculture, P2PAgri and AgVend.

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Farmbrite in Colorado offers a suite of farm, ranch, and livestock management business applications.


ruumi enables farmers to restore and maintain soil heath on livestock pasture. This means more productive farms with reduced inputs and lower emissions. To enable farmers to restore soil health, ruumi provides technology, know-how, and finance. Technology: the grazing app and soil…


Petrichor supports food companies and agribusinesses so they can make better decisions about when to buy, when to sell, and how to manage risk for their ingredient supply chains. They offer connected software and services for the business functions associated with the physical and…


FarmERP is a farm management system platform, developed to ready a wide range of entities and stakeholders for the future. By leveraging technology, FarmERP helps businesses form elements of strategies around farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data…

GAtec CRM Agro

CRM Agro, from GAtec headquartered in Piracicaba, Brazil, is a customer relationship management (CRM) software platform for agriculture businesses.

CRM Agrícola

CRM Agrícola is a customer relationship management software solution for agricultural businesses, from Infogen headquartered in Chapecó, Santa Catarina.

Wolters Kluwer HANNIBAL

Wolters Kluwer offers the HANNIBAL suite of agriculture business management applications.

Growers. RALLY

Growers.RALLY™ is a solution that connects ag retailers with their growers. It combines the most important farm planning and sales engagement features into a single product. The platform aims to help build powerful customer relationships and offer robust planning and selling features.…

PickApp Farming Solution

For labor-intensive farm managers, who need to monitor their farm activity, PickApp is a data-driven labor-management and decision-support system for productivity optimization and quality assurance. Unlike manual data-entry applications, PickApp’s scan-to-report solution enforces…


Tenacious Systems group of companies, headquartered in New York, delivers farmsoft business management solutions for fresh produce packers, wholesalers, and farmers.


AgriXP is a Field Logbook and farming weather software tool from the small company of the same name in Ottawa, presented as a zero-training platform designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data. Available in English and French.

DTN Agriculture Intelligence Data

DTN has supported farmers and agribusinesses, delivering news, market updates, and weather intelligence. Their agricultural intelligence data helps farms and agribusinesses of all sizes grow and be more profitable. DTN matches agronomic, weather, grain marketing, ag policy, and farm-…

Farm Matters

Farm Matters is a developer and supplier of farm management software for cattle, sheep, crops, NVZ and medicines, headquartered in Morpeth.


Cropolis headquartered in Pittsburgh connects farmers and their local communities to support a tastier, more sustainable world. With technology, Cropolis aims to provide communities with the best local food options. The platform is designed to increase the availability and ease-of-…


EasyKeeper, from the company of the same name in Reno, combines Internet technologies with years of goat husbandry experience to create a new generation of herd management systems. Designed by goat breeders for goat breeders, EasyKeeper Herd Manager aims to revolutionize how milk,…


FarmLogs headquartered in Ann Arbor offers technology designed to simplify farming. The solution aims to give the user timely, unbiased information to improve yield, eliminate waste, and maximize the profitability of every acre.


Livestocker is a livestock / animal farm management software platform from AnimalSoft headquartered in Budapest.


OERCA is an aquarium, zoo and wildlife management/research application designed to be mobile and simplify the process of collecting and analyzing complex data. This web-based application is tailored for the specialized needs of aquariums and zoos; and boasts an extensive suite of…


Agworld is a collaborative farming solution that enables growers, crop consultants, farm staff, precision specialists and operation managers to truly work as one, from the company of the same name in Windsor, Colorado.


fieldmargin, a software solution from the company in London, brings mapping, issue tracking, field work, inputs and reporting into one place. It aims to put up-to-the-minute farm information at the user's fingertips, whether in the field, in the cab, at a desk or on the sofa. Users…

Climate FieldView

FieldView Plus, from the Climate Corporation, provides data integration and analysis for a deeper understanding of the user's farm and business. With FieldView Plus, users get yield analysis, field region reports, field health imagery, manual seed scripts and fertility scripts.

Harvest Profit

Harvest Profit headquartered in Fargo helps farmers make more profitable farm finance and risk management decisions. They offer a unique software package that combines farm P&L tracking, a what/if analysis package, a grain marketing plan builder, and ongoing farm business tutorials.…


Process2Wine is a vinyard and winery management software platform, from the ERTUS Group headquartered in France.


Based in California's Salinas Valley, HeavyConnect offers mobile workflows for the farming industry. HeavyConnect aims to simplify operational complexity and regulatory compliance for the agriculture industry by leveraging the burgeoning capabilities of standard mobile devices. The…


iFoodDS is a provider of food supply chain traceability, quality and food safety solutions for growers, shippers, packers, processors, distributors, grocery retailers and foodservice operators. iFoodDS' digital solutions provide analytics and insights for quality process improvements…

Learn More About Agriculture Software

What is Agriculture Software?

Agriculture software provides business management and tracking solutions for agribusinesses. This kind of technology offers a range of agribusiness applications, including irrigation, inventory, crop planning, and equipment maintenance. It helps ranchers, farmers, and growers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and effectively respond to market demands.

The world of agribusiness is constantly evolving. As one of the industries most vulnerable to climate change, agribusinesses face many unique challenges. Farmers and ranchers must be innovative with farming crops and raising animals. They also have a long list of variables that agriculture software manages for their businesses:

  • Pest control

  • Fertilization

  • Irrigation

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Crop rotation

  • Planting/harvest

  • Track farming

  • Location technology (animal management)

  • Weather

  • Disease

  • Geolocation

  • Risk management

  • Loss prevention

  • Food safety protocols

Agriculture software helps agribusinesses manage their operations and resources. This kind of sophisticated technology can provide data-driven insights from farm to table. Agriculture software can also help with accounting and other regular administrative tasks.

Agriculture Software Features

Common features that agriculture software can provide:

  • Crop planning

  • Field and livestock data collection and analysis

  • Precision farming tools for maximizing yields

  • Financial management tools to track expenses and make budgets

  • Compliance and implementation of food regulations

  • Satellite images to monitor environmental conditions such as rainfall or temperature changes

  • Equipment and maintenance tasks

Agriculture Software Comparison

When considering an agriculture software purchase, it’s important to determine what kind of support you need. Some products are designed for specialized tasks, while others offer more comprehensive services. Complex solutions tend to be more expensive, but there are many low-cost and free options. You’ll want to evaluate user-friendliness, setup support, and the necessary equipment.

Pricing Information

Pricing for agriculture software is contingent on the included features. Options exist for a variety of agribusinesses, such as wine, livestock, and cotton. Small operations can make use of free options or lite packages. Paid plans cost between $15/month and $165/month. Some providers offer free trials. The average price for complex operations ranges from $550/year to $1500/year per animal or device (in the case of tracking technology for drones or animals). Most plans for larger operations are not priced publicly, but vendors do provide custom quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does agriculture software do?

Agriculture software provides management and monitoring solutions from seed to sale. It can help agribusinesses achieve total control over land management, livestock management, farm management, aquaculture, and compliance with food safety protocols.

What are the benefits of using agriculture software?

Agriculture software helps growers maximize their time and profits. It also manages maintenance, accounting, inventory, and other administrative tasks.

What are the best agriculture software products?

How much does agriculture software cost?

Small operations can make use of free options or lite packages. Paid plans cost between $15/month and $165/month. Some providers offer free trials. The average price for complex operations ranges from $550/year to $1500/year per animal or device (in tracking technology).