Business Rules Management9Business Rules Management Systems are software used to define and automate the deployment and execution of business rules, policies and requirements to be used in applications when they are acted upon. The BRMS contains a repository for retaining decision logic externally from core application code, a runtime environment to act on the business logic, and an interface allowing the users to define and manage business rules. The related Business Rules Engine executes business rules in a runtime environment.Red Hat Decision Manager (formerly JBoss BRMS)1 Custom Workflow/BPM2 Corticon Business Rules Engine4 Contract Lifecycle Management5 Operational Decision Manager6 Blaze Advisor7 Rules BRM8 Aion9 WebSphere Operational Decision Management (formerly ILOG JRules BRMS)10 Business Rules Manager11 AppWorks13 Platform15 RuleIT16 Platform18 PowerCurve Strategy Management19

Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS)

Business Rules Management Systems Overview

What is Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS)?

A business rules management system (BRMS) is used to develop, store, edit, and execute business rules. Business rules are logical statements that define the behavior and operation of a business. For example,“if a user cancels their subscription, send them an e-mail.” These rules may be written in process documents or embedded in applications. However, this implementation is prone to errors when rules are updated, scaled, or cloned.

A BRMS acts as a central repository for business rules. Decision owners and IT employees can collaborate to develop, version, and edit rules in a single-sourced environment. A BRMS helps businesses automate tasks, improve consistency, and shorten turnaround on policy changes.

BRMS vendors provide tools for developing, tracking, and editing business rules. Often, these tools support both programmers and non-programmers. Vendors also provide an engine to simulate and validate business rules before they are implemented. When business rules are completed, the BRMS deploys the rules to other platforms, allowing users to single-source their rules.

BRMS Features & Capabilities

Most vendors offering BRMS software include:

  • Custom development environments for creating business rules with code

  • Tools to develop business rules without writing code

  • Tools to validate business rules

  • Simulation environments to test new or changed business rules

  • Deployment of business rules to other platforms

  • Lifecycle and ownership management for business rules

  • Flexible hosting options for the platform itself

Pricing Information

Pricing for a BRMS varies and depends heavily on the number of users. Multiple free, open-source BRMS options exist. However, users of these systems rely on community support and are responsible for their own hosting.

Other vendors may offer free trial periods followed by a monthly or yearly subscription. Subscription prices range from $50 per user per month to over $180 per user per month. The subscriptions often include hosting, technical support, training, and software updates.

Business Rules Management Products

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CA Aion Business Rules Expert, from CA Technologies, is a business rules management solution.

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PargonERP is provided by Jonar. Jonar is comprised of a team of designers, developers, and innovators dedicated to finding solutions to help businesses work better. Founded in 1986, Jonar is based in Montreal, Quebec.

The OpenText AppWorks Platform (formerly known as the OpenText Process Suite) supports business process management, case management, master data management, and business rules management capabilities with the ability to quickly build and rapidly deploy business applications to the cloud with a lo...

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InRule Technology in Chicago, Illinois offers business rules management software.

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CNSI headquartered in Rockville offers the RuleIT business rules management engine.

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GalaxE.Solutions headquartered in Somerset offers GxDash, a dependency mapping and business rules management tool for forward engineering of business processes.

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ACTICO Platform combines business rules management and machine learning with automation technology. It is a unified low-code platform that aims to make it easy for users to rapidly implement applications and services and adapt quickly in order to improve market responsiveness.

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Experian offers the PowerCurve Strategy Management business rules engine, designed to link strategy with execution; helping the user recognize early signs of market and customer behavior changes so as to quickly adapt decisioning strategies to avoid negative impacts and take advantage of opportu...