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Score 8 out of 10
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Glassdoor is used by the HR department in order to understand the employee sentiment and get honest feedback about the organization culture, leadership and benefits. It helps us understand our company's brand perception and also what needs to be done in order to improve it to next level. We also use Glassdoor as an alternative platform for posting new job opportunities.
  • It's like a mirror to organizations to how its culture, leadership, practices, and processes are perceived by previous and existing employees.
  • It provides key insights about our company, culture, the average salary for each role, and the interview process to the prospective candidates which helps them understand what to expect.
  • Sponsored campaigns can be run to hire candidates especially when hiring is to be done in less time as people browsing on the Glassdoor platform are the ones actively looking for a change.
  • Glassdoor is an expensive product and price needs to be lower for employers.
  • They have to find a way to stop companies from rigging their ratings by asking their employees to post positive reviews.
  • Also, somehow they need to figure out if the negative review is an attempt to show their frustration by an employee rather than the true picture of the organization.
Glassdoor is well suited if an organization is looking to quickly reach out to the candidates actively looking for a job as most of the visitors on the site are active job seekers. So it can help reduce the total hiring time which can translate into a lot of monetary savings. It's not well suited for smaller companies as the pricing is too high and without a lot of reviews, ratings are not justified.
December 11, 2020

Not a 10, but a solid 8

Tammy Gutierrez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We have used to search for talent to fill technical positions within our organization. We use it as a secondary outlet to advertise for job openings within our company.
  • The website is very user friendly.
  • The former employee reviews help influence prospective employees.
  • Being able to respond to reviews makes it a more attractive resource.
  • Cost.
It works well for larger companies. We are a small business so we do not have a large employee turnover.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use [] to search for job candidates and also to post open positions we have available. It makes the process more streamlined because we can inform people about our organization, collect reviews that help people understand what we're about, and post jobs that reach a wide variety of candidates. We appreciate people being able to learn about our company before they decide to apply for a job with us.
  • Glassdoor is great at providing candidates with information about our company they wouldn't find elsewhere.
  • Glassdoor's website is organized well and has an easy-to-use interface both for job seekers and posters.
  • Glassdoor has excellent crowdsourcing functionality when it comes to company ratings and salary information.
  • The "jobs you may like" section algorithm could use some work - it often shows jobs that are not relevant to the user.
  • It is not very easy to search company reviews based on certain criteria, like EDI.
  • The mobile app is sometimes buggy and slow on Android phones.
[] is well suited for larger, older organizations who have had time to build up a reputation in the market and have lots of employees come and go. This means that job seekers will have a lot more data to peruse when it comes to company reviews, interviews, salaries, etc. simply because there is a larger pool of people to provide such information. If you are a small or new organization, [] might not be helpful for candidates trying to learn more about your company.
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source is used across the company through our recruiting department. It helps do wage and compensation studies with other positions that are comparable at other companies. It makes use review data, see current and past employee comments and satisfaction and shows an over all view of what people in the region feel about the company.
  • Gives the human perspective.
  • Shows benefits, wage, interview questions.
  • Helps show your worth and what your compensation should be comparable to.
  • You cannot see any statistics without an account.
  • There are some other similar websites that are adding more information than which could make those companies sought after more.
  • You have to “unlock” almost everything.
It is well suited for a wide range of compensation and for what to expect if you get the job at a company. I think that companies can abuse and have employees write reviews to make a company seem better than it may actually be which is considered false advertising and has no way of stopping it.
April 22, 2021

A useful tool

Score 6 out of 10
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Glassdoor is a very good tool to find talent for organization and to look for opportunities as an independent professional. It has some interesting tools and their algorithm is very advanced as their personalized e mails with job opportunities you may be missing always hits the point in terms of my interests and the professional skills I want to develop.
As for the company, we have a lot of applicants when we publish jobs on Glassdoor and HR is the area that uses it the most inside the organization.
  • Lots of job posting and opportunities.
  • You get approximated salaries for each available position.
  • Highlights which skills are needed for each position.
  • Annoying e mail notifications, 3 or 4 per day.
  • Bad location targeting. Sometimes I get job offers from other countries.
  • Mobile app not very user friendly.
Glassdoor is useful as a job portal, specifically for more junior entry positions and as you move forward on your career other services may be more useful. Some of the postings you will see on Glassdoor are specific to the site but most are duplicated from LinkedIn and other job portal.
February 08, 2020

Necessary evil?

Score 9 out of 10
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We use to own the reputation of our clients and to sponsor jobs through PPC when necessary. We also have a review response strategy and try to respond to each review. Glassdoor also shows us to advertise on some competitor sites and to programmatically serve display ads to our audience.
  • Owning your company profile and reputation.
  • Programmatic display advertising.
  • Company updates seem to provide little value.
  • Tracking is constantly an issue.
You need to have a healthy budget for employer brand and marketing as profile ownership cost has gone up significantly in the past few years. Would not recommend for smaller businesses as it most likely wouldn’t be cost-effective. PPC is useful, but the campaign setup isn’t as smart as competitors’ offerings. If you need constant optimization, it may be best to use another technology to manage campaigns.
Support is generally excellent, but there can be a fair amount of bureaucracy at times for requests. The support people are very knowledgeable of the platform, but sales seem to regurgitate the same info when trying to negotiate or upsell a client. Technical issues are rare and usually solved quickly.

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What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor in Mill Valley offers their job posting and job search tools, at, providing a platform for job advertising, and employer branding.

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What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor in Mill Valley offers their job posting and job search tools, at, providing a platform for job advertising, and employer branding.

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