Superb Document Management System
Updated December 30, 2019

Superb Document Management System

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Overall Satisfaction with M‑Files

Today M-Files is being used worldwide inside my company to handle files and another similar kind of documents, like control revision, file storage, and workflow for approvals. It is a very important application for Engineering areas, because this area needs to be conforming to many legal compliances.
  • Great workflow.
  • Works with metadata, which makes files easy to be found.
  • It has excellent versioning control.
  • It has integration with other applications, like Office 365.
  • It could have more CAD integrations.
  • Has the possibility to have online revision, inside the application.
  • It could have a better documentation transmitter section.
  • It is a cost-effective application.
  • It is easy to be customized, so less money is required to change the application.
  • It makes the information easy to be shared, but without losing security.
It has been beneficial because it is a goal for our company to have this cross-platform information flow. Today is very productive to have the information among the systems, but not having a manual entry point for each document/file. Today we use the default connectors to share this information, and it solves the aim that it proposes to solve.
This is very useful for many areas inside the company. Most demand areas are Legal and Engineering. It is very important to not lose the intellectual property files, because it affects directly our costumers. Moreover, the security is a must, because losing the information may directly impact the company revenue. All of these features are being used by our company.
Yes, it does. We compared other solutions for compliance, and M-Files reached the level that our company needs. Our company has many certifications that need high-level compliance, like ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ABNT and others. You can easily find this inside the application, without any special (and usually difficult) section.
  • Salesforce.
  • Infor LN.
  • MS Sharepoint.
It wasn't difficult. Salesforce and Sharepoint use the default integration, with some minor changes. The most customized integration was to integrate our ERP, that is Infor LN. We needed to perform customizations, but we use their current API to execute it, with nothing different than a regular integration.
They have closer functions, but in my opinion, M-Files has many more features for document handling. Only GreenDocs has more capabilities related to Engineering, and if your company needs a solution for this area, this would be the best application. M-Files supports more general file handling, ideal for contracts, procedures, and related solutions.
It is best to be used in document management, like quality and internal documents, such as legal and IT purposes. It has several features that help the user to find documents, and the main one is metadata. It is also a good tool to be integrated with your current ERP, because metadata can be used to easily find documents. It is less appropriate to be used fully by an Engineering area, due to missing functions related to file transmitters and other minor issues.

M‑Files Feature Ratings

Using M‑Files

They represent all business lines that we have in the company. Mainly it is used at sales phase and goes until engineering phase. Also we have a filter for each business function, that they can see their related documents, due to security. Also corporate areas are using M-Files to complement information during all process.
It is important to have a good knowledge about metadata, to correctly categorize the documents. Then it is important to have a knowledge about the infomation flow, because M-Files is not a document oriented software. The metadata is most important than the document itself. If we talk about IT skills, it is important to know the integrations with ERP and also CAD systems.
  • Use for general corporate documentation (ISO processes like 9001, 14000, etc)
  • Control of customers and suppliers contracts
  • Metadata thinking instead of document thinking
  • Unify documentation from all organization
  • Integrate metadata with current ERP
  • Integrate with electronic signed document applications
Because M-Files became a important tool inside the company. It supports very well the way that a document should be handle. The idea of using metadata instead of the physical file is too much better than handle folders and files. It has capabilities to create new features that can automate the daily basis usage of users, improving performance.

Evaluating M‑Files and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
It was not my teams decision, but when the company performed a questionaire about what a document control system must have we cleared select some items, like should be a technology enabler but with easy of use application, to reduce training hours. Must be a application that could be used anywhere in the World and the price must be good due to many users that we have in the company.
I think the process was very clear and the selection wasn't a problem. I'm pretty sure that the our organization selected the perfect tool for now and the process was very effective to select the correct application. So, I don't think I would change anything the evaluation and selection process for now.

M‑Files Implementation

The key insight is that the most important thing is to have a open mind. The application is easy to use, but if you have a company with different views and it is not aligned could be a huge problem. So the company transformation is required together with the application. Ensure to use as much as possible the capabilities of the application helps to have best ROI.
Change management was a major issue with the implementation - To implement an application that is not like folder/document style requires a new way of thinking. The organization must follow the new way of thinking, because it is important to use the most what the application offers. We made inside the company a huge change management to achieve the best results. For sure was not easy, but it was important.
  • To left behind the traditional document control sustem
  • The vision of diferrent business lines

M‑Files Support

Usually when I need help from them I got support and it was very good and focused to solve my problem. I didn't have so many problems, but when used it worked. I just would like to have a support in my native language, but I can understand that sometimes is hard for the companies.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
I don't think it is hard question to be answered for a support team, but once I had a doubt how to send data to a supplier inside the application. Then I asked for support and less then 2 hours they send a e-mail with a procedure, and not asking what was my problem. I executed as they said and it worked perfectly.

Using M‑Files

The usage as a metadata instead of document it is a suprtb feature, as we don't need to worry about folder and files, but with the data itself. It is integrated to Windows and to some applications, like MS Office. After the workflow is set, it is easier to follow the step the document is at, so it became transparent to the users.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Use of metadata instead of document
  • Easy to setup fields for metadata
  • Tramittal function could be better
  • The workflow could be easier to implement