Good at what it does.
Updated November 27, 2020

Good at what it does.

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Overall Satisfaction with Matillion

Being used by the financial services department for ETL processes. It does the job of cleaning and transforming our data for internal and external reports.
  • Easy to use GUI.
  • Grid variables and other variables make it reusable.
  • Task history helps us identify issues.
  • Need source control for the ETL scripts.
  • Need to undo features for mistakes.
  • Made our ETL more reliable and easy to maintain compared to running scripts on EC2 and Cronjobs.
It's good at what it does, just wish it had more functionality.
Up and running in 2 months.
Pretty scalable, but needs source control to get to the next level.
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Used EC2 boxes before, Matillion is an obvious upgrade.
Well suited for orchestrating ETL task of mid-level complexity. Lack of source control is a major issue when large teams or high complexity is involved.

Matillion Feature Ratings

Connect to traditional data sources
Connecto to Big Data and NoSQL
Simple transformations
Complex transformations
Data model creation
Not Rated
Metadata management
Business rules and workflow
Not Rated
Testing and debugging
Not Rated
Integration with data quality tools
Not Rated
Integration with MDM tools
Not Rated

Using Matillion

4 - We use Matillion to orchestrate our ETL jobs. It is used by all 4 of our Data Engineers including myself. These ETL processes form the core of our data products. We connect several data sources like AWS S3 and Google Sheets and transfer the transformed data into Snowflake data warehouse.
We dont have dedicated resources for supporting Matillion. The data engineers maintain its instance that we host on an AWS EC2 instance. If needed, we reach out to Matillion support for help, but that is rare and I dont remember having to contact their support in the last 1 year of usage.
  • ETL
  • Job Scheduling
  • Orchestrating Databricks
  • Being able to use APIs to connect databricks was a nice feature
  • If we have new data sources like other cloud providers, Matillion will be useful
Matillion has been a good tool for connecting various data sources and orchestrating jobs and the clean drag and drop UI is useful to visualize data flow. However, there are some limitations like the absence of version control and the ability to test. For this reason, we are considering using DBT for more complex ETL.

Evaluating Matillion and Competitors

Yes - Matillion replaced crontabs that we had on AWS EC2 boxes. The latter served its purpose when we had limited number of python scripts orchestrating AWS jobs using boto library. But as soon as we had more complex requirements that required us to visualize the workflows and to keep a history of jobs, we moved to Matillion.
  • Implementation support
Between these 3 options, Implementation support was the most important, because the other 2 are irrelevant. We did receive some support from Matillion when we were setting it up and wanted it to be hosted on an AWS EC2 instance in our private VPC. Apart from that we havent really used support.
At present there are several competing products to evaluate that we might start with. DBT is one of them that wasnt present when we made the choice to move to Matillion. Airflow is another product we probably should have tried and will probably move to now that it has better support in GCP.

Matillion Support

We havent had to use them a lot, but they have done an excellent job when we did.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Matillion helped us setup our instance into our private VPC for security reasons. Their help was prompt and they guided us through what could have been a complicated and tedious process. Thanks to their support, our instance is now more secure against any possible security breaches. This level of technical support is excellent.