Your Swiss Army Knife for Writing Code
February 01, 2019

Your Swiss Army Knife for Writing Code

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Overall Satisfaction with Notepad++

It's not being used by the organization as whole or the department as a whole but it is used by our developers on a individual basis. It solves problems on a individual level. When we have to manipulate text data and text files or debug code that isn't supported by a IDE we use Notepad++.
  • Text Manipulation - You can easily edit and reorganize large sets of text. It's an amazing text editor.
  • Plug in Support - There are so many plugins. My favorite is the difftool. Takes two files and shows you were the differences are in each one.
  • Multiple Language Support - Supports the syntax for many languages, some that don't have IDE support like Visual Studio. Helps with writing code.
  • Stability - It can be buggy and when it crashes it can often be only remedied by reinstalling it. I've had to do that a number of times.
  • Add-In Quality - It appears that some add-ins aren't up to snuff as the other add-ins are. They too can cause Notepad++ to crash.
  • Appearance - It just appears outdated, not really a big deal.
  • Productivity has increased for developers.
  • It's free so instead of buying a piece of software, you can use this to replace many of them that may only specialize in one thing.
  • It gives our developers confidence knowing they have such a reliable, free tool at their disposal.
Does the same but in my opinion better. It might [be my] preference but the other options are either too technical or not technical enough. Notepad++ seems to tow this perfect balance, at least in my eyes, of being friendly enough for beginners and deep enough for experts. With the addition of plugins and its vast language support it just makes it a good fit, I feel, for most people.
You get a text file and you need add commas in a column, it can do that for you rather easily. Let's say some code behind has changed and you don't have source control. You can take a old version of a file and the new one and use the diff tool to see what changed. That fact that it supports languages like Python and can help debug HTML is a huge help. I can't really name one scenario cause Notepad++ is like a Swiss Army Knife for developers.