Easy to use and effective
February 16, 2019

Easy to use and effective

Lydia Scott | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PowerDMS

PowerDMS houses all of our documents and procedures, as well as training courses and quizzes that help us comply with ISO 13485 standards. It solves our problem of document approvals, revision control, record retention and even verifying training effectiveness. Every employee in the building has a PowerDMS login for training purposes and some for document approval purposes. Before, we were keeping our records in filing cabinets and it would take forever to keep up with that system. Now we just type in what we need, or what team member we're searching for and it's all right there.
  • PowerDMS helps with record retention. I no longer need to worry about where copies of things are in order to be compliant with our policies, because I know everything is safe in PowerDMS.
  • PowerDMS is extremely helpful with training. I've created courses for employees to take, and it automatically scores them and rewards them their certificate with the expiration date, so I don't have to remember all of this myself anymore.
  • PowerDMS is also great for approval workflows. Before I would have to email or manually walk a document over to someone, and then call them to remind them all the time that I need it approved. Now, they get the notification in their email and can get it done ASAP.
  • Sometimes there are glitches. Sometimes I will create a user and then that user will not show up when I search for them.
  • Adding a user to a course seems time-consuming. I have to click more buttons to get to that point than I'd like. Then, I have to "activate" it for them in order for them to easily access their to-do list. It's a lot.
  • It has helped us implement ISO 13485:2016 standards by allowing us to fill those gaps in PowerDMS instead of coming up with new paper systems.
  • It has made training smoother and faster. I no longer have to wait forever to get training records back to be filed.
I have not used any other systems aside from PowerDMS, but I don't feel that I need to. I'm pretty happy with this.
It's almost perfect. But sometimes I will create things (mostly users) and then it doesn't show up when I search for it. However, if I come back a few days later it might be there. Just a glitch, but performance is not perfect because of it.
With all the extra training and guides available, it's easy to figure out how to use it. Any time I have questions about something, it gets answered really quickly, that is, if there isn't already a guide available for it. I have never struggled to figure something out.
For my company, many records were held on paper only. It was a HUGE transition for us, and very time intensive. However, I doubt most places would have this issue. I think the key is to just make sure you have time. It's not difficult or confusing, just a long process.
I think PowerDMS is great any time there are a lot of documents and procedures to be kept track of or if there are courses/trainings that need to be completed. You can alter pretty much anything to fit the PowerDMS structure, and it is very helpful. I'd say if there aren't a lot of documents or maybe it's a really small company, it wouldn't be as necessary.