Excellent Email Protection and peace of mind.
December 05, 2018

Excellent Email Protection and peace of mind.

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Overall Satisfaction with Proofpoint Email Protection

Our Proofpoint Email Protection service was implemented on-premises and utilized for the entire organization and protects roughly 18,000 active mailboxes. Given that e-mail based threats are some of the most successful attack vectors it was critical for our organization to have a solid protection system in place. We utilize the services for anti-spam, anti-virus, internal e-mail policy enforcement, advanced threat protection along with it's reporting and smart search capabilities.
  • The services provide a very high accuracy level related to anti-spam/virus detection with very few false positives. The services are also routinely evolving to address the latest attack profiles while at the same minimizing any type of disruptions to normal business e-mail traffic. To date the service have been an extremely stable platform with very few problems. Proofpoint mentions that most if not all of their support techs have a minimum of a Master's degree. Having worked with their support over the years, I can readily say that their support is top notch compared to their competitors.
  • Proofpoint's Email Protection is implemented in a modular format where protection components can be added as needed and managed within a single framework. This has minimized the footprint for these services in our datacenter.
  • The Email Protection services have a Smart Search capability that basically aggregates all of the log data and is extremely useful in getting quick answers to any type of questions related to message delivery.
  • The services are also extremely flexible in terms of mapping one's policies into the set of services. The screens are intuitive to use and have enough aids to be readily understood without having to routinely consult reference manuals.
  • The only real stumbling block we used run into was with application updates which in recent years has been automated to the point where it can literally be as simple as clicking on a button to initiate. It can perform updates with loss of service and if it runs into problems it can readily revert itself back to the prior release. Very well engineered update process.
  • My only real complaint if any would be the pricing of the services, yet having said that Proofpoint has been pretty flexible in negotiating a price that we can actually afford.
  • The services have directly reduced the number of successful e-mail based malware and/or virus related infections within our organization which translates to fewer compromised systems and fewer associated support calls.
  • In addition it has greatly reduced the amount of spam or unwanted emails that our clients are having manage on a daily basis.
Most recently we've looked at Microsoft's Email protection services associated with Office 365, but they are still not quite ready for prime time. Proofpoint's logging, search and threat analysis capabilities are literally years ahead of Microsoft in this product space. Proofpoint's support is also magnitudes better than Microsoft's.
The Email Protection services are deployed in our environment as the first layer of defense for inbound internet traffic. As such they have held up extremely well under load with very few if any issues. We utilize the services for screening and protecting internal e-mail which is routed from our Office 365 deployment through the Email Protection services.