PushCrew is a great tool to help you notify your site's loyal reader's of new content on your site!
December 20, 2018

PushCrew is a great tool to help you notify your site's loyal reader's of new content on your site!

John Segovia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with PushCrew

So PushCrew was what I chose to solve my issue of Push Notifications for blog posts for my house cleaning and commercial cleaning website. Aside from various lead capture points across my site, I wanted a way to notify the dedicated followers of my blog a way to be notified once we published a new post. I noticed that when I advertise certain blog posts on FB it generates a lot of traffic, so this was another way to let me people who have already been to my site (and who liked it) a way to keep in touch better. I first discovered PushCrew from another site that I frequent, and decided to look into more. I was very impressed to see entire feature set. While I only wanted to solve my Push Notification problem, but I also saw that I could incorporate more of the advanced automation features as I grew my following.
  • Easy Setup/ Installation of Push Notifications for your Blog
  • Easy customization of notifications, and scheduling of automated notification series messaging
  • Pricing is fair considering the amount of functionality offered, and the potential ROI for sites with large followings
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Easier time customizing messaging using short codes
  • Smoother design of popup notification so it does not look so generic and system generated
  • a/b testing for push notification popup styles
  • Average +16.7% CTR with my RSS Feed to Push Notifications
  • While PushCrew has helped me solve my RSS Feed to Push Notification issue, I am still perfecting my messaging to increase the number of users who allow me to send them push notifications.
  • The basic package is kind of pricey for newer websites. The free tier is a nice way to help new sites get established then pay for your advanced features.
I haven't needed to much help, but so far everyone has been great to work with and very helpful! Most companies offer killer products, but very little support. PushCrew is not one of those organizations, and they really care about all of their clients. Thanks for the help PushCrew team while I got started with your product!
This product's configuration was super simple to setup and install. I created a new tag in my Google Tag Manager for my website, and then once I published the new tag it worked right away without any issues. The instructions provided by PushCrew were super easy to follow, and worked the first time I tried to set it up.
If you have a large or small blog following/audience, this is an excellent tool to help keep readers engaged and on top of your new content releases. You can also utilize this product for automated DRIP campaigns that will, following a schedule you create, notify users at preset intervals to help nurture your leads or existing customers as part of your sales funnel. Even new bloggers with smaller audiences can utilize a tool like this to help generate more consistent web traffic to your content. I am averaging a +16% clickthrough rate regularly on my RSS to push notifications after just a few months of use.