Toad for Oracle - A great development/data query/SQL tuning tool
October 26, 2017

Toad for Oracle - A great development/data query/SQL tuning tool

Dan Hotka | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Toad for Oracle

Toad for Oracle makes things VERY easy for the developer. I like the PL/SQL templates within the product. I also like how easy it is to add your own shortcuts to customize the coding experience to your needs.

In my book: Toad for Oracle Unleashed, chapter 10 is 'Toad as a SQL Tuning Tool'. The Toad team has made performance tuning of SQL very easy.

I use Toad for light development, as a data query tool, and as a SQL performance tuning tool.
  • SQL Performance Tuning. The Toad team has done a great job with explain plans...and DBMS_XPLAN displays as well. They have also included 'advanced' explain plan features that one would have to use SQL*Plus to get otherwise. The Toad Team has a great Trace File Browser that takes you right to the poorly performing SQL.
  • Toad for data analysis. Toad is a great query tool. If you don't know SQL, Toad has this great Query Builder that is a drag/drop operation that will create simple to advanced SQL just using your mouse. You can then export to a nice report writer and Excel. Most export to Excel.
  • Oracle code development. Toad is simply the best with its templates, ability to condense and expand code...and allows you to add your own short cuts to help customize Toad to your programming needs.
  • I've wanted the Toad Team to make some of the more advanced features available on more affordable packages. Right now, I can't think of any functionality that is missing that I turn to another tool for.
  • Toad now does ( ) matching...this is something I used to have to use the vi editor for...but now Toad covers it. Toad also covers brace and bracket matching.
  • The Toad Team did add my QBLOCK_NAME stuff...that is super helpful when performance tuning SQL that contains sub queries. We worked together on this and now I can use Toad for this type of tuning as well.
  • Well...for me being a trainer and author...Toad has been great. I have courses on both Toad and its related data analysis tool: Toad Data Point. I have written books on the Toad topic. I have also produced video courses on Toad. I work closely with the Toad Team on new features. They have implemented many of my ideas.
  • There is a huge base of users using Toad. Toad is by far the dominate or tool of choice for the Oracle RDBMS world.
Toad has far more templates than SQL Developer. You can customize Toad. Toad is far more flexible with its options and setup features. Toad is much better at SQL Performance Tuning than what is available in SQL Developer. SQL Developer is free and is a good tool overall...but Toad is a better overall PL/SQL development tool, data query tool, and SQL performance tuning tool.
I know of many companies that use Toad as a data analysis tool. Toad has a great following and I know people who switched jobs and now do not have Toad...and REALLY miss it.

Toad is a good development GUI. Toad is great for data retrieval, even for the novice... Toad is a great SQL tuning tool.

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