When it comes to Business Totango is your Adviser
Updated August 02, 2016

When it comes to Business Totango is your Adviser

John Abraham | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Totango

Epicenter is the place where Totango is pulling all data. I believe Totango is serving its purpose.
Totango is mainly used to find our clients' usage of our software. We do get good updates about what modules they use and how many minutes they use as well as how well they use the software. We can also get the following information:
  • Customers usage
  • Appointments through online software
  • Usage frequency
  • Monthly and weekly updates on usage
Totango also helps us to forecast whether the doctor will renew the software subscription or will be churn. It also helps us keep track of whether the doctor has been trained for the software or needs to be trained.
  • Updates about software usage
  • Keeping track of different modules used by the customer
  • Tags and comments along with a summary of calls we make to doctors
  • Overall health of doctors
  • Tags always disappear
  • Some SubIds are only 3 digits, those SubIds won't load up
  • Search should have option to search with mobile number/name/clinic name/ subid
  • Timeline should be the first since it's more important
  • Multiple Products
  • Customer Success Managers
It's good.

For doctors we can know the usage of software. For customer success managers we can update all the information about doctor as well as the recent call and work summary. More over this is the main software we look upon to find the doctors history and also get the following:

  • Doctors usage history
  • Module usage history
  • Online/ fabric appointments
  • Forecasting renewal

Totango Feature Ratings

Product usage
Help desk / support tickets
Customer profiles
Automated workflow
Internal collaboration
Customer health scoring
Customer segmentation
Customer health trends
Engagement analytics
Revenue forecasting
Role-based user permissions
Integration with Salesforce.com

Using Totango

200 - Internet and software.
We use totango to track the usage of software, renewal date, fabric appointments, logins and health status and much more. We also use tags to find if the training for software is done. We also use it for prediction on whether the customer is happy with the product and whether he will renew.
5 - Technical skills are required. Certain calculations on deciding what health the customer should have and managerial skills.
  • Touchpoints
  • Task creation for follow up
  • Tags for generalizing
  • Forecast with the usage
  • Missing tags
  • Touch points are small
The software has lot of issues. We are saving things and then it disappears which creates lot of confusion as well as problems. Money is also lost because of it. The employees also get confused and then they end up with lot of problems with the customer. The notification is not that great. It's so bad and cannot be completely read. So when a pile of notifications come we will ignore all of them.

Evaluating Totango and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
The factors of forecasting and making the account flow well. But totango did not serve this purpose.

Totango Implementation

Not much since the implementation is still under progress. It takes lot of time to do so, I will say its still going on.
  • Lot of inputs and changes
  • Employees feel more complex to shift
  • Less training on how to use it

Totango Support

Because of heavy issues, we lose track of one thing and then end up with so many other things.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
No - No point. I believe it' included in the package.
Yes - Partly, time was taken [to resolve it]. Still sometimes it creates big issues.
Before we started using totango, we used to use Google sheets and forms to do our math as well as analysis. When totango came in to picture the data was available everywhere and also the it was so simple to view it in one page. The only down part was the it takes time to do it. Well, all together it was good.

Using Totango

Because it's good.
Like to use
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Touchpoint
  • Tags
  • User information
  • Different modules used
  • Reading a full touch point
  • Health of a month

Totango Reliability

Information keeps missing and changing in totango . Because of that there is are lot of problems with it. We need to manually keep the backup in an another file. More over if in case we take the backup its so hard to track since its all in numbers. Totango can be much better if the cloud storage is working fine. My company is planning to discontinue due to this factor
Totango is available all the time . the only problem is that some times it takes time to load specially the records of the customers. The data loading inside the customer account is fast. It may be because of internet service but still it can i,prove a lot. i have seen other competitors software which is faster