TrustRadius for Customer Success and Many Other TeamsPrimarily customer success and support is making use of Totango. We are using the tool to track user engagement to see the various actions specific users are taking. This helps us better understand use cases and challenges a user my face. Beyond that, it gives a nice quick glance into seeing what is happening across a large group of customers to try and find clients falling into bad health and proactively reach out to them if they have stopped using the tool. The benefits also extend to our product team to track the effectiveness of new feature releases. Also, the sales team has not yet implemented it, but it will be helpful for them to track how various leads are using the software during their trials.,Support and Customer Success have been very helpful in teaching/coaching and responding quickly. Tool has never gone down or let us down when we needed to access important data. Interface and usability is super straightforward and easy to use. They are consistently releasing new, relevant features.,if you connect through it requires you to go one plan higher on segment in order to use totango (but it's not a lot of money), Sometimes the totango created 'engagement' score can be a bit tricky to understand rather than our own created health metrics and health scores we use totango for.,10,Saved a lot of time for CSMs and gave them solid insights into the health of certain accounts and if they are using the tool. We have not tracked the specific dollar amount that we have earned from our investment in terms of dollars retained or upsold as a direct result of the Totango software. Increase in win rate on disputes over payment with clients when we started using Totango.,9,,When it comes to Business Totango is your AdviserTotango is mainly used to find our clients' usage of our software. We do get good updates about what modules they use and how many minutes they use as well as how well they use the software. We can also get the following information: Customers usage Appointments through online softwareUsage frequencyMonthly and weekly updates on usage Totango also helps us to forecast whether the doctor will renew the software subscription or will be churn. It also helps us keep track of whether the doctor has been trained for the software or needs to be trained.,Updates about software usage Keeping track of different modules used by the customer Tags and comments along with a summary of calls we make to doctors Overall health of doctors,Tags always disappear Some SubIds are only 3 digits, those SubIds won't load up Search should have option to search with mobile number/name/clinic name/ subid Timeline should be the first since it's more important,7,8,Multiple Products Customer Success Managers,200,51 to 100 people,5,Renewal Health Forecast,Touchpoints Task creation for follow up Tags for generalizing,Forecast with the usage Missing tags Touch points are small,4,No,Price Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports,Don't know,Yes,Lot of inputs and changes Employees feel more complex to shift Less training on how to use it,5,No,5,Yes,Before we started using totango, we used to use Google sheets and forms to do our math as well as analysis. When totango came in to picture the data was available everywhere and also the it was so simple to view it in one page. The only down part was the it takes time to do it. Well, all together it was good.,Touchpoint Tags User information,Different modules used Reading a full touch point Health of a month,No,8,3,5Totango: Organize the Chaos of Customer SuccessTotango is used by our Account Management, Customer Success, and Product teams to track customer engagement in the TrackMaven platform, our interactions with them, and to help set tasks that we need to complete with the customers. It also allows us to track customer health by seeing how much they are interacting with our platform and what modules they use.,Allows you to see an in-depth view of how your customers are interacting with your product in terms of both time spent and what parts they use. Helps multiple teams coordinate communications across accounts and track tasks that need to be fulfilled for the customer. Allows you to easily send outreach emails to wide segments of customers based on custom criteria.,The app itself can be pretty slow, especially when you are trying to perform activities across multiple accounts. It can be difficult to track large organizations who have multiple workspaces in our platform, particularly on an enterprise level.,8,Better intelligence on how customers are interacting with our platform. Better customer retention by being able to identify trends where a customer is likely to churn and addressing the problem before it's too late. Better communications across teams when it comes to customer outreach.,,,7Totango reviewMy team uses Totango across my organization. We use it to track customer usage, campaigns, tasks, and success plays.,Provides view into how/when/what our customers are using our platform. Before Totango, we didn't know this information. I find that it's a good indicator of renewals. I like the campaigns feature.,Totango isn't super easy to use. If you don't use the product for a couple weeks, it's hard to pick it back up. It's not completely connected to SFDC. There's some data that gets lost because of this. Would be nice for it to be an app on the SFDC platform.,8,I can now see customer usage, trending analysis, and automated campaigns. I'm not sure what my retention rate would be if I didn't have Totango. Totango sales and implementation (Val) was a great experience. I believe the sales people (George) who sold to me are gone but they represented the company very well.,8,GainsightTotango is worth a shot, and constantly improving.All of our Customer Success team uses Totango to monitor customer health and activity, as well as track touchpoints. It helps us to know the current customer health, get alerted about changes in health, and perform actions and tasks based on that health. Before we used it, we could only use our own metrics to gauge their usage, but now we can track clicks, actions, and users and set health scores based on it.,Tracking logins and clicks on certain areas of our site. Create automated tasks based on health score or actions. Look at overall team performance based on customer health.,As a management tool there are many areas and feature that could be built. Currently it's mainly a CSM tool, as opposed to a tool for managers of CSMs. Creating tasks that aren't based on account - this would help us to use the tool to manage overall and would increase daily usage for managers and CSMs. Email reporting is limited to 10 accounts - it would be great to see much more in reports (such as all accounts in bad health).,9,Better service because we can focus on customers that are in poor health. Better management because we can see how customer health is related to each CSM. Increased accountability because we can track CSM tasks.,9,Multiple Products Customer Success Managers,Gainsight,11 to 25 people,, MarketoTo TangoTotango is being used to monitor all Doctor accounts and last updates made on them. We monitor the usage of the doc and which details are missing in his profile, training, etc. This helps other agents who take up the account to have a fair idea of what was already happening with the Concerned Doc.,Totango helps generate detailed reports. It's a single interface where you collect multiple aspects within. It is easy access to overview and observe workflow. Helps make detailed decisions based on results.,It keeps crashing in between, which needs serious working on. Some data put in doesn't end up reflecting. Touchpoints keep re-appearing.,7,Increasing the lifetime value of existing customers Better customer retention Increased contact with customers and irate issues Helps avoid misses in terms of contact,Intercom, Natero and Gainsight,Gainsight, Natero,26 to 50 people,Ubuntu Practo Excel,,Churn prediction regular follow ups forecast trends,create various daily reminders and to do lists create tags to help filter reports,yet to find out,7,Vendor implemented,Change management was minimal,the collection of data to amass into Totango The number of details to be extracted as there is no data import feature,7,8,Yes,they have always been except for a few glitches here and there,Forecast Trends Create Reports Follow ups on clients,Key metrics need to be more descriptive,Yes,9,Practo Ubuntu,File import/export,7Thumbs up for TotangoTotango is mainly used by our Customer Success team; but, as an account manager I use it to understand the overall health of my accounts including usage of the TrackMaven app, latest communication from the CX team, etc. From my lens, it helps the complimentary teams (AM/CX) ensure we know everything we need to when strategizing on an account. For CX, they live in Totango and record all campaigns, touchpoints, sentiment, etc. so without access to it, I'd be pretty lost as to how my customers are doing.,It monitors the usage of our application well - we can see who logs in and how frequently so we can make inferences as to how much value our customers are getting from our software It records all communication effectively in a log format - you can even bcc emails to Totango and they're automatically logged It stores and automates delivery of campaigns to our customers who are more "light touch" - we can see who opens the emails and if it moves the needle of app usage,I have to use Salesforce to do my job - SFDC/Tontango can communicate and exchange data, but for the most part I have to manually input data to one or the other when I wish there was more integration When you record touchpoints you can't go back and edit them if you made a mistake/typo,9,Evidence from my perspective is limited since I've been using Totango for several months. The closest example of tangible ROI I've seen is using the data to help gauge how much effort and work I need to commit in order to renew (and in some cases save) accounts. There are have been a handful of cases in which poor engagement data allowed me and my CX counterparts to quickly address issues with customers - something that certainly impacts our customers' willingness to renew their subscriptions.,,Customer Success Managers Multiple Customer-facing Teams,,8,, Slack, InsightSquaredFantastic Product for Account Managers/CSMsTotango is being used by the customer success organization to manage daily/weekly/monthly/etc. customer engagement. In past organizations, the frequency of customer engagement, the application of different success plays, and the overall results of customer strategies were fairly ad-hoc. Totango has been able to act as the main hub for all customer engagement activity, metrics, and strategy.,I've worked with two other mainstream Customer Success-focused products in the past, and found their UIs very complex, particularly around navigation and creating custom reports. One in particular required heavy assistance from the product's CSM to stand up custom reports. I find that Totango has a very intuitive user interface and a simplified approach to reporting. Best of all, my Totango Customer Success Manager (CSM) is in frequent communication throughout the course of the month so I rarely ever feel 'stuck.' Being a fairly heavy Salesforce user in past roles, I was highly critical of the Sales and Account Management teams working in silos: Sales in Salesforce, and Account Managers in Totango. Totango gives you plenty of import/export options with Salesforce in mind so that Account Managers like myself don't have to worry about double-entry of notes and other data points. My favorite features by far are creating tasks and touch points. It's incredibly simple, and includes a timeline of events on the customer profile page so that you can easily glance at the most recent activity.,When customizing a current report and saving under a different name, at times it overwrites the previous report. This requires you to go into the previous report and undo any edits that were made. I've never felt more care and attention from a CSM team before, but at times they can overcommunicate; more than 2 or 3 times a week. They should consider relocating the "What's New" tab somewhere more visible. I often forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and check on which new features have been released.,10,Totango has helped me understand customer utilization, which is a key indicator of customer satisfaction. Totango's reporting and metrics have helped me put strategic effort and energy into customers who need it the most. I believe Totango helps increase customer satisfaction over the long-term b/c it guides you in smart, strategic engagement which is often built to align with your company's desired approach to customer success.,9,Multiple Geographies or Territories,Gainsight,10Totango helps understand your customersMy company has a unique use case for Totango. Instead of going the alternate expensive BI route, we decided that Totango provided enough insight into how our users are using our platform as well as how often. We are currently using Totango throughout our entire Customer Success department but information gets shared to Sales, Marketing, Product as well as to the VP and CXO levels. Totango has helped us understand our user and account adoption. We understand where our customers stand, what activities they're using our product for, etc. Totango has been key in making us a customer-centric company.,Totango makes it easy to understand how users/companies are using your product. Totango always provides support whenever you need it. Val and Joseph are awesome to work with. Heck, I've even hung out with them during the Customer Success Summit. They always find a way to meet your needs. They found workarounds for us to get the data we need.,Reporting on more data points not just limited to accounts. Being able to drill down to specific dates not just "the last 1, 3, 7, 30 days" An easier way to add activities into a segment. We have almost a hundred activities so adding a hundred columns is quite a timely process.,9,It has helped our executives strategize on how to increase our users adoption It helps us understand where our customers stand relative to other customers We need user reporting to see the full picture,,Customer Success Managers,GainsightTotango ReviewTo track product usage details and user behavior.,Product usage patterns Exportable graphs are convenient,Directional usage patterns are confusing and not always relevant Longer date ranges than 90 days would be valuable Health score can be ambiguous I am often asked for login patterns over 30 day periods, Totango only offers 14,6,Very positive - there was no other system providing us this user behavior data before totango,,Takes two TotangoWe use it for data analytics and partially as a CRM. The whole customer success department uses it, as it integrates with our web app and we can pull specific information.,Data analytics Tagging/segmenting Campaigns,CRM is really rough - hardly any funcitonality,6,Helps me analyze the health of my customers Doesn't allow me to see the last time I contacted an account,7,Multiple Geographies or Territories Multiple Products Multi-tier Accounts Customer Success Managers,ProsperWorks CRM
95 Ratings
Score 8.0 out of 101
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95 Ratings
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Score 8.0 out of 101

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Jamie Wang profile photo
August 22, 2016

Imperative for Customer Success and Many Other Teams

Score 10 out of 10
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Ease of Integration

I didn't build the integration but our front-end developer did not express any major challenges with integration. It seemed to go pretty smoothly and the team was there to help. Exporting a few fields to and from salesforce could have been a bit smoother, but required us to send a daily export from SFDC to a dropbox folder to salesforce. Once set up it's always worked smoothly since.
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September 02, 2016

Thumbs up for Totango

Score 9 out of 10
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Ease of Integration

We're integrated with SFDC but I know nothing about the process or steps required. I don't know if we're integrated into any other data sources/platforms.
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August 02, 2016

Fantastic Product for Account Managers/CSMs

Score 10 out of 10
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Ease of Integration

Unfortunately I don't work very much on the integration side of Totango, but I do know that we have integrated with our own custom reporting and analytics platform, as well as Salesforce. I believe it is fairly flexible especially when using APIs. I'm just not very knowledgeable on which specific APIs can be used.
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July 29, 2016

Totango Review

Score 6 out of 10
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Ease of Integration

I know we're synced with Salesforce but not sure how easy/difficult that process was.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Role-based user permissions (34)
API (32)
Integration with (42)
Integration with Marketo (3)
Product usage (55)
Help desk / support tickets (39)
Sponsor tracking (6)
Customer profiles (54)
Automated workflow (52)
Internal collaboration (47)
Customer health scoring (55)
Customer segmentation (51)
Customer health trends (54)
Engagement analytics (54)
Revenue forecasting (43)
Dashboards (52)

About Totango

Totango is a customer success platform that is designed to help recurring revenue businesses simplify the complexities of customer success by connecting the dots of customer data, actively monitoring customer health changes, and driving proactive engagements.

According to the vendor, Totango is also the only customer success platform provider that offers solutions for companies that have or sell into multiple products, hierarchies, and channel partners.

Features Include:

  • Customer and User Monitoring Platform: real-time monitoring of key account and user-level metrics on product adoption, value delivered, utilization, and operational incidents.

  • Early Warning System: a system that computes customer health and alerts companies when a customer needs attention based on shifts in health or occurrence of specific at-risk events.

  • Customer Success Work Management: business process management for customer success managers and executives including account management workflows, best practice automation, team performance measurement, and executive reporting and dashboards.

  • Customer Nurture and Retention Campaigns: automated, personalized campaigns to drive onboarding and product adoption based on actual user behavior and results.

  • Customer Analytics: Deep segmentation and analytics capability to discover trends across the customer base, develop benchmarks, and examine rich account and user profiles.

Categories:  Customer Success

Totango Features

Customer Data Extraction / Integration Features
Has featureProduct usage
Has featureHelp desk / support tickets
Has featureOnline customer community
Has featureBilling
Has featureMarketing emails
Customer Success Management Features
Does not have featureNPS surveys
Does not have featureSponsor tracking
Has featureCustomer profiles
Has featureAutomated workflow
Has featureInternal collaboration
Has featureCustomer health scoring
Has featureCustomer segmentation
CSM Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureCustomer health trends
Has featureEngagement analytics
Has featureRevenue forecasting
Has featureDashboards
Has featureCustomer lifetime value
Has featureChurn rate
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Has featureAPI
Has featureIntegration with
Does not have featureIntegration with Marketo
Does not have featureIntegration with Eloqua
Additional Features
Has featureCustomer Health Reasons
Has featureCustomer Health Change Tracking
Has featurePortfolio Management
Has featureTeam Performance Review
Has featureHealth Console
Has featureAccount Hierarchy
Has featureCustom Metrics
Has featureUser Level Reporting
Has featureTeam Adoption
Has featureISO 27001 Security

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