Ensure Solid Backup & Replication with Veeam
June 28, 2019

Ensure Solid Backup & Replication with Veeam

George Rodgers-Clark | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup & Replication

We're using Veeam Backup & Replication to back up our business-critical VMs and servers that host them locally, with copies in the cloud (MS Azure). This is being used solely by the IT Department, but the backups support all departments in our business. The previous system we had was very difficult to test and I learned the hard way that your backups are only as good as the last time you tested them. Veeam has enabled me to develop a testing process so I am now confident that the next time the chips are down I will be able to recover my AD server.


  • Veeam provides quick back ups of virtual machines that can run during active operations.
  • Veeam also provides an easy way to recover or replicate VMs, files and folders.
  • The Veeam support team is amazing and very responsive, even during the trial period they provide.
  • Connecting to a cloud repository and launching virtual machines in the cloud is simplified greatly with Veeam (still not exactly easy).


  • In my most recent support case, the passing of it from one team member to another has not been great. I've had to re-explain the issue, re-run tests I've done before and re-send logs I've sent before. This is even after the Tier Two team got involved and was supposedly putting together a script that would solve the issue.
  • Given that I spent 12 hours manually recovering our Active Directory Server, and I now know I can replicate it in a few steps and less than an hour, I've already gotten the return on my investment in Veeam.
  • We are spending more per year for Veeam Backup & Replication that we were on our previous solution and the cost is a fraction of what other vendors proposed.
We have definitely benefitted from this feature, as the files Veeam B&R uploads to the cloud are 1/3 the size of the repository on our local server. Being a retail operation always seeking to keep costs low, this saves us a lot in potential cloud expenses. I've also been able to replicate a VM with 80GB of RAM and 2 TB of hard drive space to an Azure VM with 16 GB of RAM and flexible HD space, which is much less expensive than duplicate resources in the cloud or a second server capable of replication.
I have tested data recoverability and security of our cloud data, though I have not used the sandbox yet. I am planning to test that feature in the next six months.
We had used BackupAssist for several years prior to our switch. It had significant difficulties handling our newest converged-storage server (a Dell VRTX). Veeam Backup & Replication has made backing up that machine and its VMs a breeze. I also looked at CrashPlan Pro, Datto, Dell EMC's device (don't recall the name), and several others. None of them had the value and testing abilities of Veeam. My colleagues on Spiceworks were very helpful, as were other review sites.
I'm in a fairly small business where I am the sole person responsible for backups, security and disaster recovery planning. Veeam Backup & Replication makes this much simpler. From what I can see, I would be just as confident using Veeam in larger scenarios. If we were focused more on cloud operations with everything as a service, I would be more likely to look for a fully cloud-based system. If Veeam provides that, I would give it serious consideration.

Veeam Data Platform Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
Business application protection
Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Backup to the cloud
Deduplication and file compression
Flexible deployment
Platform support
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Retention options

Using Veeam Backup & Replication

1 - I'm the IT Manager, technically within the Finance Department. I provide support to every department within our retail business (Cooperative Grocery with Deli, Mercantile, and Restaurant).
1 - I've had 10 years of experience with backup systems. Veeam is the easiest I've used yet for the level of complexity we have here.
  • Backup of virtual machines (Microsoft Hyper-V in Server 2012 & Server 2008 R2) with easy tests of those backups.
  • Restoration of virtual machines, files and folders from said backups.
  • Replication of virtual machines to the cloud.
  • Automated copying of backup files to the cloud in a condensed and secure manner.
  • I found that one of my older servers running a single VM for a secondary AD server has hot-plug hard drive bays. I'm using those to copy backups to hard drives we store off site (we are in a flood & earthquake zone, so complete destruction of our facilities is possible).
  • We are exploring the possibility of using the cloud more thoroughly. Veeam provides tools to integrate Azure VMs into our local network.
I really have no complaints about Veeam Backup & Replication. Their service has been excellent and the cost is minimal in comparison to other services I checked out. Implementation wasn't simple and the Veeam Support team was there to help each step of the way.


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