A Critique, Visualized
March 07, 2014

A Critique, Visualized

John Sloneker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use VC as a survey tool for special requests that generally come from other departments, but we are the only department in our organization that uses it. We are generally looking for consumer opinions or behaviors around either specific artists or music, or potential marketing opportunities across types of consumers/music fans. Male vs. female breakdowns and age are always important, but we also filter our data to look at a variety of product buyers, genre groups etc... It helps our organization plan successful product releases, and get specific feedback after recent product releases.
  • The ability to cross-tab and filter in dynamic report is pretty flawless.
  • Additionally, the various export formats in the report module are each useful in their own way.
  • Their client relations is really nice, they are always quick to respond to issues or additional help needed.
  • They do a great job on their end of finding panelists when we need additional people for a survey.
  • The functionality when creating a new questionnaire is rather clunky, particularly when there are a few conditional factors in the logical flow; being able to see those factors and how they apply with some sort of other logical layout would really help when creating a longer survey.
  • There are quite a few steps that aren't intuitive when launching a survey, for instance all the various dates (launch date, reserve date, survey date, etc etc etc). If there were a description field if you hovered above labeled areas of sections that explained what this field was for that would really help
  • It doesn't help either that the entire site is grey; it's a cold environment to be in for a long time, and the simple design makes it seem more clunky than it probably really is.
  • We've developed a stronger understanding of what our consumers like and don't like about new/unique marketing plans.
  • We have been able to plan better targeted releases with survey insights.
  • Across a variety of surveys we have begun to see trends where there typically was not thought to be a common denominator.
  • toluna
Toluna has a much better layout and is more aesthetically pleasing, and creating a survey is somewhat more enjoyable and slightly easier, though the creation part for them could also use some work. VC does have them beat when it comes to analyzing and cross-tabbing results, which I would say is more important.
Frankly, it is because for one- I am not in charge of whether or not we renew, but also because I don't know of many better sites and just don't have the time to search for one. Though if a few changes to the creation and launching process could be made to make it more fluid I would probably never consider leaving even if someone else insisted there was a better product. Though- if someone came up to me now with that same plead, I would likely heed their advice and send it forward to my manager.
It is well suited when you need to look at subsets of people who took a survey, cross-sectioning findings with other questions. If you just need an overall populous opinion about a few questions you may have, using VC may be overkill.


I think there is a ton of room to improve, in things as simple as aesthetics and other areas of logical flow when it comes to creating and then launching a survey, as well as providing descriptors for what each field is referencing. For instance, there are like 5 date fields to be filled out, but no button near them that says "this date will determine _________" and I am not about to go back into the training module, which was confusing enough to FIND, let alone work through to find just ONE answer.
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Lots to learn
  • exporting data
  • filtering data before exporting
  • nothing else....
  • launching survey
  • viewing the logical flow of a survey
  • adding questions from other surveys
  • setting up conditional factors