Excellent Survey and Panel tool
March 06, 2014

Excellent Survey and Panel tool

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The company used Vision Critical as an online research tool. I was basically the only person using Vision Critical. It allowed our company to gain insight on new technologies in business and education by surveying our community panels. We created revenue from the sponsored surveys, and were able to use stats found in these surveys in publications.
  • Very easy to learn. Everything is fairly intuitive.
  • Great customer service. As I learned the software, I had lots of questions, ranging from survey methods to technological design questions, and Vision Critical provides a lot of online support, as well as personal support over the phone and online. They even created regular reports for us to show the health of our panels
  • If you can see that you won't meet the number of responses you need, Vision Critical can help get your survey out to their very large panels and get your response rate up.
  • Vision Critical easily integrates your panels/respondents and surveys into one tool - very manageable! You can easily see previous communications, surveys, newsletters, etc., and see response rates for certain segments, all in one tool.
  • Some things on Vision Critical allow for customization, but other pieces seem cumbersome. Based soley on the survey piece of this software, I would rate it better than most basic online survey tools (surveyMonkey or Zoomerang), but not as customizable as some of the more advanced solutions (like Qualitrics)
  • The tool in Vision Critical that allows you to see survey data and reports is unwieldy and complicated to use.
  • Vision Critical has definitely lead to better customer service and allowed the company to give more to the customer than they expected, because VC is so efficient and easy to use.
  • SurveyMonkey,Zoomerang,Qualtrics,Paper Surveys
Based on ease of use and having the most varied tools available, Vision Critical would be the best. Based on ability to higher response rates and increase engagement of respondents, Vision Critical would be the best. Based on ability to customize, Vision Critical falls short of advanced tools like Qualtrics, and completely customizable tools like paper surveys. The company chose VC because we weren't doing any really off-the-wall designs or surveys, and we wanted to be able to reach and engage with specific groups of consumers.
It is important to our company to keep a consistent group of respondents in the panel and keep them engaged, and that is really what Vision Critical is about. Although the survey tools have limitations, they are well suited for the company and the research we do. VC is always very willing to work with you and help you get exactly what you need.
I would recommend Vision Critical to anyone with a healthy panel of respondents. When I used this software, we had several unresponsive panels, and although Vision Critical was willing to help and get our surveys out to other panels, it is almost a waste of money. As long as you have an engaged, responsive group of respondents, Vision Critical will work well for your business and research needs.


Absolutely fantastic support team. Willing to help you online through vast collection of how-to guides and resources, online via chatbox, or over the phone. Even though we were in different time zones, they were always available. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
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The company wanted to make signing up for the research panels easier by removing a step - so once a to-be panelist clicks that they are interested, they would automatically be enrolled in the panel. This is not standard practice, nor is it even close to how VC is set up out of the box. But, the support team worked with us to create new web pages, and new logic that worked behind the scenes to make sure this happened. VC met over the phone with different employees of differing levels at the company, including the president. They were always professional and prepared.