Military and Defense Software

Military and Defense Software Overview

What is Military and Defense Software?

Military and defense software provide military personnel and military contractors with operational support and administrative tools. This software consists of intelligence gathering and tactical communication tools, and radar technology. Also, IoT management software and military asset tracking, as well as specialized software such as Command Management Information Systems (CMIS). Vendors specializing in software for the military often serve exclusively this vertical or other verticals as well, including public safety, aviation, and machine vision or other machine technology.

Features of Military and Defense Software

Military and Defense Software provide the following capabilities:
  • Radar technology, enemy location and vision
  • Operations support and centralization (e.g. via CMIS)
  • Tactical communication, military messaging, handsets & other hardware
  • Armor and vehicle management and other asset management
  • Aerial technology & aircraft management
  • Personnel management
  • Battle management (e.g. tactical oversight of assets and personnel)
  • Battlefield management, area surveillance

Military and Defense Products

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Harris hC2 Software Suite
The Harris Corporation offers the Harris hC2 Software Suite, a command center control suite supporting military and defense operations.
Harris Falcon Net Ecosystem
Harris offers the Falcon Net Ecosystem, a tactical communication system for military and defense.
SAIC headquartered in Reston offers devops and application modernization to the military.
SitaWare Suite
Systematic headquartered in Aarhus offers the SitaWare Suite of military and defense applications, supporting command operations centers, tactical awareness and battle management, and tactical communication application, among other features.
Systematic IRIS Suite
Systematic headquartered in Aarhus offers the IRIS suite for military messaging, forms, and standard management.
Leidos VACIS
Leidos offers the VACIS system of vehicle imaging and inspection systems for searching for weapons, illegal materials, and other substances. VACIS is used by military and defense.
Voyager CommandTRACKER
Salient CRGT headquartered in Fairfax offers Voyager CommandTRACKER, a situational awareness and incident reporting system for personnel at risk in the field of use for public safety (e.g police), military, and defense personnel.
Voyager Atlas
Salient CRGT headquartered in Fairfax offers Voyager Atlas, providing an edge to edge map with geo-fencing and geo-tagging, contextual location information gathering and sharing, and tools to manage and observe locations of interest of use in public safety, as well as military and defense.
SRC headquartered in New York offers the LSTAR air surveillance software system.
SRC headquartered in New York offers FORESTER, an aerial surveillance and airborne radar software for detecting activity through or beneath foliage and in forested areas.
Silent Archer
SRC headquartered in New York offers Silent Archer, an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) detection software designed detect, classify, and prevent airspace infiltration by hostile drones.
Thales Commander
Thales offers the Commander suite of applications to support the military.