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The Weather Company

The Weather Company provides weather data and forecasts globally with personalized and actionable insights to millions of consumers and thousands of businesses. The product provides weather intelligence and insight on any device. Use cases, or industries served, include Military…

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The Department of Defense SkillBridge program by is an opportunity for separating or retiring service members to gain civilian work experience and facilitate a smooth transition into the civilian workforce. Shift is an approved DoD SkillBridge provider that helps match…

Keysight Application-Specific Test Systems And Components

Keysight's Application-Specific Test Systems And Components include a number of test and measurement software packages and preconfigured test systems available for testing components in aerospace and defense, as well as the automotive industry.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia offers desktop outsourcing.

Ramco Aviation Suite

Ramco's Aviation software suite is built to address the demands of the dynamic aviation industry, boasting a comprehensive enterprise-wide M&E/ MRO software built to address your business and regulatory requirements. From BOTS to drones, and Machine Learning, the vendor states users…

Infor CloudSuite Aerospace and Defense

CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense software provides advanced capabilities boasting users among 5,500+ aerospace and defense manufacturers worldwide, to provide a secure infrastructure that's built for the most demanding needs in commercial aerospace and defense manufacturing and service.…

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SmartPower uses real-time machine intelligence to improve power capabilities and system power improvements. The platform provides a broad range of multi-function low-and-high-power uses cases and can be integrated into a range of commercial and defense electronics.

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Q-CTRL makes quantum technology useful through advanced, intuitive and scalable quantum control engineering solutions.

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Epirus’ Leonidas products deliver a turnkey capability that disrupts, disables and destroys the critical electronic components of an intended target with a pulse of directed energy.

Rebellion Defense

Rebellion builds technology products using artificial intelligence and machine learning that serve the mission of national defense for the United States, United Kingdom, and our allies.

Leidos VACIS
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Leidos offers the VACIS system of vehicle imaging and inspection systems for searching for weapons, illegal materials, and other substances. VACIS is used by military and defense.

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Helsing is a security and artificial intelligence company, operating with the goal of keeping liberal democracies from harm. Their aim is to achieve global technology leadership in real-time information processing, turning unstructured sensor data into information advantage for democratic…

TITRA Swarm Software

Using TITRA Swarm Software, the basic features of individual unmanned aerial vehicles can be improved, going beyond the basic mission range of individual UAVs and creating forces with swarm intelligence. With the decentralized (distributed) control architecture we developed with…

Verint Situational Intelligence (Situational Awareness Platform + Nowforce)

Verint Situational Intelligence, from Verint CIS, includes the Situational Awareness Platform with Nowforce, tools combined to network and coordinate information from sensors spread across and geographic region to orchestrate security and safety personnel response.

Systematic IRIS Suite

Systematic headquartered in Aarhus offers the IRIS suite for military messaging, forms, and standard management.

Thales Commander

Thales offers the Commander suite of applications to support the military.

Silent Archer
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SRC headquartered in New York offers Silent Archer, an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) detection software designed detect, classify, and prevent airspace infiltration by hostile drones.

Voyager CommandTRACKER

Salient CRGT headquartered in Fairfax offers Voyager CommandTRACKER, a situational awareness and incident reporting system for personnel at risk in the field of use for public safety (e.g police), military, and defense personnel.

Red 6
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Red 6 is an augmented reality (AR) platform for military training applications worldwide. The display technology developed by Red 6 augments the joint space through a suite of AR products that support the synthetic training environments (STE).

Harris hC2 Software Suite

The Harris Corporation offers the Harris hC2 Software Suite, a command center control suite supporting military and defense operations.

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SRC headquartered in New York offers the LSTAR air surveillance software system.

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GOVRED provides turnkey virtual reality training technology for the military, law enforcement, and first responders.

Harris Falcon Net Ecosystem

Harris offers the Falcon Net Ecosystem, a tactical communication system for military and defense.

Hoverfly LiveSky

Hoverfly Technologies headquartered in Orlando, Florida offers drone technology. LiveSky SENTRY is designed to meet IP54 and MIL-STD-810 standards. It operates in extreme conditions and is a force multiplier for mission critical situations. The LiveSky HL SPECTRE is a tether-powered…

Voyager Atlas
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Salient CRGT headquartered in Fairfax offers Voyager Atlas, providing an edge to edge map with geo-fencing and geo-tagging, contextual location information gathering and sharing, and tools to manage and observe locations of interest of use in public safety, as well as military and…

Learn More About Military and Defense Software

What is Military and Defense Software?

Military and Defense Software assist with the ongoing operations for military, navy, air force, cybersecurity, and other defense tasks. Each vendor has a variety of specializations in hardware, software, and services. While the vendors are different in the scale and function of what they can offer, they are all generally unified in this category based on their ongoing support for their products and services. This includes providing continuous updates, handling hardware and software retirement, working to create customized products and planning, access to specialists, and assistance with onboarding and training.

Military and Defense Software supports:

  • Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC)
  • Missile Defense Systems (MDS)
  • High Power Microwave (HPM) technology
  • Autonomous, unmanned and human/machine teaming (biometric wearables)
  • Electronic and cyber warfare
  • Military intelligence, surveillance, radar and sonar
  • Simulation and training systems (including use of Virtual Reality)
  • Communication technology
  • Logistics
  • Weapon systems
  • Cruise missiles
  • Stealth fighters and bombers
  • Laser weaponry
  • Drones
  • Aircraft carriers
  • Tanks
  • Nuclear submarines

The cloud and the IoT (Internet of Things) are being used to monitor and optimize the use of assets.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) military and defense software is being deployed to enhance capabilities in:

  • Weapon systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Target recognition
  • Video analytics
  • Battlefield health care
  • Combat simulation and training
  • Threat monitoring and situational awareness

Potential new military technologies that will be supported by military and defense software include:

  • Self-steering bullets
  • Plasma protection– ionized fields that deflect incoming blasts
  • Smart wear– uniforms that automatically blend into the environment
  • Heat rays for killer satellites
  • Combat robots
  • AI-supported asset construction, launch, deployment, and maintenance

Military and Defense Software Features

Most Military and Defense Software feature:

  • Complete software configuration
  • Video, image, and audio processing
  • Low latency camera feedback
  • Harsh environment durability
  • AI neural networking
  • Automated target classification
  • Automated operation orchestration and execution
  • Sensor calibration
  • Continuous service delivery
  • Open architecture support
  • Power use management
  • Drone construction, deployment, operation, and maintenance
  • Onboarding, training, and simulation tools
  • Instant security and patch launch
  • Smart threat mitigation
  • Resource scalability and allocation
  • Customizable management dashboards
  • Data visualization tools
  • Dynamic augmented reality support
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Private 5G network support
  • Open-source tool integration
  • Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment of software
  • Digitization and modernization services

Military and Defense Software Comparison

When comparing Military and Defense Software, consider the following:

Needed tools and services. Military and Defense Software is a broad category, and while most vendors have a suite of products to suit your needs, some are geared more toward certain kinds of work, and thus you should be selective about choosing the right vendor to ensure not just access to appropriate specialists, but also to help manage budgeting. For example, Espre Technology specializes in chipsets for advanced antenna, vehicle, personnel, and sensor capabilities, whereas Hermeus specializes in building and deploying unmanned drones.

Data ownership. If you need to own the data that you create, manage, and secure with Military and Defense Software, ensure that the product will allow you own the rights to the data, which includes access to it after you now longer use the product. Rebellion offers complete data access even when you cease to use their services.

Training resources. If you need training tools so your team can easily incorporate a Military and Defense Software product into their workflow, you may be interested in the level of customer care and support offered by the vendor. Espre Technologies offers a range of on-demand training modules and knowledge bases so you can quickly familiarize yourself with new or updated features.

Production tools. If you are looking for a Military and Defense Software solution that gives you more control over a physical product, consider how they allow you to use their tools to your advantage. AccreateLabs provides 3D printing services that allow you to submit your own CAD or 3D models, granting you a greater degree of control over the particular design and engineering aspects of your business.

Pricing Information

Military and Defense Software requires contact with each vendor to create a needs-based pricing plan. Most vendors do offer scalable pricing plans so you only pay for what you use. Some vendors offer demos and guided trials for some products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does military and defense software do?

Military and defense software is an integral part of defense systems, combat mission systems, and weapons systems. It uses AI and IoT to boost its capabilities and VR to facilitate training.

What are the benefits of using military and defense software?

Military and defense software is required to run military hardware and infrastructure. Technological superiority underpins a successful military and defense strategy. It enables cutting-edge, state-of-the-art capabilities in smart weapons, stealth weapons, missile defense systems, surveillance, military intelligence, and electronic warfare.

What are the best military and defense software products?

These are some of the largest military and defense software products:

How much does military and defense software cost?

Military and defense software is costly and can easily run into millions of dollars. Pricing is usually set when a vendor bid is accepted.