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OnPage Corporation headquartered in Waltham offers their IT alert management solution.

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Text-Em-All, headquartered in Frisco, delivers personalized, informational, emergency mass text messages and phone calls, whether they’re going to five people or 50,000.


OnPage Corporation headquartered in Waltham offers their IT alert management solution.

Everbridge Mass Notification

Everbridge Mass Notificaiton enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence, in order to keep recipients informed before, during, and after events. It is designed for three use cases:Emergency Response and ManagementCitizen…

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RedFlag is presented as an easy to use multi-channel emergency mass notification system that allows users to deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups of any size. The emergency mass notification system can be used by small businesses up to enterprise corporations…


AlertMedia headquartered in Austin offers their eponymous platform as a multi-channel emergency notification system, providing an intuitive mass communication solution, which may also be used to provide two-way communications, shipping alerts, or other related functions.

Singlewire InformaCast

Singlewire Software headquartered in Madison develops and supports a suite of InformaCast software solutions to help add value to existing technology and build a robust notification ecosystem. Whether to broadcast IP phones, send SMS text messages, reach a wide array of devices,…

OnSolve Critical Event Management & Mass Notification

The OnSolve Critical Event Management & Mass Notification is the eponymous software-based communication, notification, and collaboration suite from the company created by the merge of MIR3, ECN, and Send Word Now. Their product suite contains alerting tools and cloud-based collaboration…

Dataminr Pulse

Dataminr Pulse is a Real-Time Event and Risk Detection solution for businesses, public sector, and news organization, that leverages AI to give users early indication of business-critical information about risks to people, a brand, and physical and virtual assets – so the user can…


SnapComms is a provider of internal communication software, used by 2.5 million employees in 75 countries worldwide. Designed with all workplaces in mind, the software bypasses email to inform and engage employees. Dynamic, visual tools aim to get improved message readership over…

One Call Now, an OnSolve solution

One Call Now, a product division of OnSolve, is a broadcast messaging and notification service, as well as voice and email messaging system, for sending messages to groups quickly.

Titan HST

Titan HST, from Titan Health & Security Technologies headquartered in Newport Beach, is presented as an emergency alert system & mass notifications system, suitable for businesses, governments and schools. The software platform allows administrators, organizational users and emergency…

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The Noggin platform, from the company of the same name in Sydney, is a safety, security, and critical event management platform, designed to give organizations everything they need to keep communities, workers, and assets safe and secure, and manage disruption. It is available on…

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RapidAlerts is an enterprise alerting and notification software for communication with employees. The technology creates a separate channel for the most important communications, to ensure that staff members never miss a critical message, no matter how busy they are or where they…

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DeskAlerts is an internal communication solution designed to reach employees quickly with important information using a range of different tools and channels. This alerting software is best suited for large organizations of more than 100 employees and offers new ways to reach them…

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SchoolLife is a Student Life Population, Health, & Emergency Management software solution, a platform that integrates a population, health & emergency management platform with an existing Student Information System (SIS). It is developed by the company of the same name in New Haven,…

New World Public Safety

New World Public Safety offers a suite of solutions for dispatchers, sworn officers, firefighters, first responders in the field, command staff, and civilian staff that ensure public safety agencies are compliant with state and federal mandates.

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Finalsite Messages XR

Finalsite's Messages XR is an internal communications software tool for educational institutions and schools, that enables users to send emails, texts, voice calls, mobile app notifications, website alerts, and social media posts, with a single click, and extend one's reach across…

Raptor Emergency Management System

Raptor Technologies offers their emergency management software solution, designed to protect students and staff so schools can be in complete control during drills, active incidents, and reunifications.

NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is a desktop emergency notification system configurable to meet the needs of corporations of educational institutions.

Voyent Alert! Mass Notification

Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose mass notification system that allows organizations to rapidly send enriched and personalized alerts for both critical emergencies and day-to-day notifications via an alerting application. It is designed to help users strengthen communications and…

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WatchKeeper is a critical event management platform. Clients can view their assets and personnel alongside live risk data on one real-time mapping display. WatchKeeper enables users to set automatic risk alerts, manage the response, and create briefings.

NEC UC Emergency On-Site Notification

Designed to integrate with NEC's UNIVERGE SV9300 and SV9500 communications servers, UC Emergency On-Site Notification is an on-campus emergency notification and alerting system.

CGI Notify
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CGI Notify is a messaging and alerting system supporting 2-way messaging, one to many messaging, group or individual delivery, and other features.

Learn More About Emergency Notification Systems

What is an Emergency Notification System?

Emergency Notification Systems are used to send out mass alerts as part of an emergency communication plan. These alerts may be sent via text message, email, or phone, or broadcast via speakers/sirens or television.

In some cases, the notifications are automatically triggered by warning events, such as extreme weather. In other cases, users can send out notifications with one click, quickly deploying a pre-configured message to a network of citizens, members, or subscribers.

Emergency notification systems, also called mass notification software, or emergency alert/broadcast software, allows organizations to set up the triggers and alerts (often requiring integrations to other systems), as well as deliver the messages to recipients.

Speed and reliability are crucial factors for these kinds of tools, since notifications send through them are usually urgent matters of public safety and/or business-critical systems failure.

Emergency Notification System Features

Emergency Notification Systems include the following identifiable features:

  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Multichannel alerts- push notifications, emails, text messages
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Pre-designed alert templates
  • User grouping

Emergency Notification System Comparison

When comparing Emergency Notification Systems, consider the following factors:

  1. Notification Channels: Users will have different preferences for how they want to receive notifications. You have the option to choose between using a smartphone app, text messages, push notifications, and emails.
  2. Speed: You will want to choose an Emergency Notification System that quickly gets the information to all of your personnel. Text messages may not arrive as quickly as push notifications or in-app alerts.
  3. Inbound messages: Some vendors offer two-way communication that allows your personnel to send updates during the emergency situation.
  4. Message type: Vendors such as Text-em-All offer mass texting services that enable users to notify their customers about important events or product-related information that may be relevant to them. Though similar to SMS Marketing, these messages are not typically associated with a wider sales or marketing campaign and are not intended to promote the purchase of products and services.

Emergency Notification System Price

Vendors may charge a one-time licensing fee or use a subscription plan (paid either monthly or annually). The subscription plans often have limits on the number of recipients. You should contact the vendor directly to schedule a demo or receive specific pricing for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Emergency Notification System?

Emergency Notification Systems allow organizations to send multi-channel alerts in urgent situations. Usually, these alerts are sent via text message or push notifications on the recipient’s cell phone.

What are the best Emergency Notification Systems?

The Emergency Notification System with the most reviews on TrustRadius is Everbridge Mass Notification, which is recommended for enterprise businesses. RedFlag and OnSolve Critical Event Management & Mass Notification also received positive reviews for ease of use.

What are the benefits of using an Emergency Notification System?

Emergency Notification Systems are essential for quickly informing the public to take action in emergency situations. The geofencing capabilities allow you segment notifications by physical location.

How much do Emergency Notification Systems cost?

Vendors may charge a one-time licensing fee or use a subscription plan (paid either monthly or annually). The subscription plans often have limits on the number of recipients.