Workflow Software

Best Workflow Software include:

Comindware Tracker and Process Street.

Workflow Software Overview

What is Workflow Software?

A workflow is best understood as a series of related tasks, which take place in a sequence. Typical workflows are document-centric and route a document through a series of steps for approval, updating, or editing. Workflows can be invaluable in multiple scenarios, such as document approval, HR (i.e. onboarding a new employee), CapEx approval, IT service, expense report process, claims, and more.

Workflow software helps create, automate, and track the tasks involved with workflows. This software is designed to be used by non-coders. Simple drag and drop graphical user interfaces (GUIs) allow almost any user to create an automated workflow. The automated workflow will route the document to the appropriate users and software systems. Dashboard reports then update the workflow progress, including any delinquent steps in the process.

Benefits of Workflow Software

Companies today do a lot of repetitive manual tasks that can benefit from workflow automation. Some of the benefits of workflow software include:

  • Process optimization

  • Monitoring and control of processes

  • Increased efficiency

  • Increased visibility to bottlenecks or constrained resources

  • Reduce errors

  • Reduce response time to the customer

  • Creation of audit trail

Workflow Software vs. BPM and ECM

Workflow management is similar, but differs from process management. A workflow is a sequence of activities needed to complete a specific task, whereas a process is a series of repeatable actions to achieve a goal. Workflow software automates workflow management, while Business Process Management (BPM) software streamlines all business processes and workflows to create a more agile and efficient business.

There is also some overlap between workflow software and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). One of the key objectives of an ECM system is to improve workflows, but an ECM system also is concerned with other objectives, including information governance and managing unstructured documents.

Workflow Software Features & Capabilities

Most workflow software on the market should include the following features to help create, automate, and track workflows:

  • Graphical workflow builder (drag and drop) builder

  • On-the-fly changes to workflows or forms

  • Create task and workflow interdependencies

  • Workflow progress tracking and reporting

  • Approval process management, including defining user roles and responsibilities

  • Automatic escalation management

  • Process enforcement and compliance tracking

  • Third party integrations (CRM, Sharepoint, etc)

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Import/Export of data

  • Document management

  • Multi-party collaboration

  • On-premise or cloud based installation

Pricing Information

Standalone workflow software is usually priced per user per month. Prices start between $9 and $60 for a single user. Alternatively, a few vendors charge per automated workflow, starting at $500 per month for up to 5 workflows. Take advantage of the free trials most vendors offer to ensure the software will meet your company’s needs.

Workflow Products

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167 ratings
79 reviews
Top Rated
Monday is a project management tool. Monday includes productivity features such as customizable workflows, time tracking, automated notifications, dependencies, integrations, and timeline views. The tool is highly customizable and adaptable to various workflows and team sizes.
133 ratings
72 reviews
Formstack is an online form building solution. Its drag-and-drop web form creator gives digital marketers a tool for online data collection and engagement. Users can collect payments and pass form data to popular marketing apps through third-party integrations. With Formstack, users can capture resp…
Comindware Tracker
66 ratings
41 reviews
Top Rated
Comindware Tracker is a business process management software centered on worklows to build automations. Comindware Tracker implements a drag-and-drop interface along with Excel-style rules and forms.
42 ratings
19 reviews
KiSSFLOW is a cloud-based business process management and workflow management software designed to enable users to create an unlimited number of automated business applications with a through a simple user interface.
24 ratings
10 reviews
PowerApps is a low code / rapid application development product from Microsoft that allows users to quickly build apps.
Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow)
22 ratings
8 reviews
Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) enables employees to create and automate workflows and tasks across multiple applications and services without help from developers.
Process Street
9 ratings
7 reviews
Process Street in San Francisco offers their application which allows teams to create simple recurring checklists, collaborate around them and track as they’re completed.
12 ratings
7 reviews
With Skuid’s front-end rapid application development platform, anyone can create made-to-order applications quickly and with minimal code. The vendor says more than five million users across 32 countries use Skuid to engage with each other, with their data and with new customers in meaningful ways. …
Zoho Creator
30 ratings
6 reviews
Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform for building enterprise-class applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web. It is designed to allow users to create custom forms, configure workflows, build pages, and deploy apps quickly.
BP Logix Process Director
4 ratings
4 reviews
BP Logix Process Director is a .NET-based business process management and workflow automation software offering users the ability to build workflow automation, smart forms and reusable business rules without programming or coding. The software is web-based and mobile capable.
Flokzu Cloud BPM
5 ratings
4 reviews
Flokzu is a cloud-based, agile business process management tool. It provides a low-code environment for supporting various tasks from bug reporting and lead development to customer support and incident analysis.
Bizagi Digital Business Platform
26 ratings
3 reviews
The Digital Business Platform from Bizagi is a rapid process automation platform for enterprises. The solution is comprised of three components: Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Engine.
ServiceNow Now Platform
4 ratings
2 reviews
The ServiceNow Now Platform is a digital workflow building and extension tool for ServiceNow featuring a number of low-code / no code tools.
3 ratings
2 reviews
WEBCON Business Process Suite is a comprehensive solution for Microsoft SharePoint. The solution offers a multilingual SharePoint based interface with dedicated mobile access to tasks and documents. Its graphic process designer helps the user configure and draw business process scenarios and suppor…
CoreIntegrator Workflow
2 ratings
2 reviews
CoreIntegrator in Hummelstown provides AP Automation, built on the CoreIntegrator Workflow platform their solution provides organizations with made-to-order forms and workflows to meet purchasing workflow needs. Automate the Purchasing Department by streamlining Purchase Requisition, PO Matching and…
3 ratings
2 reviews
Integrify provides low-code workflow management software for automating business processes and supporting digital transformation. Integrify also offers consulting and development services to help companies implement and expand their use of workflow automation.
3 ratings
2 reviews
The vendor states that HoneyBook helps creative entrepreneurs and freelancers book more clients, manage projects and get paid all in one place. With HoneyBook, users can automate busy work and stay on top of to-dos, saving time and money, while growing a business. HoneyBook is designed to emulate a …
Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation
6 ratings
2 reviews
TAP Workflow Automation is a true end-to-end business process automation solution, enabling clients to easily digitize any workflow. The vendor says benefits include improved efficiency, productivity, standardization and compliance, with substantial cost savings and quick time-to-value. TAP's drag-a…
6 ratings
2 reviews
inMotion is a work management solution designed for enterprise creative and marketing teams. The vendor says that unlike other solutions, inMotion combines creative brief management, project management, online proofing, and reporting into a single solution that is designed to help users get their wo…
5 ratings
2 reviews
Pipefy headquartered in San Francisco offers their process management and workflow software providing processes for customer success, service desk, sales operations, and other processes.
Creativity 365
2 ratings
2 reviews
Creativity 365 is a comprehensive, cross-device contention creation tool set designed for both business and creative professionals. The suite aims to help individuals and teams collaborate and improve their productivity and efficiency. The set includes five apps along with 1TB Kdan Cloud storage and…
3 ratings
2 reviews
Enboarder headquartered in Sydney offers their HR workflow automation suite with inbuilt employee engagement features. Enboarder is designed to smooth the employee onboarding process, integrating with a wide range of applications including ATS and HR systems (SuccessFactors, SmartRecruiters), electr…
Zoho Flow
2 ratings
1 reviews
Zoho Flow allows the user to integrate business apps to automate a workflow.
Kanbanchi for G Suite
3 ratings
1 reviews
Kanbanchi is a project management solution built as a web-based deployment through Google Drive.
4 ratings
1 reviews
Infinity is an all-in-one project management platform where you can organize anything. The vendor says they offer a toolset that allows you to organize any type of project, no matter the size and complexity. Customizable structure and powerful overview features make sure that, as you keep using the…