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simple ability to customize

7 out of 10
March 06, 2022
Organizing client information and to-dos. A basic overall system to keep track of customer notes, bills, time, anything relating to the …
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Kintone is a Game Changer!

10 out of 10
March 06, 2022
We were looking for a robust solution for our real estate inventory and customer management system. As we grew significantly over the last …
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Kintone Review

8 out of 10
March 06, 2022
Kintone is used for form or approval submissions. It helps with organization and making sure that all of the information that we need on …
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What is Kintone?

Kintone is a customizable digital workplace platform that lets the user manage data, tasks, and communication in one central place. Over 23,000 customers use Kintone’s no-code platform with more than 1.5 million database and workflow applications custom built for their businesses. Kintone is provided by Cybozu Inc., a Tokyo-based public company founded in 1997.

Boasting users among the largest F500 companies, Kintone's no-code platform with granular governance aims to empower citizen developers in SMBs and team leaders in larger orgs to centralize and streamline workflows.

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4. Setting Up Workflows and Process Management
5. Do More With Collaboration and Integrations
Collaborating More Effectively with My Team Using Kintone
Turning Spreadsheets into Fully Interactive Database Apps with Kintone
Task Notifications and Management to Track Projects with Kintone
Kintone for Sales and Marketing Teams
Kintone for Operations Managers
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Deployment TypesSaaS
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Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesNorth America, South America, Oceania, Japan, China, Southeast Asia
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Kintone cost?

Kintone starts at $15.

What is Kintone's best feature?

Reviewers rate Drag-and-drop Interfaces highest, with a score of 9.5.

Who uses Kintone?

The most common users of Kintone are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Non-profit Organization Management industry.


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Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization uses Kintone as a database platform for three main vital pieces of information.
  • Ability to personalize without knowledge of coding.
  • The potential and possible capabilities of the platform.
  • The vast amount of applications available to use.
  • Certain calculations cannot be made.
  • The changing of previous records when changing forms in applications.
  • Inability to implement a barcode system within Kintone.
  • The linking of information is very difficult and not user friendly.
It is well suited in personalization options and ease of doing so, however, changing one thing within a form can cause major issues.
You cannot schedule a meeting with a member of your support staff earlier than two weeks out, which causes me to attempt to remedy any problems that have been found. The last time I did have a meeting, the individual didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know, and was unable to assist.
Farshad Karimi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
An easy straightforward way to drag and drop fields where you need them which allowed for a great-looking presentation. Using Kintone for sorting information was great.
  • Organization.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Great for Presentations.
  • Cannot attach images to templates.
  • Limits on how many fields can be added.
  • Pricing too high.
Great for data mining and presentation, however, it is not great if you have to add large amounts of data. Limitations are also the export types.
Nothing I had addressed with support was solved, assured to be fixed or to be added at a later point. The support I did receive was incorrect or not useful for the most part.
  • no training
Not much difficulty to figure it out.
I could see this work for all departments if implemented correctly.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Kintone to track multiple levels of data. We are a small non-profit that provides services to the unhoused and mentally ill in our community. We needed to track client data for grant writing and community partner purposes. Kintone fits that need beautifully.
  • Data Tracking.
  • Exporting Data to spreadsheet.
  • Ease of use.
  • Allows for many uses to view data.
  • Allowing the "apps" to be reordered so the most frequently used apps by a user are on top rather than the order they were built.
  • A more clear "users" manual rather than online training and support classes.
We have found Kintone to be user-friendly and allows novice individuals to have a comprehensive database. With limited tech support in our organization, we needed a product that would allow us to develop and modify our data collection easily, Kintone does that for us. I really can't think of a place that Kintone wouldn't be well suited. They have great customer support and their non-profit price point is excellent.
We had an excellent experience with our importing process. We enjoyed frequent contact from their sales department throughout the process allowing us to be prepared for the migration of our existing data. Kintone also tapped us for some follow-up programs that allowed our organization to grow and become a more cohesive team.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
What are the business problems the product addresses > We used Kintone for simple internal requests to solve email efficiency, the difficulty of managing request status, and complications including separate attachments. What is the scope of your use case? > Reimbursemtn request, purchase request, some of the IT-related requests like user addition/modification, permission request, system access request.
  • Easy form creation.
  • Many templates(form).
  • Javascript embedding.
  • Many samples and solutions including other systems' API access.
  • If the business logic gets complex, only javascript coding works. It might get a headache in the future.
  • Due to product limitation, small work around is required many times.
If you would like to replace an internal process using an Excel master file or internal request, Kintone should be fit. It's easy to create forms and you can start using the simple system very quickly. In addition, the cost is very attractive compared to other tools. But if the business logic or workflow and conditions of the process get too complicated, you need much coding. Just using javascript simply is totally OK but I feel complicated business logic does not fit with Kintone.
We didn't use much Kintone support but their online resource was so helpful.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Other than our email through Outlook. Kintone is the primary online software that our office uses to manage the office. This includes a document library, a CRM-like system for constituent casework, a project management tracker, and communication software. The document library is simply a holder of our documents. The constituent casework portion tracks staff actions taken in assisting constituents with the issues they ask about. The project management tracker is for when we file bills and keep track of the changes made and wherein the process of a bill is. Lastly, we will use the messaging feature for communications that are not time-sensitive.
  • Document library.
  • Being able to @ someone and link them to a specific item.
  • Segment work into different "apps".
  • Announcements page.
  • The settings menus are complicated.
  • The settings menus and the system admin pages are separated.
  • The UI is often a bit clumsy.
  • The notifications/reminders are difficult to setup and calibrate.
It is an excellent document library. The communication features, being able to use the @ and bring the target to a specific item is most helpful when working on a collaborative project that might use proprietary or unique file types that must be downloaded and cannot be edited in a browser. The CRM functionality at least how it was set up for our organization needs more work.
I had an issue with the mobile app and the support team was responsive in a timely manner. I have never had an issue where I could not reach support when needed.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it as a complex workflow tool that supports our privacy and security by the design process. Project managers log new projects and the security teams review the implementation of assigned controls using the tool. We have some specialist workflow built-in to move the approval through various teams before being finally 'approved'. Kintone offers an API link up too, so we can pass the information into our reporting solution to show progress to the business. The Kintone support team has been very supportive in getting the solution set up. They are responsive and professional without needing heavily detailed requirements before agreeing to make any changes. The only thing I would say is that it's tricky to make complex changes in-house; it sometimes requires detailed JavaScripting to make those changes. It would be better if it were more extensively, using the low-code model.
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • User interface
  • Low-code: the tool does require complex JavaScript to achieve some things.
  • Consulting support: there is an overreliance on consulting to achieve some outcomes (even for technical resources that are using it).
  • The interfaces often look slightly dated.
For complex workflows, where the requirement is clear and doesn't change too often, I think this is a good tool. It allows us to go beyond the capabilities offered by our regular workflow tools (Knack and ServiceNow) more simply and cheaply. That is why we selected the tool. We are now reliant on the support team to make any changes though.
I think that this depends on who you engage with. The support was there but was fairly limited. They responded very quickly to all requests but the discussion always rapidly moved to 'paid-for consulting'. It isn't particularly expensive but it was very difficult to assess ahead of time. Therefore, the budget to do changes always had to be pulled from other areas. It would be really useful to have a model of support (even if on a 'call-off' basis) from the outset of the project. It would make it much more manageable.
The product is usable but the menus are quite confusing.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Kintone on a daily basis for sales leads, quoting, purchasing, and client management. It is thoroughly ingrained in our day-to-day operations. It helped take us from a position where we needed to keep track of paper copies moving around our shop to a point where every piece of information is digital. We track the time it takes to complete projects, who was involved, what steps were taken, etc. Kintone may be the most powerful tool we use.
  • Automation
  • Reduction of Redundancy
  • User History
  • Developer Documentation
  • Styling without CSS
  • Better form output without the need for 3rd party plugins
Kintone is well suited for clients who are self-starters with a specific vision of their needs. It also doesn’t hurt to have a very specific problem that you need to solve. For example, we ended up finding and using Kintone after testing out dozen industry-specific software options only to realize that none of them exactly fit our workflow. There is a lot one can do without any knowledge of JavaScript, however, I would strongly suggest having someone on your team who can learn JS, as it adds so much more depth to what is possible with the product.
I have had very specific questions about different aspects of the software, and I have always been able to get a hold of someone who could help. If my sales rep didn’t know the answer, he would get me in touch with someone who did know the answer. The whole team is very ready to help. It definitely feels like they view my success as their success, which is so important with this type of software.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Kintone to manage all of our data. We have tens of thousands of data points to manage our subscription mail business. We searched for several years for a data solution to our very complex and unique data challenges before we found Kintone. Every time an order comes in, our team needs to know how to process the order and store the data associated with it. Kintone helps us manage every part of the data for our business.
  • User permissions allow for secure data managers
  • Dashboards allow for quick glances at key metrics
  • Customizable apps allow us to make changes to whichever workflows we need
  • Kintone's look and feel is not as smooth as some other apps
Kintone does an excellent job of building custom apps. We have a very complex and specific use-case for which we could not find any off-the-shelf applications that were capable of handling our data needs. Kintone was easily customizable to accommodate what was necessary to run our business.
The support from Kintone has been excellent. On numerous occasions, customer service representatives have proactively reached out to us to see if we needed help with anything. They also scheduled Zoom calls one month after we went live to go over any questions we had. Additionally, they assigned a local account representative to check in on us periodically to provide any necessary help.
Caneel Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
RRCA is a large organization with around 200 employees and multiple divisions that oversee multiple programs. We are a Community Action Agency and so have to abide by CSBG regulations. Previously to Kintone, every program/division was reporting, and recording information separately. There was no centralized way of accessing and storing the data. Kintone allowed specific information to be shared across all programs and program-specific information to be visible only to its respective program. All of our programs have different criteria and different types of information.
  • Allows for easy communication and sharing
  • Allows for vast differences in programing across multiple apps
  • Replaces excel spreadsheets with live useable data
  • Record numbers could be applied upon creation not upon save. This would negate the need to save and edit when using record numbers as identification or to link records.
  • It would be great to have user selection and department fields be more dynamic. To be able to sort, filter, etc. These fields are limited in how they are used to group and report data. These are key fields that need to be able to use.
  • It would be great to have more dynamic search capabilities all around. Especially when using the filter in lookups. It would be wonderful to have a search bar that you can type in a and all a's will appear. Just like when you type in the filter (All Records) and all fields with the letters you type populates. This would save a lot of time for everyone!!!!!
  • A plugin to format phone numbers, Social security numbers, dates, ect.
  • A plugin that calculates dates from today.
  • The ability to add the "Assigned to me" section of the portal to spaces. (On the left column like on the Portal.
  • Plugin for reporting across applications
Many of our programs use excel spreadsheets to record, report, track, and assign tasks to workers. These spreadsheets need to be saved to a server so they can be accessed by all team members, in real-time. Then our off-site people have to log onto a VPN and to the server to access the information. If the service is spotty then they are kicked off repeatedly and large data sets are almost impossible to work with. Replacing those spreadsheets with an app on Kintone allowed instant access to the information, and because Kintone is web-based our employees did not need to connect to the server or the VPN. The only place I see that Kintone was less appropriate was when a database was required by the state and could not be replaced with Kintone.
The staff at Kintoone is amazing. they are always there to help out. He is always supportive and patient. He is quick to respond and always has a kind demeanor. He knows his stuff, and when he is stumped his support is always right there to help. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Elias Bexanis this year, and he is also awesome. They both have gone above and beyond to help me develop Kintone to meet the vast needs of our Company.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I was brought into a not-for-profit organization that had already purchased Kintone and needed help using the product. I am there to understand clients' needs and translate that into making Kintone work for the organization. The organization uses Kintone to store data about their volunteers and the work they do, and I analyze their business processes, make suggestions for what would work best in the Kintone system, and then implement those solutions. I also serve as support while the organization uses the product and makes changes based on their needs.
  • Database storage
  • API connections
  • Availability to users - there's an app as well as a web interface
  • Some built-in functionality to help organizations that cannot add-in that functionality themselves
  • Better reporting tools
  • More clear documentation on how to develop solutions Kintone
Good for organizations that need a flexible database system that they don’t have to build from scratch. Good for organizations that need a database they don't have to host or find a hosting provider for. Possibly not ideal for organizations that need a more 'turn-key solution, but the drag and drop interface that you use to build the forms and databases makes it easy to add and remove database columns.
When I first started, I contacted the company to get some more info on how to best use the product. They connected me with a specialist that helps not for profits like ours. He made time to talk to me, multiple times, to answer any questions I had, and even offered to help make the changes we needed to make the product more usable.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Organizing client information and to-dos. A basic overall system to keep track of customer notes, bills, time, anything relating to the business so that we doesn't lose any important information.
  • Customization - Being able to create apps that fit my business needs
  • User ease - It's a very simple system to use and master
  • Look - I like the general look of the apps and simplicity
  • I'd like to see more options in app creating
  • Time keeping is something I would really like to be able to use better on this system
  • Invoicing would also be a nice additional system that we could use
Kintone works well for a small business without an IT person. I don't see it being as successful for a smaller business with some of the inabilities to create additional lists. I think if I needed to know more information on a certain client it would be better if the systems meshed a bit more but it works okay for me since I know where to look for what I need.
I've worked with Kintone support just a couple of times but they've always been extremely responsive, and knowledgeable. Any questions I have are answered in a very reasonable amount of time.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We were looking for a robust solution for our real estate inventory and customer management system. As we grew significantly over the last few years, our prior patchwork of spreadsheets was no longer efficient or reliable. Along came Kintone. We now have primary apps that we use on Kintone to handle our records for inventory, customers, key contacts, and finance agreements. We have created reminders for important tasks, as well as notes and activities for each app to leave a solid record for updates and comments. Our team loves the ability to communicate with each other within the Kintone Portal. We are operating at greater efficiency now. And the customer support and guidance from the Kintone team have been outstanding. Kintone has been a game-changer for us. Thank you Kintone!
  • Delivers a one -stop shop for all our records
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Extremely customizable
  • Some of the PDFs for the Kintone native plugins are very difficult to understand
Kintone is a solid choice to handle vast amounts of records across many different areas. It's easy for our users to learn and navigate. The collaboration tools (messaging, reminders, etc.) are very popular on our team now. Any organization that is looking to move away from disjointed spreadsheets and lost emails should consider Kintone as their solution.
Kintone's customer support has been tremendous. Our Kintone representatives have been available to answer questions and offer guidance as we have rolled out our new Kintone apps to our team. The Kintone knowledge base and videos have helped me create and optimize our Kintone Portal and apps. We are very pleased with Kintone's support.
March 06, 2022

Kintone Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Kintone is used for form or approval submissions. It helps with organization and making sure that all of the information that we need on each form is properly uploaded by creating required fields on each form. It also helps consolidate all our information into one digital database, which helps for record-keeping purposes.
  • Organization of forms for record keeping purposes
  • Easy to use and create forms
  • Clear UI for new users (both administrators and general users)
  • Clearer explanations of exactly what each detail setting does (tooltips)
  • Easier way to move people across departments
  • Easier way to upload pictures/files to each form to display
Kintone is good for forms, approvals, and for organizing a database for your organization. It is great for general large-scale companies with retail/restaurants. It is less suited for a place to post announcements, town halls, or necessarily try to communicate with employees. It is really a workplace platform at heart, and less so a communication channel.
Great support, they have help pages throughout its support site that will help you with every single function that it offers. Just wish there were some easy access tooltips on the forms themselves rather than essentially having to read a detailed guide before starting. The support from the support staff is also top-notch.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Kintone as a database to keep tracking of customer information including our interactions with the customers such as meetings, interviews, etc. We need a simple database with a user-friendly interface and Kintone seems to fit the bill perfectly.
  • The drag and drop method to create and customize tables is very easy to use.
  • The built-in fields offer everything we need. You can simply just customize it to meet your own needs.
  • All the functions relating creating and managing apps are very easy to use.
  • It seems a bit difficult to create relations between tables. You can reference the values of a column to another table and that is the only way to do it, as far as I know.
If you are looking for a simple typical CRM tool, I highly recommend it. It has the most user-friendly interface among all the CRM tools I have explored. It might take some effort to revise the existing table structure to fit complicated use cases.
I had two issues and the support teams were very quick to respond. However, the support teams don't seem very technical. They only knew the basic knowledge about how things work.
Shin Kishioka | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
At our company, we have two major goals we wanted to solve using Kintone. The first one is that we have small niche items and products but many types we resell, and I have been constantly bothering our team members about the last quote, last sales of particular products, and wasting their time. We(I) wanted to minimize our team members' time looking for past shipping documents, or sales-related documents. Some of the items or products we only have once-a-year inquiries and we certainly don't remember in our head the pricing, lead time, etc. Second, on another aspect is the expense reports, vacation requests, contracts/agreements we wanted to go 100% paperless and track the approvals.
  • Agility and flexibility in creating variety of apps for your office work.
  • Leave notes for particular people for each threads.
  • Logs and traceabilities.
  • Ease of use.
  • Fast implementations.
  • Trial collaboration apps with outside organizations and partners.
  • Ability to send emails from Kintone
  • Clarification on Collaboration capabilities with accounting software
During this pandemic with the high turnover rate at many companies, as a supplier, vendors, or clients, we would like them to use Kintone so that in case anyone leaves the companies, they will be able to find our past transactions, inquiries, and businesses to seamlessly take over and receive the support from them and vice-a-versa. I Hope Kintone has much more collaboration options with the outside companies of ours that we work with day-to-day. We are all heading into automation and seamless collaborations with our vendors, suppliers, and partners. We would need a much higher level of such options ready.
Overall mostly great, but depends on Kintone's available resources, the timing, our capabilities in expressing what we want (clients usually don't have this), and the lack of available types of support by Kintone.
Kintone is agile app and most of the time we can easily come up with new apps. However, there should be more feature-based drag and drop and or a visual-based usability, as we all want to minimize the number of clicks and dropdown menu selections as much as possible.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Kintone to manage our hotel's restaurant guest information database. We mostly use it to send out e-mails with promotions. We are looking into using Kintone for more marketing ideas.
  • Their customer service is unbeatable.
  • Technical assistance and showing us how to use their products.
  • User Friendly products
  • occasionally we run into function problems but they are always handled so quickly.
We value Kintone very much because they help us manage our valuable customer information. Without Kintone we would have a mess with excel and dealing with accidental deletions or outdated versions. I don't see where it would be less appropriate because they always find ways to integrate their system to change with our needs.
Whenever we have a question or technical problem our Kintone representatives respond so quickly. They either answer my questions right away or are willing to get on a call with us to help. They also keep in touch which helps to keep a great relationship.
March 06, 2022

Kintone is great

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We needed a tool to manage our training and development projects. I had tried other tools in the past, but so many of the tools that are available out there don't come with any help unless you pay additional fees to just ask some questions of a person and get some basic help on usage. So, we elected to build our own tool after a colleague came across Kintone and wanted to use it to build a tool to catalog and manage our training content. We realized that since this was a tool that allowed us to create our own apps to manage our internal processes we could create an app that mirrored how we want to work and not how some external vendor thought we should work. I was connected with a developer at Sympo, who was experienced with building in the Kintone environment and we got started. We need to record general information about our project, description, team members, deliverables, etc. We needed an environment where we could track and manage how long our projects take, and finally, do we provide all of the information to the rest of our team that manages other processes outside of development, i.e. content manager, LMS delivery for learning, pilots for ILTs, pre-requisites, etc. and all of that is now kept in our Kintone project management tool. The good thing about Kintone is that you can build whatever you want, but what needs to be kept front of mind is that if you want this tool to manage a process you need your process to be pretty clearly thought out and documented. It didn't take us too long to get the initial framework built and we can continue to tweak it until it is as close to perfect as needed. We continue to tweak it and are now in the process of creating a request form that will interface with Kintone for intake of new training project requests and transfer to our management app if we approve the request.
  • Ease of use
  • licensing management
  • I'd like for Kintone to offer more development expertise as part of their offering instead of recommending other vendors. It has worked out wonderfully for me, but having to do business with another vendor can add complexity that could be alleviated by offering their own development support.
I think that my answer to this is a little confusing because it's the same scenario for both well-sited and less appropriate depending on your environment. I think that the flexibility and scalability (as well as the cost) of Kintone, lends themselves to really help to build out processes or workflows that aren't as clearly defined as we may like. Because changes to the apps can be done so easily and quickly, for the most part, your tool can evolve with you and your business as things are clarified. Now, if you expect using Kintone to help you to create and clarify processes or workflows that's isn't the space where it exists. A lot of systems will take you through a series of questions and then offer you a proposed solution. While there are some templates available with Kintone, if you want to build your own tool, you really need to think about what it needs to do and how it needs to function first. The tool is so flexible that you can keep circling and making changes for a long time before you have a really useful tool if you don't start with some sort of structure.
Our sales rep was GREAT, but he wasn't able to answer some specific development questions and offered resources outside of Kintone to help with this.
March 06, 2022

Pleased with Kintone.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a national organization, we conduct national outreach. We were looking for a way to capture, manage, and use our contacts efficiently and effectively. We use Kintone as a contact management app. We are also a small organization experiencing rapid growth. We need a way to keep up with the various project components and communicate back and forth on tasks. We use Kintone to assign, track and manage employee tasks and project completion. Kintone has allowed us to streamline our processes and maximize the use of staff time and resources while managing our projects.
  • Allow us to sort our contacts by any field that we choose.
  • Gives reports on the fly about any captured data.
  • Is customizable and user-friendly so easy to use.
  • I would like to see some of the functionality of the add-ins such as reoccurring tasks become a core component.
Kintone is well suited anywhere you want to capture and use data. If you think of a spreadsheet or database, Kintone takes the heavy lifting out of building one.
Whenever I have a question, I get a quick answer that usually provides detailed information and solves the problem.
Carmen Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Kintone for book printing and publishing. Exclusively for internal use at this point, it helps us to track a large amount of detailed information and history on thousands of projects and hundreds of clients. Our apps are designed in a fairly linear flow at its center, with each App using Action Buttons and Related Records as bridges into the next App — e.g. Agencies with Authors, Authors with Books, Books with Projects. We also use Apps to track Royalty Information, Vendors, Contacts, New Project Leads, etc. We chose Kintone mainly for its emphasis on data over task management, as our team members work almost entirely autonomously. However, in emphasizing data over the task, a big missing piece for us is the lack of a user-friendly Gantt or timeline functionality—we have another solution for now, but it would be ideal for that to be centralized in Kintone. Other wishlist things that I ask for whenever possible, are the ability to arrange the order of Apps within a Space (simple), and an easy-to-use checklist for each user that could associate tasks directly with any record across all Apps (a bit more complex). Overall, it's been a positive move for us!
  • Customer Service and Training (AMAZING)
  • Data Management
  • Gantt or Timeline Feature — user-friendly, and ideally with click-and-drag date changes or it will be clunky
  • Task Checklist Feature — per user; can directly connect a task to any record in ANY app; managers and team members with permissions can add tasks to other users' lists
  • Users can create Custom Views (just for them)
  • Freeform Form Design — can arrange fields freely without being locked to a grid
  • Checkbox Fields — have the option to show or hide the other unchecked options on the list, ideally with the checkboxes still visible!
  • Related Records can use more than one reference field — this one is huge if you have records with repeating answers (e.g. two books with the same title—one is paperback, one hardcover. I'd like to specify in related records to associate by title AND by product type)
I love how we can customize our process to be only as complex as it needs to be. We explored using SharePoint before Kintone (even hired a programmer to build it out) and it was way too hefty of a system for our needs. In Kintone, we are able to customize and build pathways where our team is already walking, rather than force them to walk on a rigid path that doesn't serve them. Speaking of our needs and use, I think Kintone is great for high data management needs like ours and is less strong in task management and timelines. They do have a Process Management feature that helps with accountability and moves a project through its stages, but I'm unfamiliar with a way to manage more granular tasks in a clean way. I do love the Action Buttons feature which allows us to create a record in another app with the click of a button and auto-fill relevant information from the app we are in. Finally, I've never had as positive a customer service and training experience as when working with the Kintone Team—they have been proactive, helpful, personally engaging, and motivated to help us succeed.
I've never had as amazing a Customer Service and Training experience as when working with Kintone. Implementing a new system is a huge project, and their proactive, personable, and motivated team made it a great experience. I've left several glowing reviews about this aspect alone!
Score 10 out of 10
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We utilize it to document client information to then use for reporting.
  • User friendly.
  • Structural design.
  • Data capture.
  • Reporting capabilities.
  • Integration between apps could be easier.
Any type of data capturing.
We have always been able to reach our Kintone representatives with questions. They are timely in getting us back to us. They are easy to understand and ask questions to.
It is easy for any skill level to learn and maintain
Mike Berryman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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One of the roles I play is computer system architect serving multiple sales reps who relay customer needs to me by email. Our company was keeping quotes on individual spreadsheets and monitoring progress thru email. Both are very lame tools for managing a sale from request thru closing, delivery, and follow-up. Opportunities were falling thru the cracks and time was wasted digging thru inboxes. With Kintone the initial email can be saved into a quote and a defacto ticketed system is in place ensuring apps are not forgotten. We call it the single point of truth. Configurations, prices, costs, vendors, tracking numbers, purchase orders, photos, and all communications are saved on one spot. Since it is a database any field can be searched which has its obvious benefits. The real beauty is how easy it is to use. I am a pretty old dog who has never taken even one spreadsheet or database class and after 2 scheduled phone calls, I am building useful tools. Oh, and it's so affordable I just charge it on my card and add it to my expensive report.
  • Easily link information from different databases.
  • Easily add file attachments.
  • Excellent support.
  • Why limit the size of spreadsheet files to upload.
I had used a tool built-in Filemaker that I really loved but I was never going to find the time to learn how to use it. For less than the cost of Filemaker, I have a better, easier-to-use tool with only 2 hours of time invested.
Why do I give a perfect score for user support? Because with one payment of $125 I not only received the use of the product I received 2 uncharged hours of help to get my system built. The engineer who assisted me was extremely proficient and polite.
Score 10 out of 10
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My department is responsible for developing training for our dealer network (not comprised of company employees). Historically we created training (whether online or in-person), delivered it, and moved on. We did not have a good method for keeping track of projects or when content needed review. We were unable to search a database for keywords to determine if the content on a particular topic already existed. Thus we often found ourselves creating new content (even though older content may have existed) or maintaining content that had outlived its usefulness because we didn't really know what we had. We tried to adopt other tools used by our company, such as DAM (digital asset management) platforms, but those are designed to manage and deploy video and images to websites, not to manage a database of information ABOUT an asset. Kintone allowed me to easily build a simple database that I could use to track product IDs, related course titles, intended audience, language, course fees, contact, info - myriad data points that were never tracked before. An attachment field enables us to include documents related to the record. Bulk updates are easy and apps are easy to modify once created.
  • App creation is simple and intuitive, easily modified
  • Exporting and bulk updates simplify data management
  • Help documentation is thorough and well-written
  • Populating apps with data from other apps is easy with related fields
  • Searching apps by key word is fast with accurate results
  • Reminder notifications are not intuitive to set up
  • Notification on the home page can't be deleted in bulk
  • Sometimes Japanese appears when setting up app fields
As described Kintone is great for quickly setting up databases and tracking content life cycles. Its intuitiveness meant I could create exactly what I needed in minutes, affordably. Kintone is searchable so we can easily determine what content exists, how old it is, who it was designed for, and more. My apps are linked with colleagues' project management apps so we never have to re-enter data. Processes and information sharing are streamlined. The database can be exported and shared as an Excel file for others to use. Though Kintone has a reminder notification feature, it is difficult to set up and assign tasks to specific users or groups. The design of this feature is clunky and not as intuitive as app creation. Linking apps was not as easy as I had hoped and required the assistance of a third-party developer.
Kintone's support has been fantastic. Mike and Steve took the time to get us up and running with our apps, ran down the answers to questions, and even helped develop some of our apps on the fly. Everyone at Kintone is responsive, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. and if they don't know the answer to a question they'll find it and respond quickly. I appreciate the availability of the Kintone team to hop on a call and work through a problem with app development, billing, anything. Very easy team to do business with.
March 04, 2022

Kintone for Libraries

Score 7 out of 10
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Here at the Library, we use Kintone for many different applications. These can range from Employee time off, calendar requests, and inventory. In the information technology department, we use it for computer inventory, tracking, and user requests. Kintone is a very powerful tool that allows you to create your own applications on the fly.
  • Apps
  • Orginization
  • Structed information
  • Layout of ideas
  • Calendar
  • End user training
  • More information on what modules do
  • Updated admin backend for easier admin navigvation
  • Updated user control
Kintone allows you to create applications that users need. It is a very robust program with many facets. Kintone is a one-stop shop for unique applications that typically a company would have to purchase many different applications. It also helps eliminate duplicate applications thus saving on cost.
Kintone's support is top notch. I believe it would be helpful if there where more end user training modules or "how too's".
Becca Rusinko | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I was consulting for a rapidly growing organization. They needed a system that could track both daily workflow and major projects. Too many things were falling through the cracks, processes weren't being followed consistently, and management didn't have a clear line of sight into status on important projects. The goal was to find a system that could meet all of those needs. I researched systems that could meet their needs, presented them with the best options, and Kintone was the best combination of function and price.
  • Flexibility. You can build apps (without coding) to serve a wide range of processes and projects.
  • Ease of use. The interface is intuitive.
  • Training. There are resources readily available to train new users. Even starting from scratch, I felt like I was up to speed in just a few hours.
  • One of the main needs that went unmet was for a singular calendar that would show all organizational activities at once.
  • Several categories in our apps showed up in a foreign language, and even with tech support, we were never able to solve it. We eventually just learned the symbols and their English translations. Workable, but not ideal.
  • Overall dashboards. The in-app dashboards are great, but if we want an overall picture of the entire organization, it's hard to get.
Kintone works great for a team that needs a combination of flexibility and structure. It allows administrators to create apps and workflows that can serve a wide variety of purposes, and once implemented, creates an instant structure for a process that can help drive quality and consistency.
The support team is friendly and responsive, but the only time we needed support was for categories in our apps (in the drag and drop interface) that were showing up in a foreign language. They never were able to figure out what was happening, so it's hard to evaluate them based on a case that wasn't ultimately resolved.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use it to track student enrollment, programming, and progress. We report data to grantmakers and stakeholders and make data-driven large-scale decisions.
  • Tracking clients
  • Communication across departments
  • Data security
  • The changes we make today aren't reflected in current records.
  • The process to pull reports seems "clunky" to me. We go back and forth between Excel and Kintone in order to prepare presentations and write reports.
Pro- Secures client data, allows for user management, and provides for remote collaboration. Con- Changes to app fields often require manual changes to previously entered records, which is time-consuming.
access to personalized support and free online training/ support resources